The Secret to Understanding the Oscars

In the first few minutes of the movie “The Matrix” our protagonist is presented with a character-defining proposition…

A hand reaches out before him, holding one blue pill and one red pill. An authoritative voice says to him, “You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

To some of you, what you read here will be obvious. To most it will be unacceptable.

If you stop now and do not read this article, if you have a knee-jerk reaction assuming you know what it’s going to be about, if you have formed an opinion already and decide to unsubscribe to this blog, or if you simply don’t want to read something complicated, then the story ends. You go back to your life. You wake up in your bed tomorrow and believe whatever you want to believe.

If you continue reading to the end, you take the red pill. You begin a journey of finding out how deep the rabbit hole goes…

I first started working in Hollywood, in the Entertainment Industry, in 1990. I was 22 years old.

My job was to staple head shots to resumes, based on a list a talent agent put together and to send out that package to a casting director. This is not an uncommon way to start at a talent agency. And a talent agency is not an uncommon place to start, in the Entertainment industry. I got the job because of someone I knew. Steve Block called up Howard Goldberg and said, “I want you to give this kid a job”. And that was that, I was in.

It took some time to get used to being yelled at constantly. It was nothing personal, just something of a hazing ritual for those who were breaking into the industry. The industry was breaking you in, seeing if you would break. And the culture of the business is that many people, with even the slightest amount of power, tend to yell and scream and have tantrums often. As an assistant, you get used to it, or you break. I held on. I held on to my job and each day I struggled to hold on to my dignity. But I held on.

These were the days before voicemail, the days of typewriters, staplers and copy machines. I didn’t go by the name Eric Allen Bell yet. I used my legal name, which is Eric Edborg. My adoptive father was Swedish. I don’t know who my biological father is. I was put up for adoption at birth. People in the office kept mispronouncing my last name. They said “Edberg” which was not uncommon either.

One morning everyone came into the office in a slightly more friendly mood than usual. They were all talking about something they shared in common, but I didn’t know what it was. Finally one of the agents asked me, “So Edberg, how was your Seder?” To which I answered, “What’s a Seder?”. It seemed like time stopped, like everyone stopped talking, like I had stepped in dog shit. I didn’t know what was happening. The happy conversation moved to another part of the office. I looked at Lorraine, an older woman who had been an assistant to one of the partners since the old days. “What’s a Seder?” I asked her. She looked at me with a sense of pity. “It’s your Passover dinner. You’re not Jewish, are you?”

As it turns out I was the only person in the office who was not Jewish. In the months that followed, kids whose parents were in the industry, came in as assistants. They, like everyone else in the office, were Jewish. And all of them were promoted to a desk while I continued to staple headshots to resumes. When everyone went to lunch together, making friends and important connections, I was asked to stay behind and answer the phones, take messages. When everyone got back, I could take my lunch break by myself, as the others got back to work.

passover-dinner-eric-allen-bellOn Tuesdays the entire staff went into the conference room for the weekly meeting. This is where you really learn stuff. The agents deliberate over which actors to sign, which ones to let go, which movie and television projects were being cast. I sat outside of that room, answering the phones. And the Jewish kids who had only been there a few weeks got to sit in on that meeting.

win-ben-steins-money-eric-allen-bellNot every talent agency in Hollywood is like this. And where I’m taking this is not in the direction of saying “you should hate all Jews”. Later I ended up working at the cable network called “E! Entertainment”. Interestingly enough, Ben Stein, of the TV show “Win Ben Stein’s Money”, wrote an article for E! Online. It was titled, “Do the Jews Run Hollywood? You Bet They Do… and What of it?

is-hollywood-run-by-jews-eric-allen-bellBecause Ben Stein is Jewish, this article is never accused of being antisemitic. He makes the case that Jews essentially created the Entertainment industry and that is why it is so populated with Jews. Ben Stein also states that Jews are smart enough to figure out how to navigate through that industry and succeed. At the end of the article he says that this is all changing anyway, that the new trend is that alumni of Ivy League schools are taking over.

But then Ben Stein adds that, “Many of the Harvard and Yale alums are, to be sure, Jews”. In other words, Hollywood is mostly Jewish and the emerging trend is that it will remain mostly Jewish. He went on to say “If Jews were about 2.5 percent of the population and were about 60 percent of Hollywood, they might well be said to be extremely predominant in that sector.” Ya think?

Ben Stein’s article has since been taken down from the E! Online website, for some reason. And Joel Stein, a Jewish writer for the Los Angeles Times, actually gloats over the idea that Jews run Hollywood, in his article “Who Runs Hollywood? C’mon“.

joel-stein-jews-totally-run-hollywood-eric-allen-bellI finally got promoted to a desk at the talent agency. This meant I answered phones for a talent agent, typed letters, got to coordinate between all of the casting directors and our clients, many of them famous actors. I got good at it and I liked learning. I was told to train the new girl on how to run the receptionist desk, as the phone system in those days was complicated. She was Jewish, a graduate of Brown University and was staying with her aunt and uncle in Beverly Hills. Her uncle was a lawyer for many of the biggest names in the music industry. When Passover / Seder dinner came around again, I was invited to come with her to her uncle’s house as a guest.

bh-house-at-night-eric-allen-bellThis was the first time I had ever been inside of a Beverly Hills mansion. A real butler answered the door. My girlfriend’s relatives were very nice to me. The butler brought me a glass of wine on a silver platter. In the huge dining room there was not one, but two very long dinner tables, laid out with food, candles and some reading material with Hebrew writing on it. I was given a Yarmulke to put on my head and enjoyed trying Gefilte Fish for the first time and seeing how the Passover ritual was performed. I noticed that throughout the meal, as her uncle was reading from something, in Hebrew and in English. Very often he said, “next year we will be in the land of Israel”.

After dinner, the children stole the entire plate of unleavened bread (matzoh) and I noticed the rest of the family watching this, smiling and excited. The patriarch at the head of the table, her uncle, pretended to be surprised, outraged, offended and then finally defeated. Everyone laughed. Then he pleaded with the children and offered to pay the kids, to please give the stolen matzoh back. A negotiation started.

My then girlfriend whispered to me that this is a common ritual. The kids steal and the oldest male haggles with them to get it back for the lowest price, while the thieving children negotiate to get the highest price. It was lively and dramatic, with waving of hands, talking over each other, it got real aggressive. Finally her uncle handed over several twenties to the kids, who then gave the unleavened bread back to him. I didn’t get it, but everyone else seemed to be having a good time watching the stealing and the negotiations.

Although my Jewish girlfriend’s relatives were very nice to me at their Passover dinner, they did not know that we lived together. So, none of them knew that I was hearing their messages on our answering machine, telling her to find a new Jewish boy to date instead “that goy”.

Anyway, I’m going somewhere with this. And it’s not an indictment of all Jews, or most Jews. It’s a look at a certain fraternity, one that doesn’t like to let others in and one that has a tremendous amount of influence over our culture, our media-driven culture.

I wrote this article on the day of the Academy Awards 2017. Let’s look at the list of movies that are up for “Best Picture” and who produced them.

La La Land – The Tribe

Arrival – The Tribe

Lion – The Tribe

Hell or High Water – The Tribe

Hidden Figures – The Tribe

Well, maybe that’s just a coincidence. So I took a look instead at the studios who produced these motion pictures and see who runs them. For every movie up for Best Picture this year, the studio is run by a member of “The Tribe” as they are called on Wall Street.

The same goes for last year, by the way. And the year before that. And ten years ago, etc.

Remember, the Tribe members basically invented Hollywood. Although, that was a really long time ago. So why is it so hard to break in, if you are not a member of what Wall Street calls “The Tribe”?


At any given moment, most or all of the major motion picture studios are run by members of The Tribe. The same holds true for the major television networks. But in recent years the situation has become even more complex. There has been a trend in media consolidation over the past few decades and it has really picked up some momentum. Below is a snapshot of where things were as recently as 2012:


In the chart above, there exists only a handful of media companies, controlling 90 percent of what we see, in television and motion pictures. And nearly every company in that small handful of companies is controlled by The Tribe.

It is important to know, in a media-driven culture, who is controlling popular culture.

In show business, one sure recipe for massive success is the combination of two ingredients: a gimmick and the lowest common denominator. Those who are presently running show business know this very well. They get rich and our culture suffers horribly.

Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just delivering the information. Please feel free to do your own research and try to prove me wrong. You won’t be able to. I haven’t offered an opinion (yet) on any of this. I am just laying out the facts and relaying some of my personal experiences.


Up until recently, everything I wrote articles about had to do with the Islamic threat and the Islamic agenda. I appeared on Fox News and said that the “prophet” Muhammad was a pedophile.

I said that Islam was the worst idea in the history of ideas and I said it to an audience of approximately 2.5 million households. No one should doubt my commitment to speaking out against Islam.

fuck-hollywood-eric-allen-bellBut that also means I will speak out against other injustices and I will NOT be silenced.

If a small group of people want to get super-rich off of destroying American culture, do not expect me to be quiet, out of fear of what names they will call me. Hollywood is hostile toward American values.

Now that the word is out that I’m a Trump supporter, no one in Hollywood will hire me anyway. I blame myself for not writing this article years ago, for fear that sharing my experiences and observations, about The Tribe, will destroy my livelihood. But, as stated in the television show BILLIONS, “The only thing more dangerous than a man with endless financial resources is a man with nothing left to lose”. 

I wrote for FrontPage Magazine, Jihad Watch and Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs. And then one day I offered my opinion about The Tribe and Hollywood and that whole house of cards came tumbling down.

pamela-geller-sioa-eric-allen-bellA site called is an Islamic terrorist spin-control network – connected to HAMAS. They published an article about me saying I was antisemitic. It was in a way a brilliant strategy of divide and conquer, since so much of the money that fuels the Counter Jihad movement comes from Jewish and Israeli sources. Pamela Geller, an outspoken Zionist and leading figure in the Counter Jihad movement, went through the roof. She deleted every single article I had ever written for her, off of her site. The URLs still remain, if you do a Google search. Robert Spencer, who receives much of his funding from the David Horowitz Freedom Center, also quickly distanced himself from me – and he deleted all mentions of me from Jihad Watch.

Interestingly enough though, Front Page Magazine, published by David Horowitz, did not delete any of my articles.


And when I ran into David Horowitz recently, everything was fine between us. He seems to be more of a big picture person, rather than a fearful reactionary. Although we have some differing opinions, I have a great deal of respect for David Horowitz.

THIS IS PROBABLY A GOOD TIME TO PLUG MY DISCLAIMER AGAIN. This is not an indictment of all Jews, or most Jews. It’s a look at a certain fraternity, one that doesn’t like to let others in and one that has a tremendous amount of influence over our culture, our media-driven culture.

665667_4809215747804_1080925773_oA representative for Pamela Geller’s “Stop the Islamization of America” movement, Lawrence Estavan, began posting scathing and creepy YouTube videos about me, after this happened. He sort of cyber-stalked everywhere I went, following all of my comments with comments accusing me of being a “fraud”. And when I posted articles of different sites, he flooded the comment sections with links to his obsessive videos and mocking images of me, made in Photo Shop. Larry Estavan is also a writer for Pamela’s blog. Larry Estavan works for Pamela Geller.

I called Pamela and asked her to please ask Larry to stop. I tried to explain the damage he was doing, not only to me, but to the credibility of the Counter Jihad Movement in general. I had her number because she and I had spoken on the phone several times in the past, to strategize when I went back to Tennessee to fight the Islamic Center there. But when I called about Larry, Pamela Geller screamed at me, saying I need to delete her number and never call again, or else she would get a restraining order.

Meanwhile, Larry Estavan created a fictions online magazine called “Counter Jihad Magazine“. Each issue dealt with only one subject – me. Eric Allen Bell is a fraud. Eric is New Age. Eric is a cult leader. Eric is antisemitic. A Facebook page was created called, “Eric Allen Bell is a Cult Leader“. I later found out that Larry Estavan is the comment moderator for Atlas Shrugs – Pamela Geller’s blog!

I really started to wonder if SIOA / Atlas Shrugs / Pamela Geller, had deployed one of her writers to attempt a reputation assassination, as consequence for making critical statements about Jewish influence in banking, foreign policy and media.

lawrence-estavan-eric-allen-bell-harrassment-eric-allen-bellA prominent member of the board for “Stop the Islamization of America” wrote to Pamela and asked her to get her writer Larry Estavan, to stop the attacks. But she would not and the harassment continues. Some of Pamela Geller’s public allies privately told me they were shocked and disappointed in her, over this. But money and tribalism are powerful things. And within the faction of Counter Jihad, that is largely fueled by Zionist money, criticizing Islam is welcomed. But even making statements that criticize Jewish theology – just the theology, makes you antisemitic and you are done in that world. There is this and there is a social and professional price to pay, for anyone, especially a public or semi-public person, who makes critical statements about The Tribe and it’s grip on Hollywood.

Take for instance the man who made a statement on the radio about John Stewart (Real name John Stewart Leibowitz). Rick Sanchez of CNN said that Jews run the media. And he made some criticisms about John Stewart sort of being a part of the club, so to speak. And he was swiftly fired.

Rick Sanchez said, “I’m telling you that everyone who runs CNN are a lot like Stewart. And a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart. And to imply that they, the people in this country who are Jewish, are somehow an oppressed minority?  Yeah.”

I wonder if Sanchez knew in that moment, of letting loose what he had probably been holding back, throughout his entire media career, was going to be instant career suicide.


Anyone who has worked in big media, for a significant period of time, would read everything I’ve said so far and know exactly what I’m talking about. But most will never  publicly say they agree, because they don’t want to loose their reputation, their career and their livelihood. And this is the cost of speaking critically about the cartel that runs big media.

I support Israel for because I have no problem with a group of people deciding to create their own state, for their own people, who share their values. I just don’t like what many of the more prominent Zionists are doing, using this as a smoke screen to over reach and to exploit others.

Using your victim status, to victimize people, to get rich polluting American culture, this is just disgusting. And throwing the word “Antisemitic” around any time someone points this out, one has to wonder if certain members of The Tribe simply have no empathy for other human beings – unless those humans are “God’s chosen people”.

After all, the Talmud  makes it clear that us Gentiles are second class and exist for the benefit of the “Chosen”:

(Sanhedrin 58b), (Baba Mezia 24a), (Sanhedrin 57a), What a Jew steals from a ‘goy’ he may keep.” (Sanhedrin 57a), (Baba Kamma 113a), “All children of the ‘goyim’ (Gentiles) are animals.” (Yebamoth 98a), (Abodah Zarah 36b), “The ‘goyim’ are not humans. They are beasts.” (Baba Mezia 114b), (Tosapoth, Jebamoth 94b), (Soferim 15), (Sanhedrin 74b). LOOK IT UP FOR YOURSELF.

gentiles-exist-to-serve-jews-eric-allen-bellAnd, to be honest, it is clear to me that Western media coverage, of the Middle East, is very tightly controlled by certain more radical members of The Tribe. They believe that God gave them a plot of land and with it the right to expand their base, on that plot of land.

Supremacy of The Tribe is an idea I cannot support and I do not support. And it’s also the reason why my articles, about the Islamic threat, are no longer found on the majority of the major Counter Jihad websites. Follow the money.

Hillary ClintonEvery serious presidential candidate in America has to go before AIPAC, the largest Jewish lobby in America, and audition for them. With the exception of Donald Trump, no one gets elected President without first promising to do be a puppet for Israel and not stray from that agenda. Trump represents a break in the pattern, since he did not immediately agree to be lockstep with Israel on all of its political goals and interests. And, not surprisingly, President Trump is routinely criticized for being antisemitic. Even his Inauguration speech was characterized, by the Globalist Media, as being “Anti-Jewish” because he said he was going to put America first.


What is happening in Hollywood is a feeding frenzy, feeding on power and not really thinking about consequences or the future. And certain members of The Tribe are taking advantage of tribalism to participate in this!

you-are-not-the-father-eric-allen-bellMoney, power and tribalism are the intoxicating flavors – and American culture is sadly the main course.  In time these more radical Tribe members will be called out by name and this feeding frenzy will end.


Many years ago I was hired as a screenwriter for a major studio. I was adapting a novel written by a best-selling author. And the producer was an Academy Award winner. Once when I was talking to the producer on the phone, he mentioned he was flying into LA. I offered to pick him up from the airport and take him to his hotel, so that we would have a chance to go over his notes about the project.

limousine-beverly-hills-hotel-eric-allen-bellWe drove past the Beverly Hills hotel and this producer told me about the night he won the Oscar, how he was standing up in a limousine, with his head and arms outside of the sunroof. He was holding his Oscar in one hand and a bottle of champagne in the other hand – howling with joy. He told me it was the greatest night of his life. We talked about the Oscars, since they were coming up again soon. And I was surprised at some of the things he revealed.

First he said it was very political who wins. He said its critical that the studio pour a lot of money into ads, in the Hollywood Reporter and Variety magazines, saying to the readers / Academy members “For your consideration”. But then he said something else. He said, “and then of course it really matters if you’re Jewish or not”. I couldn’t believe he said that and I told him so. “Yeah, I know it’s bullshit but the whole industry runs on bullshit. What do we care, we’re Jews”. He laughed. This was after I changed my name to Eric Allen Bell. He clearly thought I was Jewish. So I nervously laughed with him.

academy-awards-eric-allen-bellAbout a week later, I was meeting with the author of the book I was to adapt into a screenplay. He mentioned a documentary to me, which dealt with the plight of the Jews and asked if I had seen it. I told him I had not. “Well” he said, “as a Jew I think you will really appreciate it”. He was someone who was fast becoming a friend, not just a business contact. I didn’t feel comfortable misleading him. He could read the discomfort on my face and quickly said, “You’re not a Jew, are you?” No, I told him. Then he remaked, “Well, you’re certainly smart enough to be one”. I guess that was a compliment.

Over the years the followed, it was painfully clear to me, as a film producer, that one can never get a movie financed, produced and distributed, without the Jewish cartel getting their cut, their percentage of your profits. It’s a sort of mafia. Without a Jewish agent or manager or lawyer – in other words “a made man” you cannot do business in Hollywood.

THIS IS PROBABLY A GOOD TIME TO PLUG MY DISCLAIMER AGAIN. This is not an indictment of all Jews, or most Jews. It’s a look at a certain fraternity, one that doesn’t like to let others in and one that has a tremendous amount of influence over our culture, our media-driven culture.

If I keep going on here, I’m going to end up writing a book. Rather, I want to pull the focus back now to the Academy Awards. That was the jumping off point for what I have to say here. The system is rigged. And when it comes to how the mainstream media reports on political matters, Donald Trump is absolutely correct. The system is rigged.

keep-calm-cause-hitler-sucksThis doesn’t mean that all the Jews are “in on it”. Most don’t even know about this. And I certainly do not and would not advocate for hating Jews. I don’t hate any group of people. I judge each person on their merits. Again, most have nothing to do with this deceptive and greedy power grab. Most don’t know about it. And then there are those that do…

Sumner Redstone - Eric Allen BellA final word about media. We are a media-driven society. And one tribe, with an allegiance to a foreign country, a promised land for only that tribe, the chosen people, this tribe has almost complete control.


If you think that does not expand to the internet, look up who owns Google. Google practically owns the internet. And then of course there is Facebook. Who owns Facebook? A sickening pattern starts to emerge, once that red pill starts to kick in. Remember, once you see what is happening, you are expected to keep it to yourself, or else!


THIS IS PROBABLY A GOOD TIME TO PLUG MY DISCLAIMER AGAIN. This is not an indictment of all Jews, or most Jews. It’s a look at a certain fraternity, one that doesn’t like to let others in and one that has a tremendous amount of influence over our culture, our media-driven culture.


So what does this all mean? Many Jewish friends of mine have said that the reason banking and media are dominated by Jews is because Jews are smarter.

(Never mind the damage the bankers and media are doing to Western Civilization of course).

And they have said that antisemitism is only the result of jealousy, envy and ignorance.

Other people have other ideas about this. Some believe there is a theological component to all of this – they point to passages in the Talmud. And here is where we reach the end of the article.

What do I want you to believe? What I hope is that you would decide for yourself what this all means for you. I don’t want you to arrive at conclusions. I want you to have more questions. I also welcome your feedback.

So here is the billion dollar question: Is it okay to point out when cronyism or tribalism is dominating an industry – especially if that industry is polluting the society? Of course it is. Why wouldn’t you? But, what if that tribe happens to be Jewish?  Well then… maybe not so much.


Eric Allen Bell