Overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran

THE COUNTRY OF IRAN HAS GOOD HUMAN CAPITAL. The people are mostly good, love the West, despise the official State religion/ideology and would make excellent allies (much better than the Saudis). We must not invade Iran militarily, if it can be avoided. Rather, we must make every effort to export covertly the type of Populism and Liberty we are blessed to have here at home. USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO HELP OVERTHROW THE MULLAHS OF IRAN and make that country a free and Infidel nation:

I do not support acts of violence against random Muslims or acts of vandalism, even harassment is wrong. We must not violate anyone’s civil rights or human rights. At the same time (because I can walk and chew gun at the same time) I do acknowledge that Islam is the biggest hate group in the world today. And Islam must be defeated. You don’t defeat an ideology by picking on ladies on a train. You defeat Islam by spreading the truth about Islam. Information and Islam cannot coexist. So spread the truth about Islam. Spread it far and spread it wide and spread it like Napalm. For the human race to survive, Islam must die.