LGBT Political Lobby Coming for Your Children


Why is this? Because by calling such a union “marriage” we effectively say to society that gender does not matter. Once gender does not matter, seems immediately after in fact, the Left tries to pass laws on what gender pronouns we can use. And the LGBT political lobby seems to be obsessed now with only one issue: Trans-Mania.

Specifically, the LGBT political lobby are coming for your children. This is no conspiracy theory. The pussification of the male, in Western Civilization is very real. When the males become emasculated, who will protect the society from the ongoing Islamic invasion and the Islamic agenda being forced upon nearly every aspect of our society? Make no mistake about it, those who promote Trans-Mania ARE YOUR ENEMIES:

Notice that the YouTube channel this obscene and sad video is being promoted by is called “LGBT in the City”. Time to stop pussy-footing around, virtue signalling and going out of way to show how open minded we all are. The LGBT lobby, not all gay people, but the political movement is the enemy of Western Civilization and THEY MUST BE DEFEATED if we are going to survive.

National Geographic Trans Children Eric Allen Bell
Pediatricians condemn National Geographic over 9-year-old ‘trans’ child on January cover

Milo Yiannopoulos and the Sadness of Disbelief

The power of Milo was the ability to hold up a mirror to the Regressive Left and show its hypocrisy. He was a performer and a very effective one at that. Milo showed the Regressive Left to be against everything it says it is for: free speech, diversity, tolerance, critical thinking, individualism, creativity, gay rights, women’s rights, human rights, humor. But in time Milo’s own demons would destroy his public personae. Milo is done.

The Transgendered Boy Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts of America have just announced that, after facing an impossible number of lawsuits and other disputes, they have to now accept into their program any child who decides that they want to identify as male or female, regardless of their natural biological gender. I don’t think I have to explain to you what a tremendous blow this is to the tradition of teaching boys to become men.

Dykes, Fags and Homophobes

“Damned Breeders!” My father used to say, after he came out of the closet in 1988. He went through an immediate transformation, after announcing he was gay and always had been, a transformation in how he dressed, what he talked about – in fact, that he talked at all was a bit of a shock. But equally as shocking was his often vocal disdain for “Breeders”.