Women in the Alt-Right

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance interviews Lana Lokteff. The popular host of Red Ice TV notes that most women do not want the high-powered careers and masculine behavior that “feminists” push on them, and in their unhappiness they are discovering the more traditional and affirming positions of the Alt-Right. She describes the dynamics of racially conscious couples, the arguments that most appeal to women, and the way ahead for our movement and people.

What is Masculinity?

What is masculinity? This short video introduces author Jack Donovan’s “gang theory of masculinity” and the four “tactical virtues.” For more in-depth definitions of strength, courage, mastery and honor and the challenges facing men today read his book, “The Way of Men”

In keeping with the fashionable trend of expressing rage, resentment and overall hatred toward white people, I decided to be unfashionable. So, this article should go viral, because hipsters find it very fashionable to intentionally be unfashionable. Plus my title is like total click bait.

GO TO THEPOPULIST.US TO READ MORE: Google, the world’s top search engine and one of the world’s largest companies, is running paid ads promoting Anwar al-Awlaki, the deceased American-born imam who was directly and indirectly responsible for some of the world’s most famous and deadly terror attacks in the past few years, including the 9/11 terror attack, the Ft. Hood massacre, the Charlie Hebdo attack, the Boston Marathon bombing, and the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting. As this story goes to press, people searching on Google for Anwar al-Awlaki are likely to be presented with a paid advertisement for al-Awlaki’s website.