Attention Neo Nazis

TO THOSE NEO NAZIS FILLING UP MY INBOX SINCE I PUT UP THE VIDEO OVER THE WEEKEND: I do not share your views. Yes, I am critical of Israel, but I stand with Israel in fighting Islam. I’m very clear about that. I am a Nationalist but NOT a “White Nationalist” and welcome anyone and everyone who wants to fight to preserve and grow Western Civilization – and that includes Jews. Nazism has nothing for me. I am suspect of those whose loyalty is to a foreign country first (Israel) but I do not paint all Jews with the same brush. Islam presents an existential threat to all civilized people. And I will fight alongside those whom I disagree with on other issues, to destroy Islam. Nuclear armed Muslims are the defining issue of our time, with the Globalists being a close second.

Why We Will Forget about the London Islamic Attack

If we don’t start taking the threat to our Western Culture seriously, we will lose it. So, why aren’t people watching the warning signs, waking up and doing something about it? Why instead are so many people condemning those of us who are pointing out the warning signs?

For those of us who do see a disturbing pattern here, how do we get the rest of Western Civilization to stop participating in its own suicide?

Lauren Southern points out a saying: “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men and weak men create hard times”. Our politicians and leaders are those weak men.

“All I can hope for now” she says, “is that in the bad times to come, they create strong men”.

Islamic Attack aftermath - Eric Allen Bell

Islamic Attack - Eric Allen Bell