Pamela Geller – Loyal to Israel First and America Second

MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT:  I support Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state. And I firmly believe we benefit from having a broad spectrum, of voices and opinions, when it comes to taking action against the threat that Islam poses, to the Civilized World. That said…

When Donald Trump boldly stated that “I think Islam hates us” risking his Presidential campaign, he emboldened an entire worldwide movement, that was already in the making. People who didn’t know about the Islamic threat, learned about that threat. And people who were afraid to speak up, started to make their voices heard. The floodgates are now open as the world is talking, more than ever, about the humanitarian nightmare that is Islam.


I stopped getting as many death threats for saying “Muhammad was a pedophile” to about 2 million households on Fox News. These days, when the truly devout come across that YouTube video, I am just another face in the crowd really. There are now countless videos, Facebook posts, blogs and Tweets, all talking about what a monster the “prophet” Muhammad was – and what a threat Islam is to the future of the human race.

People in America are starting to understand that Islamic immigration is in fact truly Islamic Colonization. There is an agenda behind it and that is to spread Islam and make the non-Islamic world weak.

Immigrate. Infiltrate. Caliphate.

Just look at the past 1,400 years and count on people to be who they show themselves to be. We see what is happening in Europe and we don’t want that here. Islamists in Europe are demanding Islamic Law (Sharia) and taking over entire neighborhoods, preaching violence to the unbeliever, in their mosques and even out on the streets. We have come along way, in finally recognizing the threat, but we have a big battle ahead of us to stop a wave of unwanted Islamic immigration.

If we import the Third World – we become the Third World.

That may not be a very politically correct thing to say, but it’s true. Instead of looking all all of the chaos that is going on these days, through the lens of Left versus Right. What does it all look like if we look at it through another lens? The real conflict in the world today is the battle between the Civilized World and the uncivilized world. And the uncivilized want to move in, take over and then take us down. It doesn’t matter if its intentional or by design. The net result is still the same.

Within the context of “Civilized World” America must not only have borders, but we must also be a sovereign nation, taking orders from no one. And there must be no exceptions.

In the post NeoCon / Trump era, America is not out to take over. But we are not about to be taken over either.

A God Who Hates - Wafa Sultan - Eric Allen BellBefore Trump sounded the rallying cry, there were others who came before him, many years before, who had been sounding the warning bells about the Islamic threat to America, since 9/11 and some even before that.

All of those voices are important. But it is also important to know that SOME of those voices are either directly bankrolled by Israeli interests, or place their loyalties to Israel first. They are primarily sounding the warning bells about the threat to Israel. They are happy to get any American support they can. In fact, that is exactly what their Israeli bank rollers expect them to do – look out for Israel first.

I have been doing this for a few years now and I have looked behind the veil. I see the machinery at work. And this isn’t exclusively a Jewish effort either. In America, there is a huge Christian Zionist movement that is warning of the danger of Islam. However, it is doubtful how many of them realize that they are puppets for people in a foreign country. They are merely useful pawns. Does anyone know of an Israeli effort to raise money to protect Christians from persecution, in far off lands? If so, they have sure kept awfully quiet.

There is no hidden conspiracy here. People will tell you who they are, if you just listen…

Pamela Geller promotes Prime Minister of Israel - Eric Allen BellOne such person is Pamela Geller, a bold and brave voice against the Islamic agenda – mostly as it pertains of course to Israel. But looking out for you and me and other Americans is secondary, sort of an after thought it seems – even though Pamela Geller is an American. Geller is a voice for her own people, first and foremost. Her loyalty is clearly to Israel first.

When Geller saw bus ads in New York that were critical of Israel, she raised enough money to place her own bus ads, warning people about what Islam teaches. And she and her lawyer, David Yerushalmi even won numerous court battles, when the transit authority tried to stop her from getting those bus ads and subway ads posted and seen. And I’m glad she did it.

Pamela Geller with Yeruselami - Eric Allen Bell.pngBut it is important to note that the inspiration to do this was to defend and promote Israel. And a sizable percentage of those ads speak directly to Israeli interests.

I want to point out something here…

What if, hypothetically Pamela Geller was, let’s say, Russian? What if she was putting up ads everywhere asking people to think of the enemies of Mother Russia as your enemies? After all, the Islamic State is absolutely a Russian enemy. Would that be okay? If anyone thought that Russia, for example, were meddling in US politics even a fraction as much as Israel is actually meddling. What would happen? Well, we already know the answer to that question. The myth of Russia bullying and bribing and forcing it’s way into our Democratic process has half the hypnotized masses hitting the panic button.

Meanwhile, the reality of Israel spying on us, bankrolling our politicians, pulling strings and tilting scales – well this just must not be talked about. If you do, that can only mean you are “antisemitic”. Interesting strategy on the part of certain media elites, wouldn’t you say?

But, what difference does it make? If Pamela Geller wants to look out for her own people first, isn’t that sort of a natural human instinct?

Tribalism Definition - Eric Allen BellShould she really be criticized for such a thing? Isn’t tribalism practically in all of our DNA, whether Jewish or some other exclusive group? Can’t it be argued that a natural part of human evolution is that we are essentially tribal, whether we realize it or not? Isn’t tribalism essentially how we look out for each other, preserve our traditions, pass down ancient wisdom, defend ourselves, advance ourselves, remember our mistakes and have pride on our accomplishments?

The answer is yes. There is nothing wrong with that at all. Oh, unless you are a white male. Then, absolutely not. No, you must not have any racial, ethnic identity whatsoever. If you do, well of course that must mean you are “racist”. To be white and have any ounce of pride in that, literally means you have “white pride“. And we all know, because the television told us, that is bad. And for those of you went on to University, you got a booster shot of it there. White Gentiles can have shame. That is socially acceptable. Pride, not so much.

Whether on an individual level or on a tribal or ethnic level, if you are strong, if you possess greatness and you become aware of that greatness, the envy class will start to freak out. And they will push back, sometimes with a vengeance.

If you’re Jewish, being tribal is culturally enriching. But if a whole bunch of Gentiles start getting tribal, or even hint at it, the word “Hitler” starts coming up a lot.

White Gentiles getting together and forming a white identity. There would be panic on the streets, men in black hoodies breaking glass, colleges lit on fire, conspiracy theories about the Russians. Anything to stop White Gentiles from realizing and consolidating our power.

AntiFa Rioting - Eric Allen BellI mean, imagine if we elected a President who was focused on preserving the character of America, trying to make American great again. They would likely call that man a “racist” for sure, without even knowing what he means by those words. The tyranny of mob rule would probably not even wait until his Inauguration Speech was over, to say that was “antisemitic” – that is, if he said something like “America First”. Except, that already happened and here we are. We elected a President who said he would put America first. He even went on to say that he meant all Americans. And yet still, there is literally panic in the streets.

To the ears of some, the words “Make America great again” is chilling. To the ears of some, the words “I am proud of the accomplishments of my people” makes them furious. And if you say those words and you are white, you could literally incite a riot.

We talk about how if Muslims want to immigrate to America, that they need to not only assimilate, but also to be loyal to America first and foremost. Otherwise, why are you here? Whereas, I would rather not have any more Islamic refugees immigrate into our country at all, at the very least they should be loyal to America first. I think that is reasonable. And I would extend that to any group.

Either you want to be included or you want to exclude yourself. But you have to pick one. It is time we draw a line in the sand. Either you are with us, or you are against us. Which is it?

Pamela Geller ad on bus about Israel - Eric Allen BellAgain, substitute Israel with Russia and what do you get? No need to speculate on that one. The fake news about Russia pulling the puppet strings of our political establishment is getting 24 hour air play. Meanwhile, the real news about Israel exerting an incredible amount of influence, that must never be spoken of on big media.

They have even cleverly invented the lie that the media is against Israel. It almost makes you wonder if who is running the big media corporations with news divisions. Do they have a special dinner once a year where they recite the words “Next year we will be in the land of Israel” or something?

In closing…

Pamela Geller Israel Rally New York - Eric Allen BellWhen Pamela Geller was announced to speak at the Pro-Israel rally in New York, her opening line was “Stop Jihad against the Jewish State“. In that video, Geller attempted to appeal to Americans to believe that the missiles that are coming into Israel from Muslims could happen here. “If our soldiers were being kidnapped or killed, what would we do?” she asked, attempting to draw a parallel between the situation in Israel and a hypothetical situation in America. We are not surrounded by Islamic countries on all sides, on any sides. The comparison is not valid. In fact, the comparison is intentional sensationalism – propaganda to make you scared.

Geller is using her voice to convince Americans to make sure our interests are lock-step in sync with the interests of a foreign country – Israel. 

Geller is looking out for her own people, in a foreign country, demanding that Americans see that country as essentially our 51st state. There is a very clear and consistent subtext to what Geller has to say. If we as Americans do not fully yield to the agenda of Israel, then we are antisemitic.

“I urge you to stand with Israel today,” says Geller, “But if you don’t the devil will be on your doorstep tomorrow”.

There are two ways to interpret that quote. One is a warning. If Americans don’t back Israel, devout Muslims will be firing missiles into our cities (from where, Canada and Mexico?). The other way to interpret that quote is this: If America doesn’t absolutely stand with Israel, then that foreign country will turn up the heat on the fire, already lit beneath our political and media establishment. Kind of sounds like we don’t have a choice.

I don’t respond well to manipulation, threats or ultimatums. Do you?

But since Israel is not Russia and it’s Israel, clearly they must be treated with special privileges, or else! Supporters of that foreign country’s agenda can speak out in America and say “you are either for us, or you are against us!” But if we, as Americans say the same thing back to them in our country, the word “Hitler” starts being thrown around.

Pamela Geller bus ad - Eric Allen Bell

A simple look at Pamela Geller’s website will show over 105 pages of articles about Israel. Even her bus ads focus primarily on Israel. She warns about the threat to America, but her primary focus is on protecting her own people. Again, no conspiracy. She’s not hiding anything. It’s all out in the open.

I’m cool with that. I believe it is absolutely ESSENTIAL that America back Israel. That said, I agree with President Donald Trump that we, as Americans, must always put AMERICA FIRST.

I wrote for FrontPage Magazine, Jihad Watch and Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs. And then one day I offered an opinion and that whole house of cards came tumbling down. A prominent Jewish public figure, Ben Stein, wrote an article called, “Do the Jews Control Hollywood? You Bet They Do! And What of it?” I said, that in my decades of working in Hollywood, the industry was primarily Jewish and Pamela Geller blew her top.

pamela-geller-sioa-eric-allen-bellHow this came to pass is that there is a site called – an Islamic terrorist spin-control network – connected to HAMAS. They published an article about me saying I was antisemitic. It was in a way a brilliant strategy of divide and conquer. Pamela Geller, an outspoken Zionist and leading figure in the Counter Jihad movement, went through the roof. She deleted every single article I had ever written for her, off of her site. The URLs still remain, if you do a Google search. Robert Spencer also quickly distanced himself from me – and he deleted all mentions of me from Jihad Watch.

Interestingly enough though, Front Page Magazine, published by David Horowitz, did not delete any of my articles.

And whenever I run into David Horowitz at certain events, everything is fine between us. He seems to be more of a big picture person, rather than a fearful reactionary. Although we have some differing opinions, I have a great deal of respect for David Horowitz.

665667_4809215747804_1080925773_oA representative for Pamela Geller’s “Stop the Islamization of America” movement, Lawrence Estavan, began posting scathing and creepy YouTube videos about me, after this happened. He sort of cyber-stalked everywhere I went, following all of my comments with comments accusing me of being a “fraud”. And when I posted articles of different sites, he flooded the comment sections with links to his obsessive videos and mocking images of me, made in Photo Shop. Larry Estavan is also a writer for Pamela’s blog. Larry Estavan works for Pamela Geller.

I called Pamela and asked her to please ask Larry to stop. I tried to explain the damage he was doing, not only to me, but to the credibility of the Counter Jihad Movement in general. I had her number because she and I had spoken on the phone several times in the past, to strategize when I went back to Tennessee to fight the Islamic Center there. But when I called about Larry, Pamela Geller screamed at me, saying I need to delete her number and never call again, or else she would get a restraining order. I had been warned, sort of off the record, by others about the Geller temper and now I was experiencing it for myself.

Meanwhile, Larry Estavan created a fictions online magazine called “Counter Jihad Magazine“. Each issue dealt with only one subject – me. Eric Allen Bell is a fraud. Eric is New Age. Eric is a cult leader. Eric is antisemitic. A Facebook page was created called, “Eric Allen Bell is a Cult Leader“. I later found out that Larry Estavan is the comment moderator for Atlas Shrugs – Pamela Geller’s blog!

I really started to wonder why SIOA / Atlas Shrugs / Pamela Geller, had deployed one of her writers to attempt a reputation assassination, as consequence for making critical statements about Jewish influence in Hollywood. I don’t have nearly the influence she has, so why not just let it go?

lawrence-estavan-eric-allen-bell-harrassment-eric-allen-bellA prominent member of the board for “Stop the Islamization of America” wrote to Pamela and asked her to get her writer Larry Estavan, to stop the attacks. But she would not and the harassment continues. Some of Pamela Geller’s public allies privately told me they were shocked and disappointed in her, over this. But money and tribalism are powerful things. And within a certain faction of Counter Jihad, that is largely fueled by Zionist money, criticizing Islam is welcomed. But even making statements that criticize Jewish theology – just the theology, makes you antisemitic and you are done in that world.


UPDATE 5.4.2018:  Also, it is my personal belief that we should not have invaded Iraq after 9/11 and that powerful forces inside of Israel (Netanyahu?) had a lot to do with deceiving the American people into sending our boys to get their arms and legs blown off, to defend Israel. And it is for this reason that I’m not entirely sure I believe Netanyahu that he’s seized a bunch of CDs (Really? In the modern age?) that prove that now Iran has weapons of mass destruction. If you see this differently, does that make me “antisemitic”?

But let’s be clear…

Pamela Geller is important and I am grateful for what she has done with the Ground Zero Mosque and the bus posters and more. However, it is clear where her loyalty lies. Pamela Geller is looking out for a foreign state first and foremost – and if you have a problem with that, you’re “antisemitic”.