If Syria Becomes a Failed State who Benefits?

Syria Bashar al-Assad - Eric Allen Bell.jpg  Seems like an innocent enough question. And yet, by asking that question, we are already in very touchy territory. Some of you reading this are going to hate me. And some of you won’t finish reading this at all. And then there are those of us who see a pattern. Some of us tried to put it out of our heads, but there it is, coming back, stronger and deadlier each time. And then there are those who took the Red Pill long ago, who were wondering if the rest of us were ever going to catch up.

golan-heightsSo, let’s look at this. Syria is located next to Israel. It’s form of government is that of a secular dictatorship. Syria has been involved in a civil war these past few years, with Islamic terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, the Islamic State and the Al-Nusra Front trying to overthrow its leader, Bashar al-Assad.

By now it is well known that American leaders, such as Barack Hussein Obama and John McCain, have been arming these violent jihadists, referring to them in the media as “rebels”.

Probably the most powerful of these “rebels” would be the Islamic State, or “ISIS”. It seems that nearly every act of Islamic terrorism to happen in the West these days, ISIS takes the credit. Whether it be the Paris attacks, the San Bernardino shootings, London, Stockholm and the list goes on and on – ISIS has clearly cornered the market on obeying the Islamic command, found in Quran 9:5 to “kill them wherever you find them”.

ISIS persecute unbelievers in Libya - Eric Allen BellISIS also has been murdering Christians in Syria on an unthinkable scale. They murder the unbelievers nearly everywhere it seems, except not really Israel so much oddly. They say that Islam is the “religion of peace”. But if that were true, wouldn’t the extremists be extremely peaceful?

My Jihad - Eric Allen BellOn the other hand, Muhammad, the founder of Islam and the inventor of Islamic terrorism did command his followers to “Strike terror into the heart of the unbeliever”. So really ISIS are just a bunch of good Muslims. Bad people, very bad people, but good Muslims. And with orders like those to follow, how can anyone be a good person and a good Muslim at the same time? You really have to be either one or the other.

That said, the dictator of Syria is both a bad Muslim and a bad person. Good people don’t become dictators who rule with an iron fist. On the other hand, he is disobeying the Islamic scriptures by fighting off those who follow such scriptures to the letter. Anyone who knows anything about Islam knows that ISIS is behaving exactly the way that Muhammad behaved, historically. So this is a case where clearly Assad is by far the lesser of two evils.

But what if Assad were taken out? What would happen if Syria went the way of Libya, after Gadhafi was killed by Islamists and thus removed from power?

McCain Assad must be stopped - Eric Allen BellIn the case of Libya, almost immediately after the fall of their leader, violent jihadists took over and started to force the brutal Islamic law called Sharia. And Libya became a failed state. The blood thirsty warlord, Barack Obama, had fired missiles on Libya endlessly, at great financial cost to the American people, even though the American people had nothing to gain from this. And he killed a bunch of innocent people. Was that the “Change We Need”? The result was the fall of Libya’s leader, the rise of Political Islam, a failed state and a new pathway from which Islamic colonizers could travel to leave Northern Africa and enter into Europe, where they would demand that Europe practice Islamic law.

Merkel Refugees Welcome - Eric Allen Bell.jpgDue to the widespread epidemic of the mental illness known as “White Guilt” many European leaders opened their doors to these Islamic colonizers, causing the rate of sexual assault to sky rocket, creating even more Islamic “no-go zones” in European cities, demands for welfare and free stuff and pushing many regions potentially to the brink of a civil war, if the local politicians cannot figure out how to return Western Civilization back to Western civilized people.

So, how does this play out if the political and media establishment in America decides to get behind taking out Syria’s leader, Assad? Who benefits?

Obviously, ISIS benefits. They say they want to establish an Islamic caliphate in that part of the world. But does it end there? Is it all really that simple? Or, is there something far darker, more nefarious going on here?

Let’s stay in the obvious zone and work our way out into the less obvious zones, shall we? Clearly the Military Industrial Complex would profit on massive scale, by lining their pockets with your tax dollars, in exchange for their goods and services in wiping out large numbers of innocent people, in a country that never attacked us.

I once watched an interview with Sylvester Stallone and he was asked, “What makes a good movie?” to which he answered, “Anything you can make a sequel out of.” So, for War Incorporated, this would be basically Iraq 2.0 with some tagline line like, “This time we promise they really will treat us as liberators for sure, we mean it this time”.

But let’s go down the rabbit hole a little deeper and see what we find. Who else benefits if Syria becomes a failed state?

In a disputed area of Syria is a region called the Golan Heights. Some say this area is occupied illegally, by Israel. Some say it is occupied legally. Some say that the Israeli Parliament voted to annex it. No one can seem to agree. Maybe that’s why they call it disputed. But if Syria has no official governing body, if Assad is taken out and Syria becomes a failed state, what is there to dispute?

But is the Golan Heights really all that important? Well it sure is if you sit on the board of Genie Energy. Who is that?

youre-entirely-bonkers-but-ill-tell-you-a-secret-all-6457586Imagine if you will an organization whose co-conspirators include a man who controls much of the media in the world. Add to that an oil man with powerful political connections and a proven record as a warmonger, one with past experience in decimating an oil rich nation. Next add the former head of the largest, most well-funded, secret intelligence gathering agencies in the world. And finally, let me put on my tin foil hat for this one (except it’s real) a member of perhaps the most powerful, brutal and secretive banking families in the world.

Who am I talking about? On the “Strategic Advisory Board” of Genie Energy sits former VP under George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, one of the architects of the Iraq war. We also find Rupert Murdoch, media mogul whose holdings include Fox News, the people who marketed and sold the Iraq war to the American people. Then you have James Woolsey, former Director of the CIA. And if that wasn’t enough to make you blurt out, “Why haven’t I heard anything about this before?” let me just add to this toxic cocktail Baron Jacob Rothschild. If you Google him you’re going to end up on a lot of sites that talk about the secrecy of who owns the Federal Reserve. Oh, almost forgot to mention Larry Summers, former head of the US Treasury. Yeah, I know.

Genie Energy - Eric Allen Bell.jpgAnd no, I’m not making this up. Don’t take my word for it. You’ll be surprised when you enter “Genie Energy” into Google and a Wikipedia page comes right up, confirming everything I have just told you.

So, Genie Energy it seems has been drilling for oil in the Golan Heights – that disputed area that wouldn’t be so disputed if Syria were to become a failed state.

Does it end there? Who else benefits if Syria becomes a failed state? Probably not Russia. Syria is their ally. Decades ago, when Russia was called the Soviet Union, they tried to hold onto a plot of land where violent jihadists fought back and fought back hard. These were called the Mujahedeen at the time, but with a little help from US tax dollars, we now we know them as Al Qaeda and the Taliban. This fight was such a massive financial drain that it contributed to the Soviet Union no longer being the Soviet Union. Doubtful that Russia would want to stick around and make that mistake again.

Ivanka and Jared Kushner - Eric Allen BellThen there is Iran, Syria’s other ally. If Syria is a failed state, what do they have to offer Iran? I suppose Iran could move its forces in and try to take what’s left of Syria as their own. But that would put the Iranian military awfully close to Israel and this would almost definitely trigger an all-out war between the two states. When you think of it, it almost seems like someone might be setting a trap, as if they would welcome such a war. But who would want that?

Let’s go a little bit deeper down the rabbit hole. I don’t feel like we hit bottom yet. Who else benefits if Syria becomes a failed state? Syria. Oil rich Syria.

The Saudis have been providing weapons and resources to the so-called “rebels” aka ISIS up until now. Where else does ISIS get their money, their millions and millions of dollars that they generate each month, to carry out violent jihad and attempt to build an Islamic caliphate? They sell oil, the oil they are taking from the parts of Syria that they currently occupy and control. But who would be so heartless, so evil as to buy this oil and, in doing so, finance such a bloody campaign?

Israel ISIS oil - Eric Allen BellErdogan, the Islamic madman who is presently the leader of Turkey buys their oil, thus financing Islamic terrorism. That’s no big surprise. But Israel is also a major buyer of ISIS oil. Israel? Okay, now things are getting really weird.  Why would Israel want to build up the power of a militaristically inferior enemy, only to be able to get the green light from the West to go in, fully justified to take that enemy out? I mean, they would probably have some seriously powerful Western countries as their allies, practically doing the job for them. What if the current US Secretary of State was once the head of the largest oil company in the world? That would raise a few eyebrows for sure.

Alice and the Cat - Eric Allen BellBut who could argue that if ISIS is running the show in Syria that Israel has a right – in fact a duty to their people – to go in and wipe them out? And what happens when you wipe your neighboring country out? Well we know what Israel does, historically anyway. They occupy.

Would this be good for America, for you and for me?

Imagine what Israel would look like on a map, with all of Syria having been annexed. I’m not trying to sell you on the idea that this is what is going to happen. I’m simply asking a rather basic question – one that the Mainstream Media should have been asking from the first-time missiles were fired onto Assad’s military base, in the early part of April of this year.

There is a lot further we can go down the rabbit hole. Oil pipelines. Religious prophecies. Ideas about who the Creator of the Universe gave land to. Is there money in failed states? Globalists would say yes. Curioser and Curioser.

Besides, who would want to make Syria into a failed state anyway, right?

This entire article is a bit of a Rorschach test. Some of you reading this are probably thinking, “well that would be fine with me” while others are considering these probable outcomes and are horrified. I have not offered an opinion on any of this. All I have done is one thing. I have asked you – if Syria becomes a failed state, who benefits?