Savage Islamists Stone Zoo Animal to Death : Tunisia

tunisia-eric-allen-bellIn Tunisia the population is 99 percent Sunni Muslim. The world over, including Dearborn Michigan, here in the United States, Muslims are known for stoning people whom they do not approve of. But stoning an animal at the zoo?  Apparently this is not the first time.

Why is this news? Why should this matter to you? Military aged Muslim men are pouring into Europe and the United States, claiming refugee status. Some come from this part of the world. It is important, not only that we understand the brutality of the Islamic ideology, but that we understand where they came from, and what kinds of behaviors we are importing into our societies.

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There goes the neighborhood

Those who came before us built our great Western Civilizations and left them for us, to protect and grow, not to be over-populated with Third World savages, who will destroy our way of life.


Consider who some of the Islamists are who want to to demand you let them into your country. And when they arrive, they demand that your government, take your money and give it to them for free. Consider where they come from and what they believe:

world-map-by-iq-eric-allen-bellABOVE: World Map by IQ

NOTE: The average IQ of Americans of European heritage is 100. The average IQ in Islamic Tunisia is 83. For 1,600 years there has been a tradition of first cousin marriage, in Islam. Two of the leading birth defects, as the result of this type of inbreeding are: Higher levels of aggression and lower levels of IQ. Are these the people whom we want to invite into our country?


african-muslims-throwing-stones-eric-allen-bellA crocodile at a zoo in Tunisia has been brutally stoned to death by a group of visitors, according to media reports.

Citing authorities in Tunis, Agence France Presse reports that the crocodile at Belvedere Zoo in Tunis was attacked by the group of visitors, who threw stones at the animal’s head.

Gruesome pictures of the attack’s aftermath were posted to Facebook by the municipality of Tunis, which denounced the attack as “savage behavior.” Pictures show the bloodied animal next to what appear to be a paving slab and a large rock.

muslims-at-the-zoo-eric-allen-bellAmor Ennaifer, a vet at the Belvedere Zoo, told AFP that the reptile died after it was struck on the head by two large rocks Tuesday. “It’s terrible, you cannot imagine what animals endure from some visitors,” he said.

Stones have also been thrown at the zoo’s lions and hippos, according to Ennaifer. Images of widespread littering at the zoo sparked outrage when they appeared on social media last year.

“There are more than 150 species in the zoo. We can’t put a guard in front of each cage,” he said. “People need to be aware of the need to respect animals.” The behaviour of zoo visitors often causes controversy. The management blamed zoo visitors for the “catastrophic situation”.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.