Why Does Hollywood Hate Trump?

(Incidentally no one will hire me – I am blacklisted for supporting him).

1) If you are an actor and can think uncritically, with only your emotions – and you do so in front of a camera, those instincts may win you an Oscar. If you use this approach to arrive at political opinions, it doesn’t work.

2) There is a long history, since the old days of Theater, of that crowd gravitating toward the very far Left.

3) Hollywood is extremely hedonistic,┬ámarkets their immoral hedonism to the world and will push back against anyone who wants to “Make America Great Again”.

4) It is both fashionable and required in Hollywood to think as others do. If the angry mob says Trump is Hitler, you better tow the party line, or face the possibility of being exiled. Hollywood is for the “Cool Kids” and the Cool Kids follow trends.

5) Hollywood has no moral compass whatsoever, but wants to appear to be “good”. Since they have cast Trump as “bad” for wanting to build the wall, they look good for opposing him.

6) I do not want to paint all Jews with the same brush, but Hollywood is an industry invented by Jews and still largely run by Jews. And these are spineless Liberal Jews who do not support Israel. Therefore, they oppose Trump calling our enemy by it’s name “Islamic Terrorism” because they feel it is their duty to always support the minority, even if that minority is in the wrong. (Incidentally, from the early days of Trump’s campaign until now, Trump has surrounded himself with Jews who support Israel and support Trump’s policies. So let’s not get distracted and make this a Jewish thing).

7) Hollywood is in the business of selling white guilt. Trump is in the business of extinguishing white guilt.

8) Everyone in Hollywood is afraid of offending highly opinionated moguls such as David Geffen and go out of their way to impress them, by seeming to agree with their opinions. Sometimes this desperate need for acceptance by authority figures, within the Hollywood establishment, or acceptance from peers, will lead Hollywood types to take a picture holding Trump’s severed head, announce they want to blow up the white house, or that an actor should kill a President, or make a music video shooting Trump and the list goes on and on. Such is the endless power of insecurity. And Hollywood is an industry fueled by insecurity.

FINALLY, WATCH THIS BRIEF INTERVIEW. I first met Dean Cain in 1990 when I was the assistant to his agent. I would not be surprised if he faces harsh consequences for what he has said here:

Kathy Griffin - Eric Allen Bell