Attention Neo Nazis


I do not share your views. Yes, I am critical of Israel, but I stand with Israel in fighting Islam. They have a right to defend themselves. I’m very clear about that.

I am a Nationalist but NOT a “White Nationalist” and welcome anyone and everyone who wants to fight to preserve and grow Western Civilization – and that includes Jews.

Nazism is evil and disgusting. I am suspect of those whose loyalty is to a foreign country first (Israel) but I do not paint all Jews with the same brush.

Islam presents an existential threat to all civilized people. And I will fight alongside those whom I disagree with on other issues, to destroy Islam.

That said, I absolutely do not support wars for Israel. Enough American lives and limbs were lost invading Iraq, after Israel lied to the Intelligence community and to the American people, that the case against Saddam, for having WMDS, was “a slam dunk”. No more wars for Israel. I refuse to be a shill for a foreign state.

Nuclear armed Muslims and their unholy alliance with Marxists are the defining issue of our time. And I am committed to exposing them and fighting them until we are victorious.

Eric Allen Bell


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