Liberal Gay Activist George Takei Advocates Pedophilia

Liberal Gay Activist George Takei Advocates Pederasty. Sex between adult gay males and early teen boys is WONDERFUL to reminisce over, apparently. George played “Sulu” on Star Trek. He is the spokesman for Taco Bell. And, since he is not a Conservative, NOTHING will happen to him over this at all.

The power of Milo was the ability to hold up a mirror to the Regressive Left and show its hypocrisy. He was a performer and a very effective one at that. Milo showed the Regressive Left to be against everything it says it is for: free speech, diversity, tolerance, critical thinking, individualism, creativity, gay rights, women’s rights, human rights, humor. But in time Milo’s own demons would destroy his public personae. Milo is done.