A member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Representative Keith Ellison (D) recently declared that the United States should no longer have any borders at all. From there he moved on to the subject of banning books and he found quite a bit of support from within his party. Ellison was elected in a state that brings in a massive influx of Muslim Somali “refugees” (colonizers), who then take their government support money and run day care scams to generate money that is used to support Islamic terrorism overseas. These are his constituents as well as rank and file Democrats. When professional black victim and race-baiter, Keith Ellison pressured Amazon to ban all books by David Horowitz and anyone connected to the David Horowitz Freedom Center, a wave of White Guilt destroyed all sense of logic, reason and facts, standing in its path. The raging White Guilt Tsunami reached the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is frequently hit by such disasters due to how it is positioned. The SPLC then directed that wave of White Guilt to MasterCard and VISA, stating that criticism of Islam is “racism” and “hate speech”. The White Guilt was so powerful that grown men, with their own offices and everything, became powerless in its presence. Afraid of being called “racist” or “Islamophobic” MasterCard and VISA ordered an immediate shut down of all donations to the David Horowitz Freedom Center as well as Jihad Watch, Front Page Magazine and all affiliated organizations, united in educating the world about the dangers of Jihad.

EXCELLENT commentary from Robert Spencer, the leading scholar on Islam who hosts the JihadWatch.org website. If you are not already subscribed to his site you really must be. Daily accounts of Islamic terrorism, all over the world, backed up by proven facts. Now here is Robert Spencer, followed by a news article at MailOnline March 10. 2017.

Illegal Islamic Immigrants Welcome?

MY FELLOW INFIDELS: Spread this video far and wide. The US Government has made it easier than every for Islamic Terrorists to enter this country, illegally and to actually receive benefits in the process. The violent Islamic agenda has never known a more powerful friend than Barack Hussein Obama. But more importantly, we do not have borders and we our sovereignty, our safety and our security. As in Europe, the United States is being infiltrated by Islamic Jihadists and the problem can only get worse from here. Information is power. But we must spread this information. In a Democracy we can only make the right decisions when we have the right information. Information with be the death of the Islamic agenda when we spread it. So spread this information. Spread it far and spread it wide and spread it like Napalm.

What if there was one historical figure that just simply could not be lampooned? I’m not talking about a George Orwell book now. I’m talking about reality. What if people in the free world, who had the right to free speech, would not dare lampoon this figure, because so many people on the planet had become brainwashed into thinking he was a “prophet”? Maybe this seems just too mind-numblingly absurd to even entertain, but what if – what if the fear that these people would be offended, and then hurt you, or kill you, kept everyone silent – kept everyone afraid to poke fun at the imaginary holy man and to shudder in fear at the thought of exercising their right to free speech?