Illegal Aliens Cruelty Cause Californians to Ditch White Guilt





California is home to approximately 2.5 million illegal aliens.

California currently has the lowest percentage of High School Diploma holders in the nation.

And according to the most recent census, the three most popular last names in California are: Garcia, Hernandez and Lopez.

In California illegal aliens make up about 7 percent of the overall population, however they represent 12.7% of the prison population.

In America overall, about 3.5 percent of the population are illegal aliens, but 13.5% of the convicted criminals in prison are illegal aliens. Or to use politically correct language, the men and women in the “Undocumented Community” are way over-represented within the “Crime Community”. And I think I just offended the 0.3 % of the people in the “Trans Community“.

About 38,041,430 million people currently live in California. According to the Census Bureau 44.6% do not speak English at home.

Believe it or not, decades ago, before a few million illegal aliens forced their way into the state, California had some of the best educational scores in the country. If there was even the sound of a gun going off in Los Angeles, that was news. Now there are about 2 murders a day in Los Angeles, where gang territory gets wider and wider as the illegal alien population expands with each passing day.

State by State Cost of Illegal ImmigrationLogic, reason, facts, figures, evidence – it can only mean one thing. Clearly I must be some kind of a “racist” for even bringing this subject up and demanding that our Marxist Governor, Jerry Brown, stop placing the welfare of illegal aliens above the safety of California citizens and residents who are here legally. I mean, what could be more outrageous than Americans deciding to put America first, right?

Prison Inmate Citizenship - Eric Allen BellAn illegal alien is, by definition, a criminal – because sneaking into the state illegally is… well,  illegal. Whether one is good and another is bad, ALL of them are CRIMINALS for breaking the law. Period. End of story.

Their demands for social services, welfare, schools for their children who do not speak English, taxpayer funded public defenders to defend them when they get busted stealing, drug smuggling, spray painting on buildings in Spanish and engaging in violent gang activity… well the Left Coast has been allowing this for a long time.

But recent studies show that more than half of legal California citizens have had enough and they are not happy that their Democrat governor has sold them out. They want something done about this. In fact, they want this problem to get under control so bad they have even forgot about their White Guilt. Imagine that.

Straight Outta White Guilt - Eric Allen Bell