Muslim Cleric Admits #Muslims Lie to Advance #Islam and it’s Brutal Nature

The Islamic cleric in this video scolds Muslims for trying to sugar coat the truth about the brutality of Islam. Naturally, he believes that the brutality is good, since it was commanded by Allah. When he refers to “Dawa” that is a word which essentially means “missionary work”. He believes that showing the Infidel that Islam is brutal is what Allah commands and, from there, Allah will guide the unbeliever to Islam, if that unbeliever is worthy of receiving it. Notice the ease with which he talks about how this type of sugar coating is common place among Muslims, when talking about Islam.

Sam Harris Drops the Red Pill on IQ

Liberal Atheist and Scientist, Sam Harris, faces incredible pressure from the PC crowd and acknowledges the massive amount of scientific evidence, regarding the validity of IQ and it’s genetic origins.

Ben Shapiro on Gender versus Reality

Ben Shapiro has been hitting it out of the ballpark lately. I don’t always agree with his views, but on the subject of gender – and a few other topics – he’s becoming more and more razor sharp, in forming an argument and deconstructing nonsense from Progressive brain-dead SJW zombies.

Be a Part of Exposing George Soros – Support Lee Stranahan

IF YOU BELIEVE IN WHAT I’M DOING and agree with what I have to say on Islam, Liberalism and Globalism, then I would ask you to PLEASE SUPPORT LEE STRANAHAN in his upcoming documentary, about George Soros. (I signed a non-disclosure agreement and cannot say who financed the documentary I started to make, about “Islamophobia” when I was on the Left, but it was the kind of person who should be exposed and neutralized). PLEASE SUPPORT THIS VERY IMPORTANT PROJECT.