America: Trans-Mania is Your Enemy!

Cultural Marxism on Parade?

One of my favorite movies of all time is “Annie Hall” written and directed by Woody Allen and starring Woody Allen. At one point in the film he tells a joke that goes something like this. A man goes to see a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist says, “How can I help you?” and this man says, “It’s not me, actually. It’s my brother.” To which the shrink responds, “Okay, so what seems to be the problem with your brother then?” The man nervously admits, “He thinks he’s a chicken”. The psychiatrist says, “Well that’s crazy. Why don’t you have him committed?” to which the man responds, “I would but you see, I need the eggs.”

michael-jackson-and-woody-allen- Eric Allen BellYes, truer words were never spoken. Or not. Stay with me and I promise this is all going to make a lot of sense. Unless it confuses you more. I’m confused because this kinda started off like some kind of anti-Semitic thing, because of the words “Cultural Marxism” in the beginning. But then the author says he really likes Woody Allen movies. Maybe the world outside of the television is not so black and white.

Speaking of blacks and whites on television…

There was a documentary that became a television show on MTV called “Catfish”. The formula is rather simple but very sensational – as in sensationalism. Let’s say a guy met a girl online. They talk online. They fall in love online, but then there is a problem. She keeps making up excuses about why she cannot meet him in person – outside of the phone or internet. She won’t Skype so he doesn’t know if her online picture is real. Something like that. Something fishy is going on – catfishy.

Based on the original movie this is now a thing. If someone deceived you online and you fell for that person, only to find out later they are not who they said they were, you have been “Catfished”. Interesting idea. Relevant to our times. I enjoyed the documentary, although I doubt that any of it was real. Every now and then I enjoy good reality television that isn’t really real, like the news for example. And I’m not sure that most of the news is real either.

Catfished - Eric Allen BellSo now we have this TV show, two nice Jewish boys, Nev and Max, set out with their camera crew to help whoever reaches out to them, thinking they might be catfished. By the end of each episode Nev and Max have gotten to the bottom of everything, figured out who the mystery person really is, arrange an in-person meeting, talk about feelings (cue emotional music), reveal their true motives, talk about more feelings, and then finally ask if the two people still feel like they have a love connection. We’ll come back to Catfish in a moment.

In the meantime, consider for a moment metaphorically, that we might have all been catfished by the media establishment. Yes, we will come back to that I’m sure.

There are a few problems with American culture that have me gravely concerned. One is that our youth exist in a fantasy world of constant entertainment overload. What’s on the television often becomes more important, more real than reality, especially when it’s called “reality television”.

Media Hypnosis - Eric Allen BellThat said, for teens and tweens, mesmerized by the television set, hours a day – this phenomenon has become a normal part of American life. It has been this way since I was a kid, growing up in the seventies and eighties. Any social scientist can tell you that there is a correlation between the importance of the television set in an American home and the fall of families. As the Lesbianic New York philosopher, Fran Lebowitz once said, “The world went inside of the television and became the world”. I think we can say the same thing by now about the Internet as well.

The moving image on the screen is not good nor bad, it’s what we do with it that matters. Since the beginning of human evolution, people have sat around a flickering light, listening to stories. It’s what we do. But somewhere along the way, the stories started to get beamed out through the airwaves, through fiber optics, through Wi-Fi, bouncing down off satellites to mobile devices. The story tellers consolidated their power and the stories started to make our people weak, lazy, gullible – and our men emasculated to point of crisis.

Old Storytellers - Eric Allen Bell.jpgIf you are twelve and both of your parents get home from work around six and you come home from school mid-afternoon and turn on the television, you are likely to encounter shows like Jerry Springer or Maury Povich. These two shameless, sensationalists of the Progressive media cartel, host television shows where adults start off talking about their feelings, Dr. Phil style – and things quickly digress into yelling and physical violence. Usually this is over a man cheating on a woman, or the other way around, or announcing the results of a paternity test. I’m sure you’ve seen it. It’s mostly black people, for some reason, and often the man jumps up and down overjoyed when he discovers that, in the words of the 20th Century pedophile philosopher, Michael Jackson, “The kid is not my son”.

The Kid is not My Son - Eric Allen BellSo, twelve-year-olds have all seen this by now, most of them anyway. And now they have Catfish. Although black people are about 13 percent of the American population, the show Catfish would have you think that nearly everyone is black. For some reason Nev and Max just happen to reach out to mostly black people to “help” them look like fools, beamed out to the world on cable TV, for being conned or catfished by mostly other black people.

In America, well over two thirds of black families are without a father. I don’t have an issue with a person’s race, but culture is a different matter. The popular Catfish show would have teens and tweens think that having a baby mama, or baby daddy in the background, is just a normal part of being in your twenties. So is talking like you have marbles in your mouth. That’s depicted as normal now as well. Don’t axe me why. Add to that, a gigantic percentage of the people who want to resolve their catfish situation are gay, lesbian or transgender.

Caitlyn Jenner Courage Award - Eric Allen BellGay and lesbian people, in my opinion, are always going to be a percentage of our society. They deserve the same love and respect and dignity as everyone else. But when this gets promoted, like an advertising campaign, when kids are told there is no biological imperative, everything is a choice – well now we are coloring outside the lines a bit. And adding the “T” to create LGBT is how that political lobby aligned itself with the mentally ill.

Don’t I sound like an angry middle-aged white guy, about to lecture you about the kids of today? Then the media brainwashing is working and it will be very easy to tune me out. I’m probably uneducated and get all my facts from Fox News. Yeah, I just don’t “get it”. You can go back to your dating app now.

Nev and Max Catfish - Eric Allen BellThe hipsters who host Catfish, seem so sincere and are only here to help, after all. So, it’s not uncommon, when Nev and Max first meet someone on camera to ask that person, “What are your preferred gender pronouns?” Because you know, it might be offensive to call a male a male or to call a female a female. What could be more like totally not hip than to be obliviously “hetero-normative” when talking to someone who is clearly “nonbinary”, right? Word.

In Season 4, Episode 9 of the MTV hit show, the Catfish guys help Jamey, a 21-year-old meat cutter (that’s an actual trade) from rural America, meet his online love interest, Ari. As it turns out, Ari was not really a girl this whole time. Ari is a pre-op transsexual, or as she refers to herself, a “Transgender Female”. In other words, a dude in a dress and makeup has been totally fucking with Jamey’s head this whole time.

Now Jamey, don’t get mad, because that would be “homophobic”.

Emasculation - Eric Allen BellWhen this is revealed to poor unsuspecting Jamey, there is little focus on the fact that he has been badly deceived, enough to possibly send a young person into a serious emotional crisis – especially with the cameras rolling – as in suicide. Speaking of which, the suicide rate among people with Gender Dysphoria, the mental illness now called “Transgender” is 40 percent.

But never mind Jamey, instead, the focus is on poor Ari, how brave he/she is in coming on the show – and how much he/she has probably suffered all this time, not being able to tell Jamey that he is a batshit crazy male, who wants to castrate himself, get breast implants, take hormones and pretend to be a woman – all the while deceiving unsuspecting men online. Yes, clearly Ari is the victim in this situation. The pressure is clearly on Jamey to be the better man (literally) and suppress his feelings of betrayal, embarrassment on national television and everything else. This is a time to celebrate Ari completely going off the deep end. So brave. So inspiring.

At the end of the episode, Nev and Max, the new generation of the Mary Povich and Jerry Springer Tribe, end with something of a public service announcement. Nev looks at us at home and says, “Transgender women like Ari are real women and are not deceiving anyone when they state this”.

Charlie Brown Catfished - Eric Allen Bell

Remember the twelve-year-old kid, at home parked in front of the TV. It’s very clear that young people are the target audience for this brand of propaganda and I do mean “target”.

Catfish is produced by MTV which is owned by Paramount Studios which is Owned by Viacom which is owned by a man who changed his name to Sumner Redstone but was born Murray Rothstein. This is the billionaire who proudly bankrolls Snoop Dogg shooting President Trump in a music video. As it’s been pointed out before, if say Garth Brooks shot President Obama in a music video, he’d likely be in some legal trouble and there would be rioting in the streets for sure.

TrumpSnoop.pngBut Mr. Doggy Dogg enjoys his share of black privilege. Lowered expectations are the racism of the Liberal elite and it wouldn’t be right for them to expect Snoopy to act like a responsible grown adult, or even a law abiding one. He can’t help it. Deep in the subconscious of the Liberal mind, Snoop has a racial handicap, that makes him unable to be held to the same standards as us white folks.

Rothstein has polluted the collective consciousness with enough gansta rap to nearly put an entire generation of American boys in sagging pants and a generation of girls thinking they are whores and bitches, worthy of being slapped around.

Catfish - Eric Allen BellRothstein also bankrolled “LOGO TV” featuring teen and tween entertainment such as “Rupaul’s Drag Race” a show that celebrates men who want to be women. They are judged, sort of like Ms. Universe, but for mentally ill people, suffering from Gender Dysphoria. They also promote “DragCon” which is like a big festival to reinforce the sense of normalcy, regarding men who are tragically emasculated. Yes, there is, without a doubt, an organized effort to emasculate young males – or at least to make emasculation normal. Remember the Woody Allen joke, the one about the man whose brother thinks he is a chicken? I guess Mr. Rothstein just needs the eggs. That is, if eggs were money, influence and enough power to make an entire nation your bitch.

Red Pill America - Eric Allen BellSo what am I saying exactly? Trannies? Catfish? A media-driven society, passively committing cultural suicide? It’s an assisted suicide really, with the help of our Doctor Murray Rothstein and other amoral moguls.

How do you feel, about a handful of anti-American, smut peddlers deciding the direction that American culture will go? Who gets to tell the story around our collective digital campfire? Who will protect your children from the sicko story tellers? You? Is that even possible, in this technological age?

Are you okay with all of this? Or, are you one of the growing number of people who see a pattern here and are gravely concerned? Maybe you stopped being concerned a long time ago and you are simply pissed off.

Just the Facts - Eric Allen BellUnfortunately, millions of Americans are only vaguely aware that someone has polluted the well from which we all must drink. But those who are only vaguely aware are hypnotized. They are hooked. They don’t want to know where the dealer gets the stuff or what is in the stuff. And all of that is by design. As a nation, we are so addicted to entertainment, we don’t know the difference between entertainment and reality. The entire culture has become a constant freak show. Meanwhile, our enemies sit and wait.

A wave of emasculation has swept across the nation, making millions of our men unprepared to deal with the covert Islamic invasion or the overt Globalist invasion.

Is it intentional, how distracted and confused we are supposed to have become? Is there some kind of unholy alliance at work here, one that we have seen at other points in history perhaps?

Yes, there is a crime being committed against the civilized world. And as with any crime one is trying to solve, you must ask yourself, “Who benefits?” So, who benefits when we are distracted and confused? Who benefits if Western Civilization collapses? And, who profits from helping them do it?

If you want to take down Western Civilization, covertly emasculate the males.

Then start making all things masculine offensive – the cause of all evil in the world.

Teach that gender does not exist.

Start with the Universities, then spread out into entertainment media.

Before you know it, the barking guard dog has become a harmless house cat…

Don’t worry, that this could happen in the future – or that it’s starting to happen. It happened. And then, as fate would have it, we were given one more chance. We elected Trump. If you agree with what I’ve said here so far, that a once great America has become weak, distracted, divided and confused, then what are you doing personally to Make America Great Again?

The systematic pussification of the American male is upon us now. If you are a man who can still find his spine, help another man to find his. We are better than this. We must be better than this, or the greatest nation in the history of the world will perish, like other great civilizations before it.

Trans-mania isn’t just an oddity, or the latest Liberal cause to add to the Victim’s Pyramid – although it is both of those things. No, it is something more. Trans-Mania is your enemy, America. And we must not be afraid to speak out and defeat it. Because, if we don’t defeat this engineered and well-distributed social poison, it will defeat us. It is defeating us.

Trans-Mania is a social weapon of mass destruction. And the time to get angry about it is now.