Milo Yiannopoulos and the Sadness of Disbelief

The recent scandal surrounding Milo and his statements that seem to trivialize, downplay and even justify sex between adult gay men and 14-year-old boys has been a source of anger for many people. For me it is also one of sadness, disappointment.

The power of Milo was the ability to hold up a mirror to the Regressive Left and show its hypocrisy. It’s that simple. He was a performer and a very effective one at that. I was in full support of his work and his highly effective college campus campaign, called the “Dangerous Faggot Tour”. Milo showed the Regressive Left to be against everything it says it is for:  free speech, diversity, tolerance, critical thinking, individualism, creativity, gay rights, women’s rights, human rights, humor.

ben-shapiro-zionist-eric-allen-bellCertain Right wingers who also tour universities, such Ben Shapiro for instance, did not see much value in what Milo was doing. To Ben Shapiro, Milo was a moron and an attention seeker. He literally said this. At the same time, some of the traditional Religious Right would never accept Milo because he is gay. Furthermore, Milo works for Breitbart and Breitbart stands up to the Globalists. And a significant portion of the old school Republicans are lap dogs of the Globalists, as are the media divisions of their corporate backers. So the idea that Milo represents the entire Right Wing would be preposterous.

dangerous-faggot-tour-eric-allen-bellBut there was something very important Milo could do. He could reach a younger audience, on college campuses, online and beyond. He showed many of them how to find the courage and conviction to stand up to politically correct bullies and combat lies with provable facts and figures. He could fill a room with young people together and show them that they are not alone, not alone in thinking that there is something counterintuitive in what they are being taught, by pop culture, by academia, the mainstream media and their peers. Milo was truly a rock star, at least in this capacity.

Unfortunately, Milo thought that he was a rock star in general, rather than a useful pawn, sent to do a job, for a moment in time. And like all pawns, he was and is quite replaceable. Sadly, if the moment were to ever come where he needed to be fed to the wolves, then so be it. And it appears that moment has come.

ct-bill-maher-milo-yiannopoulos-real-time-20170218The dark shadow, before the devastating storm, came very recently. Milo was invited to appear on Real Time with Bill Maher and he blew it. He could have bonded with Maher a bit more over their shared rejection by the Berkeley University snowflakes. Milo could have taken the opportunity to find commonality over their shared and unapologetic criticism of Islam. Milo could have made such a splash, reciting his usual facts and figures, with his signature wit, he might have walked away having won over much of the Bill Maher base. But he went in another direction instead.

Milo treated his appearance as though the entire show was an award ceremony, there to celebrate his rising celebrity. This was hard to watch.  Observing Milo basking in his own glory, one had to wonder if he was indeed a man of conviction or rather just broken boy, looking for evidence that he was deserving of love. I watched that footage a couple of times and I felt a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. There is a big difference in the courage of Donald Trump, to take on the entire world in order to make it better – versus watching a rising star’s ego take flight and fly too close to the sun.

As fate would have it, a few days later a calculated hit was executed on that very celebrity and the illusion of Milo the provocateur came crashing down from its pedestal, breaking into pieces that were nothing more than keywords, trending, for a moment in time.

dangerous-milo-yiannopoulos-eric-allen-bellFootage surfaced, clearly footage that had been strategically held back for some time, that caused CPAC to cancel its invitation for Milo to speak at their convention. Simon and Schuster cancelled the release of Milo’s highly anticipated book, simply called “Dangerous”. That book was already number one on Amazon and it was still in the presale stage. The legend of Milo Yiannopoulos was being turned on its head faster than anyone could say, “I can explain”.

So what was this footage all about? I’ll sum it up briefly, as by now you’ve already heard or seen, but I will also post it below. In an interview with Joe Rogan, in mid-2016, Milo said he saw no problem with a Catholic priest having sex with a 14-year-old boy. That boy, in this case, was a much younger Milo, many years before he would march into college lecture halls, wearing a police uniform with no sleeves, to the roaring applause of worshiping young admirers. Milo, as it turns out, is a victim of sexual abuse. And Milo claims it was not abuse, but rather that he enjoyed it.

let-us-prey-eric-allen-bellHe went so far as to even say that he was the aggressor and not the Catholic priest, whom he described as being “hot” and “fantastic”. According to Milo, “Father Michael was a great priest”. Throughout the interview, Milo makes excuses for this Father Michael, claiming such a thing is not really molestation.

Milo expresses no concern for other young boys, who may have also been sexually exploited, in a similar way. In fact, Milo does express real concern for a possible backlash, that could come to Father Michael, were he to be more specific about who this predator was or is. Milo refuses to give Joe Rogan the full name of this Father Michael, choosing instead to protect the pedophile – who obviously may still be sexually exploiting young boys. Apparently, one does not have to live in Sweden and make excuses for Muslim rape gangs, to suffer from Stockholm Syndrome.

A few minutes into the cringe territory of this interview, Milo argues that it is normal to want to have sex with someone in their early teens, which Joe Rogan strongly rejects, calling him a “Creeper”. I’m trying to remember if it was William S. Burroughs or Allen Ginsberg who said, something like, “Anyone who claims they’ve never fantasized about having sex with a 12-year-old boy is a fucking liar”.

ginsberg-filth-eric-allen-bellIn a 1994 essay Ginsberg controversially declared he was an active member of NAMBLA, or North American Man/Boy Love Association – a group that advocates for the abolishment of age of consent laws. In the early 1980s an all gay band called “Bronski Beat” released a dance album called “Age of Consent”. The inner sleeve to the record listed the age of consent for several countries, worldwide, when it came to gay sex. And Milo, while defending his own experience, said that sexual relationships, between older gay men and young boys were an important part of gay life.

nambla-eric-allen-bellAdditionally, Milo claims to have been to house parties and boat parties, with some powerful gay men in the Hollywood establishment. Milo says that he witnessed, as he put it, “Some of the boys there were very young, very young.” He goes on to say, “There was a lot of drugs” and that these young boys were “having unsafe sex with older men and these boys were VERY young”. Did Milo report any of this to the authorities? Clearly he is protecting these powerful gay Hollywood men. There is no way to downplay this. Milo is done.

Thank God Milo didn’t do a better job on Bill Maher. Thank God Milo will not be speaking at CPAC, alongside President Trump, Mike Pence, Steve Bannon and others. And thank God his book has not (yet) been released, making him even more of a poster boy for the so-called “Alt Right” or as some would call it, the “Alt Light” since most of us are not racists or Jew haters.

In our commitment to be a part of this historical movement, to make America great again, we are reminded of the danger of allowing any one person to become too identified with the movement and the hazards of hero worship. Even Donald Trump presents a public personae that some of us would prefer to distance ourselves from – from time to time.

But here is the silver lining in all of this. Milo Yiannopoulos is not going to make America great again. And neither is Donald Trump. You are and I am and we are. There will be causalities along the way. We’ve only just begun. But we will not fail.


As long as Milo is unwilling to publicly name names, of those whom he saw in Hollywood giving drugs to “very very young boys” and having unsafe sex with them, and produce the full name of this “Father Michael” who is likely still molesting boys, all Milo did today was go out there and sell more Milo. #Fail








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