The Real Housewives of ISIS

We are told that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam and yet, this video caused a HUGE UPROAR among Muslims who said they were offended. They say that the video is making fun of their religion. So which is it? Everything, absolutely everything that ISIS does, is what the “prophet”Muhammad did. The Quran orders Muslims, dozens of times, to imitate Muhammad. ISIS is doing just that. ISIS is following Islam perfectly. So maybe the offended Muslims are right.

Savage #Muslim Refugees Rioting in Paris

THERE IS A WAR GOING ON BETWEEN WESTERN CIVILIZATION AND SAVAGES: Muslims come from foreign lands to colonize Europe and America. And when they arrive they change the character of the area. Western Civilization was created by Western Civilized people, for Western Civilized people. Islam ruins everything. Time to take a stand and defend what our ancestors created for our people and move the savages out, back to savage lands, whether they want to go or not. The entire Western World will in time realize that a Muslim Ban is the only option left.