It Is Open Season on White Men!

Major Alt Right intellectual figure, Jared Taylor, is very open about his views on race. Although he does not feel that white people are superior and he states clearly that he does not hate other races, he is often accused of both of these things anyway. I am not asking you to agree or disagree with his world view, in posting this video. Rather, I wish to show the painful irony that is going on here. Of all people, it is Jared Taylor who makes a very solid case for how obsessed the Leftist Media and the Radical Left are with race – particularly with their blatant expressions of hatred for White Men.

Over a Trillion Dollars a Year go to Welfare : Who Gets That Money?

85.8 Percent of Hispanic immigrant households get food handouts, from your money. See how much they are enriching our economy and improving our way of life? Or, are we obligated, because of White Guilt, to continue to commit cultural suicide? When the facts make certain groups look bad, you’re not supposed to talk about the facts. The truth is politically incorrect.

An Honest Conversation About Race | Jared Taylor and Stefan Molyneux

Can we have an honest conversation about race, without being labeled racists? After all, there is no objective standard by which one can arrive at superiority. In other words, there is no superior race. So, can we discuss race candidly, based on peer-reviewed scientific studies, without being called “White Supremacists”? Notice that the two men in this video dialogue (from 2016) do not express any animosity toward other races, nor a desire to rule over other races. And yet, by publishing this video here on my blog, it is quite likely that some subscribers might become offended and unsubscribe. It seems there are so many elements within our society, conspiring to make sure that public discussions, such as this one, are censored by Universities and Social Networks. But for those of us who have the courage to go where the truth might take us, we want to know what the big secret is and and how the suppressing of certain facts affects the trajectory our society is on today.