David Duke Hates You, America!

Islamic Terrorists are the enemy of a free and secular society. They are the enemies of free speech and of human rights. And, Islamic Terrorists such as Hezbollah (“Army of Allah”) enjoy the open support and active promotion afforded to them by David Duke – a traitor to America and to the entire human race.

Let me be very clear. David Duke flew to Iran, a state sponsor of Hezbollah and the largest state sponsor of Islamic Terrorism. Duke stood in solidarity with its then leader, who routinely rallied his people together to publicly chant, “Death to America!”

david-duke-supporting-iran-eric-allen-bellHe gave a speech to enemies of the United States who elected Hamas, an Islamic Terrorist organization, as their political leaders. And he didn’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the roaring applause he received while giving another speech to the local supporters of Hezbollah – I mean, as long as he was in the neighborhood.

It is well documented that Hezbollah has sleeper cells in many of our neighborhoods, here in America, ready to inflict Islamic terror upon us, whenever the Mullahs of Iran give the word. Yet David Duke supports the “Army of Allah”? What should we make of this? Any reasonable person can only draw one conclusion. America, David Duke is your enemy.

Not long ago I wrote an article that was an open letter to David Duke, calling him out on these inconvenient details and much more.  We finally spoke on the phone, more than once actually. The first phone call ran over two hours. The conversations were very enlightening. He had a lot to say. I mean, a lot to say. In fact, he had so much to say that it didn’t seem necessary for me to say a word. Just listen… and listen and listen.

And then, about a week later, convinced that we were “practically brothers” he left me a very sweet voicemail message, praising me after reading my article called, “Why Hate White People?” Yes, Doctor Duke was quite convinced that he had neutralized the threat my open letter might represent. He offered to give out my Twitter handle to the listeners of his daily “David Duke Show” but I told him that’s alright, please really don’t. He didn’t, thankfully. But he did invite me to come stay with him if I was ever in Louisiana.

Anyway, I was eventually banned for life on Twitter, for my “hate speech” in criticizing Islamic terrorism and lost the 98,000 followers I had accumulated in doing so. But that’s another story for another time.

David Duke picture - Eric Allen BellFor anyone reading this who doesn’t know who David Duke is, he has achieved a certain level of fame for being the most outspoken critic of Jews in all Western Civilization. He has written many books, has a radio show, put out several YouTube videos, articles, media appearances… He even ran in an election for a Louisiana House Seat and won. Yes, he was a member of the US House of Representatives from 1989 to 1993. Prior to that, David Duke was the head of the KKK. Imagine my Korean wife’s surprise when I told her that the former head of the KKK has invited us to come stay with him, at his home in the South.

Arabic Mein Kampf - Eric Allen BellOf course, outside of the Free and Civilized World, David Duke is not the most outspoken when it comes to condemning the Jews. In Islamic countries he has a lot of competition. An Arabic translation of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” (aka “My Jihad”) is still proudly displayed in bookstores. But the biggest best sellers are the Islamic scriptures themselves. Muhammad, author of the beloved best seller “The Holy Quran” is a much bigger deal over there than Steven King, or that nutty lady who wrote all those Harry Potter books.

Yes, compared to the scriptures endorsed by every single devout Muslim, David Duke is a light weight. I mean, when it comes to Jew hating, the “prophet” Muhammad is the all-time heavy weight champion. Even 1,400 years later he is undefeated. I mean, he created Islam. In fact, one Islamic passage says that “In the final days, every rock and every tree will cry out ‘Oh Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me! Kill him!’”

I believe, after looking at the statistics and polls of what the majority of the world’s billion and a half Muslims believe, that there are more humans on the planet today, who want to see the massacre of the Jews, than even during Hitler’s time… and they are the followers of Muhammad.


Many followers of Muhammad, who danced and celebrated in open jubilation, as those planes hit the World Trade Center on 9-11, welcome David Duke with open arms when he comes to speak to them (in regions where 77 percent of Muslims polled support suicide bombing). And they rally to push the Jews into the ocean, naturally. In fact, it was the leader of Hezbollah who said he hopes that all Jews would move to Israel so that he won’t have to travel the world and “hunt them all down”.

When I spoke to David Duke he told me that Hezbollah was a good organization that does a lot of good in the world and are just misunderstood. If you find that too far fetched to believe, why not try asking David Duke what is his position on Hezbollah.

He also stated that Iran’s laws concerning the treatment of women, versus men, were obviously superior to ours, as evidenced by how chaotic things have gotten between the sexes in America, compared to how well Iran has all of that under control.

Now, regardless of what you think of Jews or Israel, do you believe there is any group of people who should be rounded up or “hunted down?”

I don’t. Didn’t we witness how horrific that could be, most recently in the 20th Century? Such a person who would support an organization putting out such ugly words is sick and evil.

David Duke aligns with Americas enemies
Iran-backed Hezbollah leader, urging his followers to ‘end’ the United States

And let us not forget that Hezbollah and their state sponsor Iran have been very clear that they want “Death to America”.

How much clearer can you get than rallying together every week, with cameras rolling, in big crowds chanting “Death to America”?

Muslims Hating America - Eric Allen BellIf you are reading this and you are follower of David Duke, you too are an enemy of America. There are goood and bad Jews, just like there are good and bad Gentiles and good and bad Blacks and Asians and so on. And while we’re on the subject, your animosity toward the Jewish people is probably more of a front for your painful envy. Yes, envy. There is no superior race and there is certainly no objective standard by which we could even measure such a thing. That said, “Highest IQs in the World” is not a title that goes to us white folks. No. Try again. It’s mostly South Koreans and Ashkenazi Jews.

David Duke, who claims to be a well-read student of history, should know then that over 270 million people have been killed by armies of Allah… so far. In fact, in the Islamic scriptures Muhammad brags, after one of his killing sprees to spread the religion of peace, that, “I have become victorious through terror!”   (Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 52, Number 220)

Terrorists and the supporters of terrorists – this is who David Duke has aligned himself with.

The organizations and the ideologies behind the Boston Bombings, where innocent people’s arms and legs were blown off…

– behind 9/11 where fathers and mothers used their cell phones for the last times to say a final goodbye to their children, before jumping out the window rather than being consumed by fire…

– those ideologies and organizations behind detonating bombs, at a concert populated mostly by teenage girls…

– and so many, many more Islamic attacks…

This is who David Duke finds commonality with. These monsters are David Duke’s friends and allies.


Contrary to the words that come out of his mouth, David Duke is not out there “fighting to defend Western Civilization”. His actions speak volumes, they speak louder than his words. It is his actions that tell us that he hates Jews more than he loves America.

In fact, his hatred is strong enough to cause David Duke to align himself with America’s enemies.

So, we can only derive one logical conclusion…

David Duke is not on the side of America. He is your enemy. He is my enemy. And he is a friend to every devout Muslim chanting, “Death to Israel, Death to America! Death to Israel, Death to America!