Islamabad Seeks to Silence Me?

The Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has recently spearheaded an international campaign to silence all criticism of Islam worldwide. This bold move is no departure from Islamic law (Sharia) or the teachings of their prophet, a seventh century pedophile, slave trader, warlord and village idiot, named Muhammad.

So it comes as no surprise that sooner or later I would find myself in the cross hairs of such a campaign. WordPress, whom I pay to host my blog, recently emailed to inform me that Pakistan demands that this American citizen obey Islamic blasphemy laws. Failure to do has a penalty of life in prison or death.

Pakistan Government seeks to censor Eric Allen Bell

To their credit WordPress has not demanded I do anything, one way or another. Rather they just sent me the information. But in doing so they are breaking formation from the anti-free speech zealots in Silicon Valley, those who control what is said and not said in the digital town square. WordPress is appropriately not getting involved. Although, I cannot help but wonder if one day soon they will be forced to.

Last year I was banned from YouTube for my criticism – not of a group of people – but criticisms of the belief system called Islam. I was banned for “hate speech”. Those videos have reached millions of people, with the truth about Islam as a threat to human rights. Soon after my Twitter account, which had 98,000 followers, was banned – also for “hate speech”. It is worth mentioning that Vimeo has not sought to punish me for exercising my free speech in criticizing Islamic terrorism.

Several years ago I received well over 100 death threats, mostly on Facebook, for criticizing Islam. During one of my many ensuing conversations with the correct authorities, I discovered that Facebook usually will not cooperate with them on matters such as these.

After going so far as to publish many of these Islamic death threats, to this day most of those Facebook accounts continue to remain active, even here in the United States. Facebook was notified over and over again, even by the FBI. However, no action has been taken against those devout Jihadis who use Facebook to threaten the lives of Americans like me. It’s not that no one is paying attention. Mark Zuckerberg, the leader of Facebook found time to offer his support to those who follow and endorse a book that says to “strike terror into the heart of the unbeliever” (Yes, it really does say that. For a quick CRASH course into Islam, click here).

Mark Zuckerberg bows to Islam and Sharia Compliant - Eric Allen Bell

This is not only happening to me. Many who have found it necessary to warn the world about Islam, and its attempts to infiltrate and control Western Civilization, have found themselves in similar situations. The Islamic world seeks to silence us and the Silicon Valley billionaires are only too happy to seize the opportunity, to experiment with how far they can go, in exercising more control than the First Amendment will allow.

Part of how Facebook and others do this is by employing SJWs who alter the corporate culture. In time there exists the tyranny of mob rule. Many FB employees have reported they are afraid to step out of formation, with regard to embracing far Left sensibilities. As those SJWs take on the role of deciding which content constitutes “hate speech” Islamic death threats get a free pass and articles exposing the dangers of Islam are either shadow banned or banned entirely, often suspending the accounts of those who posted them.

Facebook Censorship - Eric Allen Bell

Take for instance Dr. Jamie Glasov. Having fled the Soviet Union, Dr. Glasov is painfully aware of what happens when power gets into the wrong hands, or is controlled by a harmful ideology, and seeks to expand. He even wrote a book about this, called “United in Hate” specifically shedding a light on the Left, Islam and their unholy alliance.

I was still recovering from being mugged by reality when he reached out to me back in 2012 – specifically the reality of Islam, its brutality, its agenda and its unholy alliance with the Left. I had left the Left and was at that time a frequent guest on Glasov’s radio and YouTube shows.

Dr. Glasov is also the Editor of Front Page Magazine, a publication of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, (where I had authored many articles). If you haven’t already heard of him, Mr. Horowitz is a brave and outspoken critic of Islam. So naturally the PM of Pakistan has targeted Dr. Glasov, the editor of Front Page Magazine.

The Islamic Republic, trying to silence Dr. Glazov, the David Horowitz Freedom Center, myself and others – they simply will not succeed. Others have tried and failed. I do not speak for anyone but myself. However, anyone who has found the moral clarity and the courage to call out Islam publicly, telling the truth about Islamic brutality, it is unlikely that we will ever back down. Others have tried to silence many of us. But in the era of the Trump presidency there are just too many of us to ever stop the truth about Islam from getting out. The cat is out of the bag and going viral.

If you care about human rights and the future of freedom on this planet, if you care about your fellow man and woman who still suffer under Islamic tyranny, I urge you to take action. Send an email. Post a link on social media. We all must do our part, big or small, to combat the rise of this toxic and deadly ideology called Islam.

Remember, the enemy of Islamic brutality is information. That’s why they don’t want such information to get out. So I urge anyone reading this to spread this information. Join the expanding number of keyboard warriors in spreading the truth about Islam. Spread it far. Spread it wide. Spread it like Napalm.

The future and Islam simply cannot coexist.

Coexist Islam - Eric Allen Bell