Who Caused More Pain and Suffering than Osama Bin Laden?

Crocodile tears and so much Kool Aid. It’s the way of the world – a world that was very much affected by this man…

In support of President Obama and Secretary Clinton, he advocated the overthrow of Qaddafi, leader of Libya. When asked, “How concerned are you that if you kick Qaddafi out, you allow Islamists to take control?” he stated that he was not concerned. And this was consistent with the numerous calls over his career to bomb and invade several countries.

Islamic Slave Trade Libya - Eric Allen BellToday Libya is run by Islamic fundamentalists who have created unimaginable suffering, including a slave trade. They buy and sell black African slaves whom they have castrated, and the country is run by Islamic Law. All of this happened with the full and active support of this man who said, “The Libyan rebels are my heroes!”

In fact, removing Qaddafi was essential to making it possible for wave after wave of military-aged, Third World Islamic men to flood Europe, claiming to be “refugees”. And these followers of the man who invented Islamic terrorism are today demanding and receiving government financial aid, special rights, media protection, including social media and have created countless Islamic NO-GO Zones throughout Western Europe.

Who am I talking about? In Iran, where the vast majority of civilians despise their Islamic government, want nothing to do with Islam, love the West, would make excellent allies and have begged the American Government for any kind of help with regime change, this man advocated instead the bombing of these people. By now you probably know that I’m talking about the “Maverick” who jokingly sang, “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb-bomb Iran”.

Syrian Islamic Liberation Front - Eric Allen BellHe has backed and called for the backing of several Syrian “rebel forces” which were  Islamic terrorist organizations, with ties to ISIS and other less-known but highly devout Islamic death squads.

Yes, I’m talking about the man who hated President Trump more than he loved the American people. So when he knew his time was coming to an end, he voted to keep Obamacare just to spite Trump (at your expense), since he and his family were already financially well taken care of, due to a fortune this Globalist had amassed in part by being an essential mouthpiece for the Military Industrial Complex.

If you still don’t know, here’s another hint, back in the day he backed the Kosovo Liberation Army: a genocidal Islamic terrorist organization, who deployed child soldiers, engaged in human organ theft and had ties to Al Qaeda.

Costs of Iraq War in American Lives - Eric Allen BellHe helped sell the lie that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, resulting in the deaths of more Americans than had jumped out of the Twin Towers on 9/11 or burned when the planes hit the towers, resulting in the loss of more American arms and legs than the Boston Bombers could ever come close to blowing off American bodies.

It is estimated that 1,600 Americans deployed to Iraq  became amputees. A few hundred thousand who served suffered traumatic brain injuries. And far too many returned suffering from PTSD and committing suicide. Yes, this man was instrumental and caused so much death and suffering.

He was critical in selling the invasion of Iraq. And the power vacuum that invasion left behind gave us the Islamic State, with approximately 143 Islamic attacks, in 29 countries, killing thousands of Infidels in the name of Islam, with the support of far too many followers of Islam worldwide. All of this could have been avoided, if this man had a moral compass that was bigger than his political ambition.

His bad judgement and lethal alliances make Osama Bin Laden look like a Boy Scout (that is, if we still had something called the Boy Scouts, before the Radical Left forced the removal of the word “boy” as part of their campaign to emasculate our males, the first line of defense if our country is ever invaded, but I digress).

McCain-Bin-Laden - Eric Allen BellIf you love Islam, its thirst for Western financed weapons of Jihad, its hunger to brutally expand by force and then implement Sharia Law, then you must love this man. And when you see an American flag waving this week at half mast, you can say with passion “Allahu Akbar!” After all his desire for power and destruction, his endless need for approval, his fierce loyalty to the war industry and his obedience to Globalist agenda, have made him spill so much American blood – so much American blood and so often it was Islam who benefited. Although the most powerful friend that Islam ever had was clearly Barack Hussein Obama, this man’s lack of loyalty to country, in favor of satisfying the Power Elite, at the very least earn him an honorable mention.

He was central to selling the invasion of Iraq, which cost well over $2 trillion to the American tax payers and was paid for with borrowed money, dramatically boosting the deficit, while lining the pockets of his financial supporters. Meanwhile at least 100,000 civilian non-combatants were killed in that country, benefiting no one but the war industry – an industry that could always count on him to drum up business.

What will we do when the time comes that we must legitimately use military force to stop the global Islamic threat? Will the American people ever support such an effort, after being so badly deceived by this man and his ilk?

Other references to his American body count are too voluminous to go into and not necessary to make this point. The suffering and death for which he was responsible was as avoidable as it is immeasurable. But once it became pubic that, in his will he stated he did not want President Trump to attend his funeral, the Liberal Media made him their darling – with CNN going from calling him a “racist” to branding him “a great American hero”.

Wild-eyed Socialist lunatic, and political hack Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Tweeted that this man’s “legacy represents an unparalleled example of human decency and American service.”

While Conservative Matt Drudge called him “the face of corruption” Progressive MSNBC called him “a rebel with a cause”. The Far Left leaning Washington Post called him “the irreplaceable American”.

Globalist blogs, such as Politico and Huffington Post are calling him a “patriot” and a “military hero”. He is eulogized as if one of their own because he was one of their own.

Even George Soros Tweeted that this man was “a brave warrior for human rights”.

Democrats - Eric Allen BellAny sensible person knows that Democrats can be counted on to nearly always get everything wrong. And, according to a recent poll 60 percent of Democrats have a favorable opinion of this man. Meanwhile, his own party (and he was a member of this party in name only) reportedly had only a 40 percent favorable view of this man.

In fact, nearly every Liberal newspaper and news source has been singing his praises, upon learning that this blood thirsty war monger was anti-Trump. And after all, anti-Trump is the entire platform of the Liberal political machine, for this coming election season. They have no stated plan for improving the country. Their entire message seems to just be to stop Trump, as he fulfills his campaign promises and makes measurable and meaningful progress toward saving the Republic.

Perhaps even in his death, with multiple over-the-top tributes to his anti-Trump commitment, the celebrated memory of this truly sick and evil man will help the Liberal Left win seats, in their battle to stop America from being great again. Yes, maybe this will be the final legacy of the monster called John McCain.

One thing is for certain however. With the passing of McCain, the Swamp is more drained.

Evil John McCain - Eric Allen Bell


by Eric Allen Bell