Tommy Robinson Sent to Prison for Criticizing Islam

RAGE: Our Infidel Brother, Tommy Robinson, has been sent to prison for a year, in the UK for exercising free speech, and exposing local Islamic violence. THE ISLAMO-SAVAGES WILL TRY TO KILL HIM IN PRISON.

The UK prisons are filled with violent Islamo-beasts, with a history of KILLING those who have criticized Islam. THIS IS A DEATH SENTENCE for Tommy. Action must be taken.

This savage ideology and those who endorse it must not be tolerated and must be removed from the UK.

Allowing followers of a blood-thirsty rapist and pedophile, the “prophet” Muhammad, to live in Civilized Society makes society no longer civilized.

They are trying to silence our voices and kill our soldiers.

The future and Islam cannot coexist.


The battle lines have been drawn.

 Set Tommy Robinson Free - Eric Allen Bell





✅Below are details to contact Tommy if you wish to send messages of support, money for postage stamps, phone calls and food/toiletries are appreciated:

A2084CG Stephen Lennon

HMP Hull Prison

Hedon Rd, Hull HU9 5LS

✅You can also use this service to email Tommy,

✅If you wish to help Tommy’s legal fund you can do so by going to: