Illegal immigration is overwhelmingly upward, meaning that migrants come from a dysfunctional country into a more productive country.

The very character of the upward country is changed – and rarely for the better. The nation’s sense of unity is fragmented. The civilized culture fades into one that is less kind, more brutal, abrasive, less educated, less prosperous, often with socially corrupt moral values – causing a spike in sexual assault, theft. There is a greater struggle for resources and basic dignity.

Something that took generations to build is systematically destroyed.

A BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE CRUSADES shows that, the Islamic invasion that we are fighting in our lifetimes, this is simply an extension of history. But we are now living in the Nuclear Age. We know the worldwide goals of the Islamic doctrine. Therefore the future and Islam cannot coexist. Islam must be defeated at last. We cannot afford to let it live, not even one more generation.