Cop Killer from Shit Hole Country Vows to Kill More!

“I wish I had killed more of the motherfuckers” said Luis Enrique Monroy Bracamontes, a 37 year old illegal immigrant from the failed state of Mexico. Mexico would be located right below the American border, if America had borders when this homicidal homeboy entered the country illegally, several times.

The poor and oppressed minority was deported twice by evil racist white men, because all white men are evil and racist. Bracamontes was sent back to Mexico once during the Clinton years and once during the Dubya years. The first time homeboy was arrested selling drugs, for a cartel. The second time homie was actually detained for not being in this country legally – and he was sent back to Mexico. However, since there was no wall, this little vato just came back to America again, so that he could continue to contribute something to our way of life.

LuisEnriqueMonroyBracamonte - Eric Allen BellAccording to the Migrant (drug) Worker who just wanted a better life in America, “I will break out soon and I will kill more, kill whoever gets in front of me. There is no need for a fucking trial.” However, your tax dollars will be paying for his fucking trial. And if you disagree with him illegally coming to America, breaking our laws and killing our law enforcement officers, well then clearly you are a racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamophobe, white man who just doesn’t get it.

Today America has a President who believes that, if you don’t have borders, you don’t have a country – to which us basket of Deplorables say, “Viva Donald Trump! Viva America! Build the Wall.”