Trump at WAR: a Film by Steve Bannon

This film exposes the bizarre and Orwellian attacks against Trump supporters, and the efforts to distort Trump’s message and stop him. Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist, released this movie to chronicle Trump’s road to the White House. Most importantly, Bannon says the movie shows why it is critical for every American who voted for Trump in 2016 to support him in the midterms.

Minnesota Muslims Mooch Millions in Welfare Scam to Fund Terrorism

Supporters of Islamic terrorist organizations have entered the United States under the guise of being Somali “refugees” and extracted millions of dollars in welfare scams, to send to Somalia and Syria for the purpose of funding Islamic terrorism. In 2017 alone, these so-called Muslim refugees stole over $100 million in government benefits and daycare scams and sent those taxpayer funds away in carry-on baggage, to finance Islamic terrorism.

I do not support acts of violence against random Muslims or acts of vandalism, even harassment is wrong. We must not violate anyone’s civil rights or human rights. At the same time (because I can walk and chew gun at the same time) I do acknowledge that Islam is the biggest hate group in the world today. And Islam must be defeated. You don’t defeat an ideology by picking on ladies on a train. You defeat Islam by spreading the truth about Islam. Information and Islam cannot coexist. So spread the truth about Islam. Spread it far and spread it wide and spread it like Napalm. For the human race to survive, Islam must die.

Linda Sarsour, one of four organizers of the post Inauguration “Women’s March” has family ties to Hamas and invited CAIR to participate in the march. Linda Sarsour is not only a supporter of CAIR but she served as a Delegate to the Democratic National Convention (the DNC). If that was not crazy enough, The Obama White House gave Linda Sarsour the “Champion of Change Award” for her work as a Community Organizer: