David Horowitz – a Central Figure in the Fight Against Islamic Brutality and Leftist Lies

Anyone who is concerned about understanding and fighting the Islamic Agenda and its relationship with the Left, both presently and historically, should pay close attention to what David Horowitz has had to say over the years.

Islamic Censorship - Eric Allen BellSoon after I was banned from the Daily Kos as a writer, after expressing my recent revelation that my fight against “Islamophobia” had put me on the wrong side of that issue, I was approached by Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch. I had also been banned from writing for Michael Moore. Specifically I had written an article called “Loonwatch.com is a Terrorist Spin Control Network” and I demonstrated how they were a front for Hamas.

Loonwatch.com created a portal on their site to demand that Daily Kos silence me. They got plenty of signatures and, in keeping with Islamic and Leftist beliefs about silencing the opposition, they silenced me… well, at least on Leftist blogs. The Journalist Glenn Greenwald was instrumental in supporting this effort, calling my article (that was critical of Islam) “disgusting” and “offensive”. I found this ironic, since Glenn Greenwald is openly gay and would be executed in any Muslim controlled country.

Eric Allen Bell American InfidelMy awakening to the reality that Islam was a force for evil in the world had caused me lose many of my Liberal friends, most of my Hollywood connections and even some family members had stopped talking to me.

I found myself questioning every single belief I had ever had, not just about politics and culture, but about spirituality and all of my values and perceptions. This was a difficult time, but an important time, in terms of my awakening. It was what the philosopher J. Krishnamurti would call “an inward revolution”.

Robert Spencer introduced me to Dr. Jamie Glazov, who wrote a book called “United in Hate” about the unholy alliance between the Left and Political Islam. Dr. Glazov was also the Editor of “Front Page Magazine” published by the David Horowitz Freedom Center.  Glazov invited me to be on his radio show and his YouTube talk show called “The Glazov Gang”. As I learned more about Islam, I asked Jamie Glazov if I could use his show to debate a Muslim scholar. It was becoming clear that I was on an entirely new trajectory.

Radical Son David Horowitz - Eric Allen Bell.pngAfter these shows aired, I was contacted directly by David Horowitz. He had sent me a copy of his book, “Radical Son” wherein he described his own experience as being a highly placed and instrumental figure in the American Left, who had become deeply disillusioned, after the Black Panthers killed someone who was dear to him. This had begun the process of opening his own eyes. He used to be the Publisher of “Ramparts” which during the sixties was a very influential in building and mobilizing the radical American Left, especially on campuses. He had crossed over to becoming a leading Conservative and had given me a lot to think about.

I had some interesting and enlightening conversations with David Horowitz. We met for lunch and he shared with me personally, how he had learned about what the Left was really all about. He talked about growing up as a “Red Diaper Baby” a child of Atheist Jews who were Communist, just like Bernie Sanders (who clearly went in another direction).

Horowitz invited me to write an article for “Front Page Magazine” about how I woke up to the reality of the Islamic agenda and the price it cost me, professionally and personally. I told David, at that time, that I wasn’t sure if I was just suddenly a Republican and didn’t agree with all of the views in his magazine. He said “All the more reason why we would like to hear your point of view. Write whatever you want, we won’t edit anything you say, just tell your truth and I will publish it.”

Eric Allen Bell Fox and FriendsI ended up writing an article called, “The High Price of Telling the Truth about Islam” for Front Page in early 2012. That article went instantly viral and got me invited on a number of radio and television talk shows, including several appearances on “Fox and Friends”. My life has never been the same sense. Back then I spoke to David Horowitz several times and found him to be an important source of support and guidance for me, as I tried to make the transition from the Left and, as Robert Spencer put it, “to have the intellectual courage to go where the truth might take you”.

David Horowitz pushed me to learn more, to be aware of when I was thinking with emotion, a common Liberal trait, verses thinking using facts, logic and reason. I ended up writing several articles for Front Page and feel lucky to have had someone, with his background and intellectual caliber, help me get started in finding my voice, to stand up to Islamic lies and Islamic brutality. I will always be grateful to him for this.

David-Horowitz-Big-Agenda - Eric Allen BellI don’t always agree with every single opinion that David Horowitz has on every subject. But I have the greatest respect for the man as a sincere person, a deep thinker and someone who truly loves freedom and everything that America stands for. As the months passed, my life was being threatened by devout Muslims, for views I had expressed about Islam. Horowitz provided resources to keep me safe. He also called me daily to see how I was holding up.

Below is an interview that Dave Rubin conducted recently with David Horowitz. I would also encourage you, if you are not already familiar with David Horowitz, to watch other YouTube interviews and talks that feature him. And read his book, “Radical Son”.

In closing I would just say that I believe that David Horowitz is a very important person in American history. He understands the Left, who funds it, it’s history – and he understands the complex web of Muslim Brotherhood fronts, which have infiltrated every part of American life. The latter can be found on something his organization puts out called, “Discover the Networks“.

Much can be learned by tuning into what this man has to say. And now, here is David Horowitz in a recent interview with Dave Rubin:

Also, below is by now a sort of legendary exchange David Horowitz had with a devout Muslim student, at UCSD, where he exposes her support for Islamic terrorism. This one is a classic:

Finally, here is David Horowitz introducing “Discover the Networks” which anyone involved in the fight against the Left Wing / Islamic war on America should check out:




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