Jews for Refugees?


Imagine, if you will, belonging to a tribe which you consider to be a race. Imagine you don’t want your children to marry outside of that race, as this is a tradition among your people that goes back thousands of years. You are taught to keep your race pure. Now imagine telling other people not to be “racist”.

Imagine being fiercely loyal to a foreign country. Imagine being part of a race that thinks that God gave you that country, but only for you and your people. God did not intend this for just anyone to come in, seeking refuge. God has reserved that privilege only for you and your people. Your people have automatic preferential treatment in that country. If you are a member of that race, you get to be a citizen.

Now imagine telling everyone in America that they need to let anyone and everyone into the United States. If not, then America is being “racist”.

jews-for-refugees-rally-2017-eric-allen-bellThe contradictions are dizzying. But this is a real thing. This is an actual phenomenon. And it was on full display, at the “Jews for Refugees” rally in New York, D.C. and across the country.

Now here is the part where it gets even crazier. Imagine that these so-called refugees have already invaded Europe and are causing a massive crime wave, causing a huge spike in sexual assault. Polls have shown that an alarming percentage of them not only support terrorism, but specifically support terrorism against your own people and the country God gave you – the very country which you were brought up to be loyal to, even though you live in America.

jewish-contradictions-eric-allen-bellShall we go deeper down the rabbit hole? Imagine the so-called “refugees” support an ideology that refers to your people as apes and pigs. Imagine that their scriptures actually say that “the day will come when every rock and every tree will cry out, Oh Muslim there is a Jew hiding behind me. Kill him!” You would not let a wave of these people into the country that God gave you, but you do expect America to let them in.

Now this country you were taught to be loyal to, from the time you were born, is called Israel. Israel, you were taught, is the promised land.  But your god promised Israel only to you and your people and no one else.

And Israel has real borders, Israel has built a giant wall. And Israel allows refugees if they are the Chosen People, people like you. But you expect America not to build a wall. You expect America to allow in people that your Promised Land would not allow in.

trump-america-first-eric-allen-bellA final word on all of this. I personally have no problem with you having your own state, for your own people. I may disagree with your theology, but I support your right to believe in it. I do not wish any harm against you or your people – although someone will still wrongly think that’s what I am saying here. Something will be quoted out of context – count on it. Wanting to defend your heritage is your right. Wanting to protect your homeland is your right. Wanting to preserve what your people have built is your right. But is it any different if I want the same things for me and my people?

jta-eleven-jewish-groups-eric-allen-bellAmerica, the country where the “Jews For Refugees” rally was held, has a need and a right to have borders, to build a wall and to be selective about who we let in. If you will allow this for Israel but not for America, then you are no friend to America at all. So why should America be a friend to you?

For thousands of years you have put your loyalty to your people first, above your loyalty to whatever land you have found refuge in. For thousands of years you have been taught not to fully assimilate but rather to remain loyal to your Promised Land. Can you see where some people might have a problem with that?

So I would ask you help defend this country, rather than rally the masses to undermine our national security. If you are truly an American, then put America First.

I would ask you to please be a friend to America, the way that America has been a friend to you. And if you cannot do that, then perhaps you would be more comfortable behind the giant wall, enjoying the favoritism and exclusivity afforded to you in your Promised Land.

If you cannot be a friend to America, then please stay out of our way.

Real Americans place their loyalty to America first.

Real Americans work to make America great again.