Savage #Muslim Refugees Rioting in Paris

THERE IS A WAR GOING ON BETWEEN WESTERN CIVILIZATION AND SAVAGES: Muslims come from foreign lands to colonize Europe and America. And when they arrive they change the character of the area. Western Civilization was created by Western Civilized people, for Western Civilized people. Islam ruins everything. Time to take a stand and defend what our ancestors created for our people and move the savages out, back to savage lands, whether they want to go or not. The entire Western World will in time realize that a Muslim Ban is the only option left.

How Feminism Destroyed Europe | Iben Thranholm and Stefan Molyneux

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MEN IN EUROPE, that they stopped protecting their people and instead gave in to fear and guilt? How did they adopt a false sense of having to take in Islamic Colonizers – savages who want to take away what is theirs? What role did institutionalized Feminism play in men being shamed out of being men? And what is the cost of this, if the men don’t start to rise up and take back their power? THE FUTURE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION IS AT STAKE!!!

BREAKING: Snoop Dogg is a Raging Moron

Imagine if a white Conservative pop star made a video of him shooting Obama! But it’s okay if a black rapper makes a video of shooting Trump? THIS IS THE LUNACY OF THE SOCIETY WE LIVE IN. IT IS TIME FOR THE CIVILIZED PEOPLE TO TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK FROM PSYCHOPATHS, MORONS AND THUGS.