We Should have no Walls, no Borders – says Katy Perry

Pop icon and youth influencer, Katy Perry, made her millions in the Capitalistic system of America, protected by a military and borders.

Recently this virtue signaling one-percenter, criticized those who want to control  immigration from Muslims who come from parts of the world, that are overcome with Islamic fundamentalists, demanding free stuff.

Katy Perry lives a $19 million home, protected by several hefty gates, at the end of a quarter mile long driveway. 

Since she doesn’t believe in walls or borders, perhaps Katy Perry would open her gates to thousands of Fundamentalist Muslim “refugees”. What could possibly go wrong?

“No Barriers, No Borders, Like We All Need to Just Co-Exist”Katy Perry

Katy Perry made this statement after a devout Muslim committed an act of violent Jihad, as prescribed in the Quran, in Manchester. Most of the victims were teenage and pre-teenage girls – children blown apart by a nail bomb.


It was a devastating bloodbath, one that killed over 20 victims and brutally injured dozens more. The terrorist responsible for this was the son of Muslim immigrants from the Islamic nation of Libya.

Katy Perry radio - Eric Allen BellKaty Perry’s solution for how we stop this wave of increasing Islamic terrorism was that the West gets much more serious about immigration, vet who is coming in and watch the Islamic community much more carefully – especially since the mosques that these terrorist attend are preaching violent Jihad, right out in the open. She believes that Donald Trump has been proven correct, once again. No, just kidding. Instead, Katy Perry’s solution? She should book more high-paying concerts for herself, to show the world that we can all “co-exist”. $$$

Manchester Bombing Victims - Eric Allen Bell
Above – Flowers left for the victims of the Manchester Bombing victims of Islam, who just need to learn how to “co-exist”