The Jihadist Next Door

This film followed a group of Britain’s most devout Muslims for two years, giving unprecedented access into the bubbling undercurrent of home-grown Islamic terrorism. Documentary maker Jamie Roberts even spent time with Siddhartha Dhar (aka Abu Rumaysah), the former bouncy castle salesman who is now suspected to be the second “Jihadi John”.

Clearly trying to pin every social and political problem on one group is too easy. There are several competing factors, several agendas at play. But by now, at least half of the population senses a sort of invisible hand, tilting the scales. Some may call it the Shadow Government, or the Deep State, or the Globalists, the Military Industrial Complex, or simply The Left. Call it what you will, but those of us who can see the forest through the trees, have a moral responsibility to protect and preserve Western Civilization, from those who wish to destroy us from within.