Internet Free Speech Banned by ADL?

One word can stop anyone and anything dead in its tracks. That word is “Antisemitism“.

Sometimes powerful weapons end up in the wrong hands.

For this reason I will not be mentioning that the ADL is a radical XXXXXX organization. The ADL labels anyone in favor of America having a border wall “racist” but fully supports the wall that protects Israel, the XXXXXX state. I support the XXXXXX state’s right to have a wall, and I support America’s right to have a wall. What does that make me? The ADL has joined forces with radical Leftist Berkeley University. In an Orwellian creepy campaign, this unholy alliance deploys Artificial Intelligence, to destroy from the Internet all speech the far Left deems Verboten, such as “White Rights” and “Illegal Immigration”. Watch this video as Vincent James breaks it all down very clearly.



America is NOT a Nation of Immigrants

Courtesy of the Red Elephants: What if I told you that the “Nation of Immigrants” slogan was created in 1963 by the ADL?

What if you knew that the New Colossus poem was added to the statue of Liberty 17 years after it was erected?

What if everything you thought you knew turned out to be false?

This video takes you down the hole that you’re not supposed to go into…

America is NOT a Nation of Immigrants or a Melting Pot. Here is the truth about immigration into America.


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Using the Word Antisemitism as a Political Weapon : Ezra Levant

I feel it is a huge mistake to try to classify all Jews the same way, as it would be to think that those who support North Korea are the same as those who support South Korea. The situation is complex.

And while I don’t agree with everything Ezra Levant is saying in this video, I do feel it is worth watching, because much insight can be gained, watching him try to defend himself, against other Jews who are calling him “Antisemitic”.