Trump at WAR: a Film by Steve Bannon

This film exposes the bizarre and Orwellian attacks against Trump supporters, and the efforts to distort Trump’s message and stop him. Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist, released this movie to chronicle Trump’s road to the White House. Most importantly, Bannon says the movie shows why it is critical for every American who voted for Trump in 2016 to support him in the midterms.

Diversity Could Do What War Could Not to London

Stefan Molyneux illustrates how the six fold increase in acid attacks in London and the fact that London is now more dangerous that New York City, has a cause – one that is as ancient as it is evil. Waves of Third World immigrants from Islamic countries, living off the welfare state, refusing to assimilate and demanding that the laws cater to Islamic sensibilities, are destroying not only London but much of Western Europe. If Europe falls to Islamic colonization, it will have been exactly according to plan under the Islamic agenda. Immigration without assimilation is invasion. And historically, invasion is how Islam is spread.

Islamic Colonizers Want to Coexist With YOU!

OUR BRILLIANT INFIDEL BROTHER, PAUL JOSEPH WATSON, LAYS IT ALL OUT SO CLEARLY: When Western Civilization opens its doors to so-called “Migrants” we co-sign our own destruction. Colonization, without assimilation, is invasion. Invasion is how Islam is spread. Islam is the worst threat to freedom, free speech and human rights that the world has ever seen! We must find a humane way to remove those who devoutly follow Islam from Western Civilization. That is hard to say and it’s hard to hear, but we fail to take action at our peril.