MILO – Now BLAMING Underage Male VICTIMS for Sexual Abuse!

If you were a survivor of sexual abuse and finally came to terms with it, 20 years later – then found the courage to come forward – all of you are  “whinging, selfish brats”. This, according to Pederasty Activist and full time Cuckservative, Milo Yiannopoulos.

“I mean, my god, it’s really not that big a deal.” said Milo.

Well actually, as someone who went through exactly that, I can tell you that it IS in fact a very big fucking deal.

When I wrote my first article, critical of Milo for glorifying and glamorizing adult males, in a position of authority, who sexually prey on newly pubescent boys, my inbox was flooded with pleas to “just let it go” explaining that “Milo was a victim”. Never mind the fact that he will not back down from advocating that this sort of thing is okay.

Now here is where the clever play on words comes in. Milo has been, so they say, outspoken against “pedophilia”. Very clever. That would refer to adults having sex with prepubescent children. However, promoting “pederasty” is something he will not back down from. This is when an adult male preys on a recently pubescent boy.

One thing Milo did get right however, something he said in more than one interview, is that this sort of thing is quite popular in the gay world. This is an inconvenient fact.

After sexually molesting me throughout much of my childhood, the closeted gay man who adopted me at birth came out of the closet, in 1988.

For the next 10 years I spent a considerable amount of time around his new friends. They say that whatever a person jokes about is probably something they are thinking about. The number of jokes I heard, or offhanded comments, about having sex with young underage boys, is more than I can count. And only some of those came from dear old dad.

After 6 years of therapy, I finally got up the courage to talk to him about sexually molesting me. My “dad” whom I will refer to as “Robert” from here on out, listened to what I had to say. He looked scared, but not concerned. Then after I mentioned several incidents, in detail, he said “Can I talk now?” I listened, practically shaking. It was like I was that same defenseless child all over again. I wanted to agree with anything he said and have it all be over with. And that is exactly what I did.

Gary Dowsett promotes Pedophilia - Eric Allen Bell“What happened” he said, “Was not molestation. I am not a pedophile. However, having been an alcoholic, because I was a gay man trying to live a heterosexual life, there may have been some inappropriate intimacy. I cannot change the past. I have learned to forgive myself for many of the things I did back then and I suggest that you do the same“. I agreed to everything. I was glad it was over with. I gave Robert a big hug and I was out of there.

When I saw my therapist, she was also a victim of repeated sexual abuse as a young girl, I told her all about the conversation. She started to tear up. I didn’t think therapists where supposed to do that. Also, I thought it was good news that I had confronted Robert and we could move on.

She said, “sexual molestation IS inappropriate intimacy, isn’t it?” I hadn’t put that together. She asked if I told him about specific situations that I could remember. “Yes” I told her.

“And did he dispute that any of that took place?” she asked.  No. He did not. All he did was downgrade it from pedophilia to “inappropriate intimacy”. Fuck.

pedophiles-their-enablers - Eric Allen BellI’m going to drop in the video of Milo saying what I referred to at the top of this article and then I will share a bit more of my personal experience and why I find what he is saying to cause my blood to boil.

Since I cannot find an original copy of this video anywhere, I have to wonder if Milo asked Gavin McInnes (or his producers) to remove this as a favor to him, after the firestorm over his other comments, making excuses for sexual predators – you know, where he did the fancy card trick, switching out pederasty with pedophilia.

Robert (the gay man who adopted me at birth) was a Church Organist and was also the Children’s Choir Director. This issue is very close to home for me and for the numerous people I have met, along the way, who have been through something like this.

Resurrection Lutheran Church Huntington Beach - Eric Allen BellIn the 1970s and 1980s Robert Allen Edborg was the Children’s Choir Director at Faith Lutheran Church and Resurrection Lutheran Church, in Huntington Beach, California. When he was let go, suddenly, from the second of those churches, in 1989, he told me it was because of “Homophobia”.

I should probably mention now, rather than later in this article, that I do not hate gay people, nor do I think that all gay men are pedophiles.

NAMBLA - Eric Allen BellIn 1998 I attended a party at Robert’s house. The man who he was to marry years later, had just completed a novel. One of Robert’s friends had brought some cookies that everyone kept mentioning were delicious. “Oh honey, it’s all in the dough, not me unfortunately. Some little boy came to the door selling cookie dough to save up for camp or something and I bought some, because he was so cute”.

I hope this was not the same Summer Camp where gay activist George Takei brags about getting a handjob from an adult counselor, while he had just entered puberty. If you find that hard to believe, that he would glamorize such a thing, you can watch the footage for yourself if you CLICK HERE.

Anyway, Robert made I guess a joke – but he kept repeating it. He said, “Oh I would have said – come on in little boy, I’ll show you how to make some dough rise”. He and a few of his older gay friends laughed at this. But the gay man who brought the cookies did not. He looked put off, “Robert, he was like 8 years old!” he said. But for some reason, Robert repeated it a couple more times and, each time there was enough laughter that I had to leave.

gay priest - Eric Allen BellWhen I got to my car, I felt like I was going to throw up. A few days later I had read yet another story in the news about the massive amount of clerical sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. It was incredible the number of people who were coming forward. One of the priests in question was someone I think Robert had introduced me to years earlier, who lived in Palm Springs. I decided to write Robert a letter.

In the letter I asked him if he had any “inappropriate intimacy” with any of the children in his choirs. I asked if he had any kiddie porn on his computer. I asked if he was still actively involved in any “inappropriate intimacy” with any young boys, or knew of anyone who was. And then I sent the letter off.

Weeks went by and I had still not heard from him, so I got up the courage and I called. “Hi, Dad.” I said. There was a deep sigh followed finally by “Yes?” I asked if he got my letter and he said he did. I asked if he had anything to say. “I have not yet decided if I care to respond to any of this, as I find it quite offensive” and then he hung up.

Days later I received a typewritten letter from him. It started off, “Eric this will be my only statement on this subject and then I do not care to discuss it with you ever again.” He went on to say that he was not a pedophile. He did not answer the question about any of the children in his church choirs.

Child Abuse - Eric Allen BellI had asked him about a kid I grew up with whom Robert had recently kept bringing up to me, saying “I always found him VERY interesting”. His eyes would suddenly open wide on the word “very” as if I was supposed to get it and agree.

He said he did not have any porn of any kind on his computer. Then he reminded me that he had loaned me the money to buy my first laptop, the one I used to launch my screenwriting career on. He stated that he thought this whole line of questioning was a way of not having to repay him for that.

Then he closed by saying he found my comments and my pushiness to be very bigoted and homophobic.

We never spoke again.

Today he is in his late seventies and lives in the Hollywood Hills. His now husband is very good friends with the actress Sharon Stone. She married them at her house in Beverly Hills. I have no reason to believe she knew who she was letting into her life.

32nd Kennedy Center HonorsMy very religious Grandmother, Robert’s mother, attended the wedding. She was always quite vocal about how she thought homosexuality was a sin. But having the opportunity to be invited to a movie star’s house, in Beverly Hills no less, well she attended. She brought with her my Aunt who is Robert’s sister. The reception was held at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Like Milo, Robert is liked by many people. He can at times have a very disarming charm about him. This, I am told, is not uncommon for predators. Prior to the wedding I had told my Aunt and my Grandmother what Robert had done to me. They said they believed me and suspected he would “be into something like that”. But years later, the power of celebrity I guess made them forget.

In 2012 Robert’s sister contacted me on Facebook to say that she thought what I was saying in the media, about Muslims, was offensive. I responded by saying something like, “But it’s not offensive that your brother is a sexual predator, as long as he introduces you to famous people?” Her and my Grandmother responded together, stating that they had never heard anything about that before. I reminded them. They said this was the first they were hearing of it.

Bondage - a Film by Eric Allen BellI reminded them that I had made a full length feature film about it, one that debuted at the South By South West Film Festival, call “Bondage” and that they had all watched it together – even congratulated me on this. They said they did not remember that either.

I heard from my Aunt one more time. She said she spoke to Robert and his husband (pictured above with Sharon Stone) about this. He said that I was on drugs and unstable. Then she blocked me on Facebook and on her phone. I left a message for my Grandmother, but she never spoke to me ever again. That entire side of the family all blocked me and I was clearly disowned.

So, having said all of that, I do not come to this topic naive about how badly people do not want to believe something so horrible about someone who they want to believe in. Add even the smallest dose of celebrity, to anything really, and things get especially weird.

Milo Yiannopoulos is unrepentant. He’s clever with words, stating he opposes pedophilia while clearly promoting pederasty. I suppose this is like substituting the words “child molestation” with “inappropriate intimacy”.  Being clever with words does not reduce the damage done to the victims. Instead, this kind of clever technique is designed to protect the predator. And Milo still won’t give up the full name of “Father Michael” whom he defends – and is most likely still molesting boys.

Andy Dick - Eric Allen BellIt pains me to write all of this. And there is more I could say, about working with Andy Dick, but his lawyers and agents threatened to destroy me if I did not retract what I had written years ago. But maybe I will do that anyway, in a future article. One never knows.

Milo continues to have a huge fan base on Facebook. CPAC had the good sense to get as far away from his as possible, as did his publisher Simon and Schuster. But those of us on the so-called Alt Right, who had publicly condemned Milo Yiannopoulos, after he was exposed, have been given the cold shoulder by so many who still think that Milo will rise again, that his critics are the ones in the wrong. And how familiar, how painfully familiar, that is to me.

I hope at the very least that my story has given you something to think about. If you want to talk about any of this, please feel free to private message me. Contrary to what Milo has said, having been violated as a young man, in such a way as this, actually does leave long lasting scars. And for many people, it does more than that.

I disagree with Milo that we all just need to get over it. And I hope you disagree with that as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.





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