Saving Western Civilization from Enemies Inside and Outside

Clearly trying to pin every social and political problem on one group is too easy. There are several competing factors, several agendas at play.

But by now, at least half of the population senses a sort of invisible hand, tilting the scales. Some may call it the Shadow Government, or the Deep State, or the Globalists, the Military Industrial Complex, or simply The Left.

Call it what you will, but those of us who can see the forest through the trees, have a moral responsibility to protect and preserve Western Civilization, from those who wish to destroy us from within.

George Soros - Eric Allen Bell

Yes, I want to take back Western Civilization. Take back my country. But it all starts by taking back my autonomy, my free will, my honor and my self respect. How could it be any other way? This – and a relationship with the Divine – is the base of power.

To Make America Great Again, I must first make myself great again – to recover what has been taken from me, by the world. Perhaps you find the same is true for you.

A civilization is only as strong as the people who make up the population. When we find the base of power within ourselves, when we tap into that power, nothing can stop us. Not the bankers, not the politicians or the media manipulators, not the deceptive mis-educators or the phony religious brain washers. Certainly not Islam. Not any radical belief or agenda. Not the pressure of our peers, the ones who are still held captive by a sick culture – a culture unwilling or unready to heal itself. Nothing can stop us.

Find that power that is you. It looks out through your eyes. It is bigger than your thoughts, bigger than your feelings, but it contains all of it and so much more. You are, we are, connected to something bigger. Know that you are great. This is not a positive affirmation. Your greatness becomes self-evident, when the mind and the heart are clear.

Your greatness is your gift, to yourself, to the people you love, to your country, to your heritage. Harness that. Harness that, stand and be counted.

Let the filthy and moronic masses, those who seek to take us down, to hijack what is ours, to infiltrate, to demand, to confuse, to take, let them try. They can do none of this without our permission, without our consent. While they try to manufacture consent, we simply walk away, because they have nothing to offer us. They do not have the strength. You see it when you walk away, that they do not have the strength to go where we are going.

We are free men and free women and our freedom is not for sale. We are individuals, first and foremost. But we are bound together, by a love for Western Civilization, a love for each other, a love for our shared ancestry. In the entire history of mankind, Western Civilization always excels and we always exceed. Nothing could stop our ancestors. They simply removed the obstacles that were standing in their way. And so shall we – whether in America or any part of the Western World.

We may elect leaders, from time to time, who represent our highest ideals. But they will not Make America Great Again. They will not make us great. You will and I will and we will. We already are and it is catching on. We look to Europe other parts of the world and we see the best and the brightest, rising up, taking our world back.

Yes, the enemy on the outside and the enemy among us goes by many different names. But they are held back by their own mediocrity, unless we give them power. Take your power back and watch the whole house of cards fall down upon them, as we get back to the work of building ourselves and our civilizations on solid ground.

Nothing has ever really stood in our way and nothing really ever will.

American Exceptionalism WWII - Eric Allen Bell




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