Goodbye Milo

WHEN A CHILD IS SEXUALLY EXPLOITED BY AN ADULT WHO HAS POWER OVER THEM, that is abuse – sexual abuse. It is not a romantic coming of age story. It is sexual molestation.

Milo was sexually molested and is in denial about it. But what is so much worse, what is FUCKING UNFORGIVABLE MILO is that you are protecting your sexual abusers who are almost definitely still out there, sexually abusing children – children whom you could save, if you weren’t so busy trying to save face right now.

FUCK YOU MILO. Fuck you for compromising a vital political and social movement, to make America great again. Fuck you for discrediting the rest of us who stick our necks out every day, who make financial sacrifices in order to speak truth to power, who even risk our lives.

Saving Western Civilization is more important than saving Milo.

We cannot afford to be brought down and compromised even more, by rationalizing in favor of someone who tries to justify pedastry. GOODBYE MILO.

I’m going to get back to work now…






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