Over a Trillion Dollars a Year go to Welfare : Who Gets That Money?

85.8 Percent of Hispanic immigrant households get food handouts, demanding your money. See how much they are enriching our economy and improving our way of life? Or, are we obligated, because of White Guilt, to continue to commit cultural suicide?

When the facts make certain groups look bad, you’re not supposed to talk about the facts. The truth is politically incorrect. BUT I’M GOING TO TALK ABOUT IT ANYWAY – AND I HOPE YOU WILL TOO.

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance cites the most accurate research, which shows the following: 82 percent of black households with children and 76 percent Hispanic households with children use some form of welfare. Immigrants are supposed to have come legally and be in the US for five years before they go on welfare, but Hispanic immigrants get food handouts at four times the white rate. Mr. Taylor discusses these and other stark disparities in welfare use.

Data source: http://cis.org/sites/cis.org/files/camarota-welfare-final.pdf

Chart source: https://www.amren.com/features/2015/10/welfare-whos-on-it-whos-not/


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