Battle Lines Are Drawn: Enemies of Freedom Must be DESTROYED!

FELLOW AMERICANS, FELLOW ENEMIES OF THE GROWING NEO-MARXIST ASSAULT ON FREE SPEECH: It’s hunting season, and YOU are the hunted. The Authoritative Left and the Muhammadan Maniacs have aligned to shut you up and shut you down, to punish you, to persecute you, to convert the Free World into a Totalitarian living Hell. And it’s all just a little bit of history repeating.


It doesn’t matter if you like or dislike Alex Jones or Mark Dice.

Do you believe in free speech, or do you think that progress means being a Progressive, and getting rid of free speech, freedom of assembly and freedom of association?

The battle lines are being drawn. And the Radical Left must be dismantled and destroyed in order to preserve Western Civilization and secure the future for many generations to come.


Book Burning - Eric Allen Bell


Without freedom of speech, there can be no freedom. It’s that simple.