A Message to David Duke from Eric Allen Bell

Dr. David Duke. My name is Eric Allen Bell and I am a frequent blogger, on the subject of Islamic brutality. I had previously been a Liberal blogger for the Daily Kos and MichaelMoore.com as well as a filmmaker. While producing a documentary on the subject of so-called “Islamophobia” I had an awakening about the dangers of mainstream Islam.

UPDATE: I SPOKE TO DAVID DUKE on the phone today (3.10.2017) for about 2 hours. He wanted to respond to every question I had presented to him, in my article “A Message to David Duke from Eric Allen Bell”. I will be writing a follow up to that article, based on his responses soon.

This caused me to rethink all of my views on not only politics and religion, but life in general. I discovered a longstanding unholy alliance between the Left and Political Islam. As I have looked even deeper, I find that unholy alliance exists between Islam and much of the American Republican Party – and with Globalists in general.

This is an open letter, wherein I have some very clear and direct questions for you, David Duke.

david-duke-with-muslims-eric-allen-bellRecently I viewed your video entitled, “A Warning to the Muslim World by David Duke“. It contained footage of you, standing side by side with Muslims declaring “It is only the Zionists who want war, rather than peace. It is not just the West Bank of Palestine. It is not just the Golan Heights that are occupied by the Zionists.” You go on to say that the Zionists occupy much of American culture and then add that “Your fight for freedom is the same as our fight for Freedom!” followed by roaring applause from supporters of HAMAS and other Islamists. And you were speaking to Palestinian Muslims where 77 percent support attacks on civilians in the name of Islam, according to Pew Research.

Are Muslim suicide bombers a part of your audience base?

You tend to present yourself as someone with an interest in history. So, it escapes me how you are not more concerned about the 1,400 year bloody history of Islam. How can you be so silent about it’s brutal history of attacking, enslaving, murdering, raping, occupying and terrorizing the very people whom you claim to care so much about – white Christians.

To be clear, I am an American Gentile and not a follower of any religion. The dog I have in this fight is the future of Western Civilization. You have made a lifelong career, out of david-duke-supporting-iran-eric-allen-bellsaying you are concerned about Western Civilization. And yet at one time you flew to the Islamic Republic of Iran, the largest state sponsor of Islamic terrorism, and stood beside its leader in solidarity.

For the purposes of my open letter to you, it doesn’t matter really what this solidarity was about. This was a man whose regime routinely rounded up crowds of Muslims, to shake their fists in the air and chant, “Death to America”.

Are loyal to America are you?

Dr. Duke, the Jewish question is irrelevant to what I am calling you out on. Arguably the most defining issue of our time is the likelihood that a devout Muslim (part of your audience base) will get their hands on a nuclear device and attempt to detonate it in a major Western population center.

As it should be painfully clear to you, Islam is incompatible with American values in every way. After all, the word Liberty means you own you. And the word Islam does not mean peace. Islam means submission. Liberty and submission simply cannot coexist.

Dr. David Duke, Do Liberty and Human Rights matter to you?


As someone who holds a doctorate, I wonder if you are aware of how many people have been killed or injured, right here in America, as the result of Islamic terrorism (nearly 5,000 since 1972). I wonder muslim-favorable-views-of-terrorist-organizations-eric-allen-bellif you know how many Islamic terrorist attacks there have been, worldwide, just since 9-11 alone (30,271 at the time of this posting).

Historically, after the Islamic world has attacked or invaded a land, they build victory mosques. Are you aware that construction of new mosques in America, since 9-11, has nearly doubled?

I wonder if you could even estimate the percentage of mosques, in America, who are receiving some of their funding from countries or organizations that are hostile to our nation (nearly 80 percent).

I wonder if you know what percentage of American Muslims prefer the brutal Islamic law (Sharia) over our legal system. I wonder if you know what percentage of Muslims, worldwide, prefer Sharia Law over human rights.

Nearly half of US Muslims, if given the choice, when polled claim they would prefer Sharia Law over US law, here in America.

worldwide-muslim-support-for-sharia-eric-allen-bellI wonder if you realize that nearly a quarter of the Muslims polled believed that, “It is legitimate to use violence to punish those who give offense to Islam by, for example, portraying the prophet Mohammed.”

In the United Nations, the OIC or Organization of Islamic Cooperation, a group of over 50 Islamic states, are seeking to establish a worldwide law that would ban criticism of Islam. They have even managed to use their influence to introduce H.Res.569 into Congress, to enforce this on our people. Do you really find solidarity with these people?

How important is sovereignty of America to you? And, do you value free speech outside of America?

I wonder if you even know what percentage of Muslims, worldwide, find killing innocent people in the name of Islam to be acceptable. One in 5 US Muslims polled shamelessly admit to supporting so-called Islamic Extremism.

Do you know what percentage of Muslims support suicide bombings? Are you aware that about 1 in 4 young Arab Muslim men, living in the US support suicide bombings? This information is widely available, after all. I wonder

Is your commitment to the Jewish issue stronger than your allegiance to America when it comes to Islam?

To be clear, I am not offering an opinion here on your criticism of Zionist influence on media and banking. Rather, I am just trying to understand why your crusade has caused you to align yourself with Political Islam – an enemy of the United States.

half-of-us-muslims-are-loyal-to-islam-first-eric-allen-bellDr. David Duke, Islam is the enemy of America. No rational or reasonable informed person would dispute this obvious fact. And yet you find solidarity with some of Islam’s most brutal and violent leaders and organizations.

Islam is the enemy of free speech, women’s rights, critical thinking, freedom, liberty and human rights. And the millions of people who care about this issue will be interested to know if you will bother to explain yourself.

Muslims are people who believe that Muhammad was a prophet and the most holy, most ideal man, ever – someone whom the Quran commands that they imitate and never question. Not only was he a mass murderer, the equivalent of maybe 100,000 Osama Bin Ladens, but he married his wife Aisha when she was only six years old. And, according to Islamic scripture, Muhammad consummated his marriage with Aisha when she was only 9 years old.

Are the followers of a pedophile the kinds of people whom you seek to align yourself with?

Here is a YouTube comment on the video above, from a devout Muslim: “Who ever made this I’ll fuck your mother sister n fathers mothers sisters sons daughter”

As someone who professes to be a patriot and a defender of Western Civilization, why are you providing friendship and support to our Islamic enemies?

Deciding not to answer is an answer. Your silence on this issue will speak volumes to the many people who are concerned about Islamic brutality.

I hope you will find the clarity and the humility to answer for yourself, on this critical issue.

Thank you for taking the time to read this open letter to you and I will look forward to your response.

Eric Allen Bell


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