Here is Why the UN will do Nothing about Islamic Terrorism EVER

If you have the ability to add 1 + 2 then you have the ability to quickly understand why the United Nations will NEVER do anything meaningful to stop Islamic terrorism.

1 – Islamic Terrorism was first committed by the founder of Islam as a means of spreading Islam.

Penalty for Leaving Islam is Death - Eric Allen BellLook at a map of the world. Every single country that is now Islamic got to be the way through violence. Islam didn’t just catch on. Islam was spread by the sword. And according to Islamic Law, also known as the Sharia, the penalty for leaving Islam is death.

Entire nations became Muslim through violent force. And if an individual decides to leave Islam, according to the Sharia he must be killed. So it’s not a surprise that, in Muslim nations, not a whole lot of people are leaving. This is why in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, etc. well over 95 percent of the population are Muslim. Those who are not Muslim are typically foreign workers.

The Prophet Muhammad commanded all Muslims to “strike terror into the hearts of the unbelievers”.

Well, isn’t that what ISIS is doing? Isn’t that what Osama Bin Laden commanded the members of Al Queda to do? Isn’t this what HAMAS, Hezbollah and other Islamic terrorist organizations are doing?

The Quran commands the followers of Islam to obey Muhammad AND to imitate Muhammad. The command to imitate him appears dozens of times in Quran. And in Islam, the Quran is the perfect book that contains Allah’s will for mankind and tells a Muslim how to behave and think in every area of life.

Therefore, since several times all throughout Islamic scripture it is very clear that Islamic terrorism is how Islam was spread, how it is to be spread in the future and what Muhammad did to set an example, then it is quite clear that Islamic terrorism is at the core of Islamic teaching.


2 – The United Nations is heavily infiltrated and populated by Islamic states and powerful people with strong loyalties to Islam.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, or the OIC, is a cartel of over 50 Islamic States who all vote together, on matters concerning the advancement of Islam.

Remember, the Prophet Muhammad commanded all Muslims to “strike terror into the hearts of the unbelievers”. So, why would the OIC stop any Islamic terrorist group from carrying out the commands of their “prophet”?

OIC Diagram - Eric Allen Bell

ABOVE: This diagram shows the relationships between various multinational organizations within the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (note that Syria is currently suspended from all organizations included in this diagram, as the result of Assad fighting against Islamic terrorists).

UN Islam - Eric Allen Bell

1 + 2 = It’s that simple. So when humanitarian organizations show up and plead with the UN to do something about Islamic brutality and savagery, nothing meaningful is going to happen.

Consider this: the Quran refers to the Jews as apes and pigs. The Prophet Muhammad killed an entire tribe of Jews, who were living in Jewish settlements, in Medina in the 7th Century. All throughout Islamic scripture are commands that say things like :

“The day will come when every tree and every rock will cry out – Oh Muslim, there is a Jew hiding behind me. Kill him!”

So when North Korea is committing the worst human rights offenses imaginable, or Iran is hanging gay people in public, or Saudi Arabia is beheading people in the streets, who does the UN decide to declare the worst offender of human rights? Israel, land of the Jews.

Trump UN - Eric Allen Bell

In the face of Islamic brutality, the United Nations will say “Stop! Or, we’ll say stop again!”

The UN is not a vehicle for world peace. The UN is a hideout and a vehicle for Islamists to inflict their Islamic brutality upon the world. After all, the mandate of Islam is to force the entire world to submit to Islam.

Quran and ISIS - Eric Allen Bell

Another Islamic Attack - Eric Allen Bell