Offensive? Accomplishments of White People

Cowboys and Indians racially insensitive - Eric Allen BellIn keeping with the fashionable trend of expressing rage, resentment and overall hatred toward white people, I decided to be unfashionable. So, this article should go viral, because hipsters find it very fashionable to intentionally be unfashionable. Plus my title is like total click bait.

Anyway, I know I’m supposed to be horribly ashamed of myself. White men are the root of all evil, or so I’m told. And I’m a middle-aged white man. That alone ought to make anyone want to pull me out of my car, beat the shit out of me and yell, “You vote Trump? Damn, he vote Trump!” while onlookers film with their phones, laughing like psychopathic hyenas.

And then there is the fact that I keep getting angry emails from people who tell me that my blog is nothing but fear mongering and hate mongering. So I thought I’d write something positive. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that those same critics won’t like this either. Others might say, “What did you need to post that for?” I promise to keep it brief.

Starbucks White Privilege - Eric Allen BellBelow is a short list of just a few accomplishments of my people, white people, over the years. Surely anyone who supports embracing one’s heritage won’t have any problem with this – no problem at all. It’s Black History Month, only it’s condensed into one very short article and it’s about my people’s history – White People.

Don’t worry. Out of the 7,000,000,000 people on the planet, White People are a minority. And everyone knows you can’t be a racist if you’re a minority.

And there is only about a 50 percent chance that this will get me banned from Facebook (again). So, here goes, something positive that a minority, the one I belong to, can feel good about…

White People have been responsible for:

the invention of the printing press


the harnessing of electricity




the telescope

Putting a man on the moon and other space travel




the telephone

the light bulb


motion pictures

the phonograph

the electric battery

inventing the automobile

Pink Floyd

the steam engine

railroad transportation

the microscope

the US Constitution


the Internet

the discovery of countless medical advances

inventing the first major apps

a whole lot of scientific progress

I promised it would be a short list, there is more I could say. But I’d just like to add if I may a few names, of people in my heritage, because clearly being proud of your heritage is encouraged, right? Like Black History Month. I mean, unless you’re white. Then it’s offensive. Shame on me! Anyway, here are a just a few notable historical figures who were white and made history:






Julius Caeser


William the Conqueror

Marco Polo










Graham Bell






Da Vinci

Mark Twain







I know some people reading will say, “You must be a White Supremacist”. Actually there is no objective standard by which anyone can determine what a supreme race is.

So, anyone who thinks that their race is “supreme” (including white folks) they are off on their own trip. And, if we are to measure this by IQ, well white people don’t have the highest IQs – East Asians do.

Hillary Clinton White Guilt - Eric Allen BellSo there it is, a very simple list of things that white people can feel good about, sure to even upset certain white people. Why would such a short list anger anyone? Usually, when white Liberals answer a question like that one, they use the words “nuanced” and “contextualized”. Those are good words to use when trying to combat common sense.

If I were another race and I had posted a similar list, would people say I was being narcissistic, or would they say “Good for you”?

On social media, I’m reading about reasons people should feel bad, about being white. Has there ever been a race without a history soaked in blood? No, there has not. Imagine that. But some we dare not discuss, while others, well… I think I’ll Tweet this and post it on Facebook. It will be an interesting social experiment, to see how the thought police try to put a spin on this one.

Anyway, White People, I hope you enjoyed this little journey through your history. And everyone else, you should embrace your history as well. Maybe if we could all feel better about ourselves, instead of constantly attacking others, we can each do our part to Make America Great Again.

Dont feel guilty for being white - Eric Allen Bell

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