Dalai Lama: Hateful, Racist, Nazi?

The Dalai Lama has spoken the truth – and since he is not white, no one will call him a racist or all the other words they throw at anyone of European descent who seeks to preserve our way of life.

He sees the massive destruction that Sweden has suffered, as Third World Muslims have flooded the country – a country that had almost no sexual assault to speak of, and now has among the highest rape statistics in the region. Sweden has problems it never had and might never recover from. Military-aged Muslim men calling themselves “refugees” are bringing the Hellish conditions from back home to Sweden, and the rest of Europe.

These Islamic colonizers are insisting that Europeans give them free housing, free money and adapt to their Islamic demands. They are bringing Islam to Europe, just like Qaddafi said they would. Immigration without assimilation is invasion, and invasion is how Islam is spread.

Meanwhile, celebrity spotlight seeker “Bono” has come out calling the Swedish people horrible, racist names, in response to the Swedes objecting to their country being taken from them. Double standards abound.

The Islamization of the Western World is not a conspiracy theory. It is very real and we ignore it at our peril. The time to take action is now. Like the Dala Lama said, send the  “refugees” back home to fix their homeland. I have a better idea, don’t let them in to begin with. They do not intend to leave or to assimilate. They arrive to spread Islam.

No one seems to have a problem with anyone saying that Japan is for the Japanese. So is it racist to say that Europe is a place for European customs and traditions?

Or will we allow White Guilt to let the Third World to completely destroy what our ancestors built, and what we in Western Civilization have continued.  Western Civilization gives to the world far more than we take, and make the world a better place. We cannot continue to do so if we no longer exist.



Savage Islamic Colonizers Turn Train Stations into NO-GO ZONES

Islamic colonization, which is a form of Jihad as practiced for 1,400 years by devout Muslims, to turn an Infidel region into a Muslim land, has taken its toll on Sweden. Self-appointed Muslim “morality police” roam the streets harassing European women for not wearing enough clothes and spitting in their faces.

Due to a crisis of emasculation, a side effect of embracing Socialism, the Swedish Government has been unwilling to protect its citizens, for fear of being  called “racist”.

Meanwhile, third world Muslim migrants have turned Sweden into the rape capital of Europe, while concentrating their power and forcing Islamic Law in NO-GO ZONES of their host country. As the NO-GO ZONES get bigger and multiply, more Muslim migrants means more Muslim violence. And as the politically correct government goes out of its way to avoid offending these Islamic colonizers, the demographics change rapidly as more and more of Western Europe falls to Islamic control. 

Government Lying About Immigrant Crime and Welfare – Ann Coulter

“Even if it were true that the immigrants, legal and illegal, were committing fewer crimes [they are not] the number we want is zero” says Coulter. “We don’t want  the same number of criminals as the native population.

If you have food rotting in your refrigerator, you don’t go out and pick up more rotting food to add to it. Well, why should we treat immigration any different? Why not only bring in the best? This is according to Ann Coulter. Now, if the words “Ann Coulter” make you shut down, then let me rephrase that last part. This, according to common sense.

Ann Coulter, regardless of what you may think about her, is an expert researcher. Some people don’t like Donald Trump’s personality, so they don’t like Donald Trump’s policies. That, unfortunately, describes millions of the morons who live among us. Similarly, there are those who believe that, if they do not like Ann Coulter’s personalities, then they can also reject the proven facts and figures she is presenting.

The government in America, as with many European countries that have become completely emasculated and therefore participating in their own collective suicide, want to make it hard for you to figure out the truth about many things. This include knowing who they, the Government, are letting into your country, giving your money to and putting your in danger with.

Rape in Sweden - Eric Allen BellIn order to downplay the massive problem of Muslim immigrants raping the natives in Sweden and other parts of Europe, the government, in cooperation with the media (who can get fined or jailed for being politically incorrect) use the word “Asian” to describe the rapist. Are there are bunch of Japanese men suddenly causing Sweden to be the rape capital of Europe? Or could it have something to do with the massive influx of Third World Islamic colonizers, changing the character of Europe? Most of the time and with most things, the most likely answer is the correct answer.

And the US Government is doing this too. They have redefined “welfare” to make it look as though illegal aliens are not showing up and demanding your tax money. But they are and, in the video above, Ann Coulter breaks that down.

Not Yours Yours Meme - Eric Allen BellUnder the Obama Administration, the Government redefined “deportations”. If a Mexican tried to enter the United States illegally – and he was turned away at the border – that was suddenly being called a “deportation”. So even though a massive influx of Mexicans entered the US illegally, under Obama, the DNC could say things like “Obama deported more undocumented workers than any President in recent memory”. That’s a cute term, for someone who has broken into the country illegally, why honest immigrants have to wait years “Undocumented Worker”.

And what about crime rates? Below is a link to a data-driven, peer reviewed study called “The Color of Crime”. If you read it – and are not already familiar with the findings – maybe you should not. Once you see certain facts, it’s not like the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.

Once a person develops the courage to find out where the truth might take you, then you start to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.


Prison Inmate Citizenship - Eric Allen Bell


Immigrants and Natives by Race - Eric Allen Bell


Islamic Colonizers Welfare Usage - Eric Allen Bell


Births to Illegal Aliens - Eric Allen Bell




What Pisses Stefan Molyneux off About Western Civilization?

While many people focus on the European Migrant Crisis and rampant illegal immigration within Western countries – there is a deeper and more problematic origin story to this modern tragedy. What pisses Stefan Molyneux off about Western Civilization?

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