The Education of Donald J. Trump

Washington DC, like Hollywood, runs on a currency of favors.

Just as Hollywood is not run by people who love movies, DC is not run by people who are committed to principles. Both are run by people who want power, for the most part. It’s all about power and that’s all it’s about.

Power feeds on power, but power does not run away, with its tail between it’s legs, just because the new Populist President in the White House has “the people” on his side. In fact, I would argue that the Power Elite would sooner destroy America, crash the world economy or lead us into a world war, before they would give up their power. And history shows us plenty of evidence that this is the case.

Trump came into the White House without many people owing him favors, in contrast to say Johnson, back in the day. Johnson was owed favors. And he called in those favors and was able to push much of his agenda through, even the tough stuff like civil rights legislation. It probably helped that he gave the Military Industrial Complex the war they wanted in Vietnam.

So here is my theory, about the education of Donald Trump:

Trump is a man who took on the world and won. He made it to the White House, only to discover that the finish line was actually the starting line. He made it to the starting line and the game was more rigged than even he could have imagined.

Globalist Pyramid - Eric Allen BellThe shark tank Trump had been swimming in for years was nothing, compared to this shark tank. These weren’t normal sharks. These were monumental prehistoric beasts, apocalyptic in nature. And there is no way in the world that the Globalists, those families who had been in power, some for generations – such as the Rothschilds – are  going to simply walk away from their combined trillions of dollars in wealth and influence. Not a chance.

Trump begins to discover that the “Deep State” does not obey Presidents. Rather, Presidents obey those who are so far up on the food chain, that only those who had climbed to that altitude can even see them, perched atop that pyramid.

Trum Treason media lies - Eric Allen BellThe media attacks the new President Trump in a way that we have never seen before. There is talk of his impeachment, even his arrest. Almost immediately there are leaks from his inner circle to the press. He can’t get anyone in his cabinet approved – and one central figure has to resign only days after he has started. The new Trump presidency is off to a rocky start, to say the least. He cannot get his travel ban through. He can barely get anything through. And every day he is reminded that he is in the cross hairs of big media and other seemingly invincible institutions. He has a target on his back and he knows it.

Trump now has access to secret information and is learning things about world affairs, government secrets, all kinds of things that have him deeply concerned. It’s worse than he could have imagined. The swamp is deeper and the swamp creatures are legion. And there are those who are concerned about what he may do with such information.

Trump White House Intruder - Eric Allen BellFinally, Trump discovers that Obama and company had wired tapped him, during his campaign and are actively trying to overthrow him, even now. He started to realize that the agencies whom he assumed would protect him, are either unwilling or unable. An intruder enters the White House grounds and is able to make it all the way to one of the doors before the Secret Service is given an order to do anything about it – or, were they given orders to stand down? Things are looking kind of desperate.

Trump Tweet Obama Wire Tapping - Eric Allen BellSo, Trump decides to reach out to his people, the American people who voted for him. He takes to Twitter and announces that Obama had been wiretapping him during the campaign, wrongly thinking that would force the hand of certain people in power. But that did not work. It only creates more chatter, more talking heads on the news putting their spin on things, accusing him of being a Russian agent. Nothing is working. He is still a marked man. And, only a few weeks into his presidency, he may already be a lame duck president – and that would be the best-case scenario.

But Trump is also a genius unlike other geniuses. Adversity makes him stronger. Seemingly impossible problems are something he has overcome, time and time again, throughout his entire life. Historically, everything that has been thrown at him has made him stronger.

Trump Jared Kushner Ivanka - Eric Allen Bell

Now, I don’t know if moving Steve Bannon (the man of the people) to the outfield and giving Ivanka and Jared Trump (Globalists) a seat at the table is just window dressing – or if he really found the need to bring those whom he thinks he can trust closer to him, as a survival move. Time will tell. But the optics seem to change the feeling in the air, some intangible vibe, something that confirms his intuition.

Trump Syria False Flag - Eric Allen BellFinally, Trump takes the very risky step of firing missiles on Syria. This immediately pleases the NeoCons, certain Zionists, bankers, the Military Industrial Complex and even Hillary Clinton. And somehow it appears true to Trumpian form, from a candidate who promised he would be “unpredictable” – from a candidate who stood on the debate stage and said, “I am the most militaristic person standing on this stage”.

This move upsets the Alt Right and the Alt Media and the appearance of losing their support pleases the Establishment, the “Never Trump” types and the RINOS and other enemies that could now be “friends”.

McCain Assad must be stopped - Eric Allen BellTrump then makes sure that his Administration is talking out of both sides of their mouth, so as to cause onlookers to see into that whatever they want to see. Did the Administration just say this was a one time thing, or are they saying they will continue to make moves to cause regime change in Syria? It’s a Rorschach test and what they said – well, it’s whatever you want to believe. Maybe he’s going to deliver the Power Elite another lucrative, preemptive attack on another oil-rich, Middle Eastern enemy of Israel. Or, maybe he’s just being Donald Trump. Although no one can really say, it seems everyone has something to say.

Suddenly, Obama and company find themselves in a “What have you done for me lately?” situation, as far as that currency of favors goes.

Trump has shown the Power Elite that he can play ball.

The White House is open for business.

And perhaps now he can get his his domestic agenda through, repeal Obama care, work out a compromised Travel Ban, build the wall, cut taxes, create jobs – maybe…

Trump’s presidency is no longer at great risk of being over thrown – for the time being anyway.  Therefore, what was accomplished was taking a YUGE problem, and kicking it down the road, into a smaller and more manageable problem… hopefully smaller and hopefully more manageable. Time will tell.

And all he had to do was risk starting a world war – or not.

To be continued…

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