Jewish Organization Demands Internet Censorship or Face Legal Action

The self-described “legal arm of the pro-Israel community” a Jewish lobby, has issued “cease and desist” legal threats against Google, Twitter, and Yahoo, demanding that they censor content critical of Jews or face legal action. This according to a press release issued by the New York-based Lawfare Project – which on its website claims to be the “Legal Arm of the Pro-Israel Community”.

Well folks, I am very much in support of Israel. Israel is the first line of defense against fanatical Muslims, who are clearly the biggest threat to Western Civilization today, along with Cultural Marxism. So I am a part of the “Pro-Israel Community” big time. But, like I’m sure many who support Israel and/or the Jews, I find this legal action and double standard to be absolutely unacceptable.

“Unless Google, Yahoo, and Twitter take down the anti-Semitic content on their platforms, they will be taken to court.”  said Brooke Goldstein.

This is VERY unfortunate. Brooke Goldstein, who runs The Lawfare Project, the very group threatening legal action against the expression of free speech, as it pertains to a group or religion, has been very outspoken in her criticism of Islam!

Google Eric Allen BellIt should be noted that Internet Giants such as Google, Twitter and Yahoo, just to name a few, do not publish this questionable content. They are not publishers. Rather, they host the content. For instance, Yelp did not author or publish your restaurant review – you did. You are the content provider and if the restaurant doesn’t like your rant, about them putting a limit on their advertised “Limitless Shrimp” – they don’t get to sue Yelp for that. This isn’t complicated legal stuff, which requires Alan Dershowitz to sort it out for us.

So if Brooke Goldstein herself wants to use her Twitter account to Tweet something critical of Islam, all Twitter is doing in that instance is what it does for anyone else, and that is to host content. Unless enough people or organizations help the Neo-Marxists who run Twitter, to come up with a rationale to ban speech that is a threat to Islam or Marxism, well then censorship of free speech is being given steroids.

In fact, Goldstein used Twitter to post a video announcing her new show called “Outspoken” in which she looks right into the camera and promises to tackle topics “without the constraints of political correctness“. If you really want to Red Pill yourself today, look into The Frankfurt School and the origins of Political Correctness. Irony is not a big enough word to describe what is going on here. The woman who wants to ban free speech is going to “tackle political correctness”?

Outspoken Brooke Goldstein Eric Allen Bell
@GoldsteinBrooke’s vision is to create a program on American television without constraints of “political correctness”.

Below is a one minute promo for her show. The promo is called, “A Platform Where Facts Matter, NOT Feelings“. Does this woman think she belongs to chosen group that doesn’t have to follow the same rules as everyone else?

I get angry at things like Holocaust denial too. But the fact is that some people use the Internet to rant about such nonsense. Does my anger trump their right to rant about their lame theories? No. I match that free speech with better free speech.  I write articles that make my points more effectively and reach more people.

When one group threatens legal action against say Google, to alter or suppress its search results, so as not to offend that special group, we end up with censorship. You would almost think there is some unspoken rule that you can criticize any religious group, just not that one – or you do so at your peril.

I mean, when “God” tells his people to go into the Promised Land, find the Canaanites and kill every man, woman and child (that’s right, slaughter babies) but to save the gold and silver – what do you do? But I digress…

Anyway, isn’t it bad enough that nearly every Internet giant in the Silicon Valley is already voluntarily censoring Conservative content?

I have been banned from Twitter for life, for tweeting my own articles and videos that are critical of Islamic ideology. And Brooke Goldstein seems to empowering Twitter to enforce such censorship.

And I have also been banned from YouTube (owned by Google) for criticizing Islam. And Brooke Goldstein seems to be empowering YouTube to move forward with censorship.

My Facebook fan page, with 74,000 followers, is routinely banned for 30 days, when I post content that tells the truth about the “Prophet” Muhammad – for instance marrying a six year old girl and consummating that marriage when she was only 9 years old. And Brooke Goldstein is clearly empowering Facebook to enforce  censorship.


Cultural Marxism Eric Allen Bell

The willful and voluntary censorship of Conservative views by Internet giants is part of a well organized strategy called “Cultural Marxism” which is currently attacking free speech and Western Civilization in general – rather effectively I might add. We have bigger fish to fry than making sure one protected group doesn’t get their feelings hurt.


As promised, I will post the original press release, in its entirety below.




The Lawfare Project Threatens Legal Action Against Google, Yahoo, and Twitter in Spain

Press Release – For Immediate Release

Media Contact
Nathan Miller or Ilana Blum
(310) 571-8264 or

Brooke Goldstein, who heads the international legal think tank and litigation fund, announced that Yahoo, Google, and Twitter could face legal action for hosting content that promotes Holocaust denial and virulent anti-Semitism

MADRID, SPAIN—Yesterday, Brooke Goldstein, Executive Director of the legal think tank and litigation fund The Lawfare Project, held a briefing on possible legal action in Spain against internet giants Yahoo, Google, and Twitter, for failing to address the proliferation of Holocaust denial websites and virulent anti-Semitic materials on their platforms.

“Unless Google, Yahoo, and Twitter take down the anti-Semitic content on their platforms, they will be taken to court in Spain, and elsewhere,” said Goldstein.

In the last week, The Lawfare Project has sent cease and desist letters to a number of search engines, including Google and Yahoo, with possible action planned against Twitter. The letters state that if the platforms do not act decisively and quickly to take down the anti-Semitic and defamatory content, as defined by Spanish law, a lawsuit will be filed against them.

“Google, Yahoo, and Twitter are all hosting antisemitic websites and content on their platforms that violate Spanish law. If they do not respond positively to the cease and desist letters sent last week, we will file lawsuits against them,” said Ignacio Wenley Palacios, The Lawfare Project’s Spanish counsel.

The Lawfare Project funds legal action around the world to protect civil rights and free speech while challenging discrimination and anti-Semitism. It maintains a legal litigation fund specifically committed to funding legal action in Spain and elsewhere on behalf of the Jewish community.

Goldstein, a lawyer specializing in human rights law, whose grandfather was a commander in a unit of Polish partisans who fought against the Nazis, is a frequent commentator on international TV networks. The Lawfare Project has achieved a number of successes by pursuing discrimination lawsuits in Spain and around the world. Now, The Lawfare Project is preparing to take action against search engines and social media companies operating under Spanish jurisdiction, in order to hold them accountable for the dissemination of unlawful anti-Semitic content on their platforms.