Those who run the media continue to show their true colors, wanting Collectivism both in America and in the World. And President Donald Trump is not playing their game. He took on the entire world and he won. Whoever you are, the Old Guard does not want you to discover your true power, to discover self-determination, self-sufficiency and Autonomy. And they certainly do not want the entire country getting behind these ideas. Donald Trump has come to personify not a new idea, but an old idea, an idea this country was founded on. He is, for the time being, a figure head as we work to resuscitate this once great nation and to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Illegal Islamic Immigrants Welcome?

MY FELLOW INFIDELS: Spread this video far and wide. The US Government has made it easier than every for Islamic Terrorists to enter this country, illegally and to actually receive benefits in the process. The violent Islamic agenda has never known a more powerful friend than Barack Hussein Obama. But more importantly, we do not have borders and we our sovereignty, our safety and our security. As in Europe, the United States is being infiltrated by Islamic Jihadists and the problem can only get worse from here. Information is power. But we must spread this information. In a Democracy we can only make the right decisions when we have the right information. Information with be the death of the Islamic agenda when we spread it. So spread this information. Spread it far and spread it wide and spread it like Napalm.