Making America Great Again is an Act of Love not Hate

“Hell is the knowledge of opportunity lost; the place where the man I am comes face to face with the man I might have been.”

– Anonymous 

As with the individual, so too with the nation. The consequence for failing to make America great again is a living Hell. And if America descends into a living Hell, so too will the entire free world. And if the free world descends, then all of human civilization will be Hell on Earth. Anyone paying attention sees this already happening. But do not resign yourself to cynicism as this is a selfish act. To rise up one might start with yourself. Perhaps you find rising to your potential to be a monumental act, requiring a level of self esteem. Self esteem is the result of doing esteem-able things. And few things are more esteem-able than doing your part to make America great again. For to do so is an act of love, not just for our people, but for the entire human race.

Imagine a world without American Capitalism and American compassion, which has fed so many hungry people that worldwide starvation is at an all time low. That’s right, human starvation on this planet is now at an all time low, in recorded history, due to American Capitalism.

Because of America’s leadership and creation of wealth and resources, water is available where people were once dying of thirst.

Because of the generosity of the American people, through foreign aid, Education is available where people had been denied schools.

The United States leads the way in making sure that medical help is provided, in areas where it had been normal for nearly every family to have at least one child die, because of the lack of medicine.

American Exceptionalism a Shinning City Upon a Hill - Eric Allen BellYes, America with all of our flaws and imperfections, has been a light unto the world, destroying tyranny, defeating the Nazis, taking down the Communist Soviet Union and so much more. Without us, the world surely would be a living hell by now. And yet, the fight is never over, as evil is a constant that takes on new faces. The threat of descending into darkness never goes away and, in our lifetimes that threat is on the rise, perhaps faster than we have ever seen. It will take those who are clear and brave to identify it, to know what to do about it and to find the will to follow through with what must be done. We must make America great again, in the face of so much evil that seeks to destroy us from the outside – and a growing sinister evil that is trying to destroy us from within.

America has made the Free World possible at the peak of its greatness. And in order to make America great again we must defeat the Neo-Marxist forces who are fighting to take our free speech away. Surely, if the American people were to ever lose our right to free speech, the free world would cease to be free. Already, in so many Western nations, governments with the help of Facebook, are limiting and even punishing free speech, as are those who wish to silence it in the name of Islam. When we champion free speech in America, we breathe life back into the entire Free World, resuscitating it, causing freedom to expand, rather than to retract.

But we are faced with some very serious obstacles. The Radical Left has a tight grip on the universities, on the Entertainment Industry and now on Big Tech firms that seek to silence certain voices on the new digital town square – to de-platform and to ban and suspend our right to free assembly. The People’s Republic of Silicon Valley is trying to re-write all the rules. The time to take action is not tomorrow. It is today.

Some may ask, “When was America ever great?” They often parrot the talking points told to them by their radical professors, or MTV or CNN or Black Lives Matter or thousands of other sources of Anti-American propaganda. These useful idiots of the Regressive Left smirk and blurt out, “Was America great during segregation? Was America great during slavery?” and then they try to convince whoever will listen that our brave President, Donald Trump, is trying to take the country backwards, to bring back segregation and slavery. Of course, this is a combination of ignorance and lunacy. However, it spreads not just like a virus, but like a cancer. It metastasizes through the collective consciousness when it goes untreated with the radiation of truth.

Americans Support the War Effort - Eric Allen BellSo, when was America great? My grandmother, before she passed away, told me stories of how people turned in their jewelry for the war effort, when America was fighting tyranny on more than one front. Mind you, Americans didn’t turn in their gold and silver at gun point. That’s not how we roll. Americans of generations past were fiercely loyal to country because they knew that we all belong to something greater than ourselves. Even middle-aged men and celebrities were joining the army to save Western Civilization. And that is just one example of when America was great – a greatness we must find our way back to.

Could you imagine that happening today – people turning in their jewelry and other valuables to help fund a war effort? Multiculturalism has caused so many of our people to feel like they don’t belong to anything worth making huge sacrifices for.The character of America has been diluted through Multiculturalism and has changed into a bunch of disconnected separate cultures.

Immigration without assimilation is invasion. And this kind of invasion is destroying us from the inside. If we don’t know who we are then how can we know what we are fighting for – if the time ever comes to fight? Those who would seek to take us down, either through propaganda or military means, see this. They see that we have become weak and they wait for the right moment to strike.

Adding to the confusion is the rise of identity politics, whose fans are flamed by Neo-Marxists, seducing so many into believing they must find their place on the Victim’s Pyramind – and then take on the Marxist ideology that there are two kinds of people in the world, the oppressors and the oppressed. Out of this ideology Communist China and the Soviet Union were born. It was this ideology that killed roughly 100 million people in the last century. And it is catching on like a wildfire in the halls of academia, in movies and television shows, in the messages of recording artists, in the prepared speeches of Socialists running for office, in the 24 hour fake news masquerading as reliable information.

Our President never said he wants to silence the media. That is ridiculous. Rather, he just wants to call Fake News by its name. But you would never know that’s what he said, if you only got your information from the Fake News.

Soy Boy Protesting SJW - Eric Allen BellGlobalist leaders of years past have lied to our people about fake weapons of mass destruction, getting us into wars we should never have been in, losing American limbs and lives and for what? Could you imagine, if there really was a legitimate reason to have to go to war today, how the public would respond? Do you think they would believe the President and do their part support our country?  Or, would so many soy boys run right into the arms of the Radical Left, go out and protest, painting their faces and making new friends as if at Mardi Gras, holding up their iPhones (created by American Capitalism) to take selfies with a tight fist raised, posted as their new social media profile pic (probably in black and white for full effect), as they indulge in the narcissistic fantasy of being some kind of a brave rebel?

Yes, the crisis of emasculation is that lose thread that can unravel the whole garment. And the disillusionment in our country, brought on by robber barons, hiding in a swamp that must be drained, this disillusionment must turned around and transformed somehow, back into true patriotism – a patriotism that was far more common when America was far more great.

Muslim Execution of Homosexuals Michael Moore - Eric Allen BellSo much has been engineered from the inside for America to fall. There are many who believe that Western Europe is poised to fall already. But America will not fall, for two reasons. One, we were given a second chance when we elected Donald Trump instead of a Globalist international criminal, who would have brought into office with her the full force of everything that is wrong with this country. And two, the American political structure is designed to prevent collapse from happening, through our rights to free speech, free assembly. And equally important, we have a Second Amendment, to make sure our citizenry is far too well-armed for our ever-increasingly militarized police forces, which if ever under the wrong leadership, could be commanded to cause the country to descend into anything less than the freedom our framers envisioned – and the freedom we must all pay for in installments, one generation at a time.

But really there is a third reason why America is not collapsing. There is a reason why America will be great again. And this is the most important reason of them all. That reason is you.

Whatever you decide to do today and each day, to make America great, is an act of love that not only preserves our Republic and our way of life, but an act of love that feeds the world, and act of love that spreads freedom and human rights across the country and across the world.

Don’t believe the hype. If  you are on the Trump Train, you are not a part of a hate group. You are someone who believes in the love and compassion we share for our fellow citizen and our fellow man, when we make America great again.


MAGA HAT RED - Eric Allen Bell