Douglas Murray on Tommy Robinson (and the Establishment)

Douglas Murray’s speciality is in intelligently pointing out the blindingly obvious to all the bone headed careerists within politics, academia and the media. If nothing else the inability of the established classes to deal with this issue has revealed how incapable and unremarkable they are.

Cost of Being #Infidel in #Muslim Paris – Lauren Southern

People of European descent – our ancestors built Europe. Islamic savages are taking over and, now more than ever, there are entire regions where it is not safe to be a white Infidel, because Muslims will try to hurt you, rape you or kill you. We are going to lose Western Civilization, unless we find the clarity and the courage to DRIVE THEM OUT.

I do not support acts of violence against random Muslims or acts of vandalism, even harassment is wrong. We must not violate anyone’s civil rights or human rights. At the same time (because I can walk and chew gun at the same time) I do acknowledge that Islam is the biggest hate group in the world today. And Islam must be defeated. You don’t defeat an ideology by picking on ladies on a train. You defeat Islam by spreading the truth about Islam. Information and Islam cannot coexist. So spread the truth about Islam. Spread it far and spread it wide and spread it like Napalm. For the human race to survive, Islam must die.

Tommy Robinson’s BANNED speech: “The British Police State”

Tommy Robinson of was barred from giving this speech five times by various universities. It’s about his experiences in “the British police state.” MORE:
NOTE: Later, Tommy was arrested for his reporting on a story for

Over a Trillion Dollars a Year go to Welfare : Who Gets That Money?

85.8 Percent of Hispanic immigrant households get food handouts, from your money. See how much they are enriching our economy and improving our way of life? Or, are we obligated, because of White Guilt, to continue to commit cultural suicide? When the facts make certain groups look bad, you’re not supposed to talk about the facts. The truth is politically incorrect.