Courage and Clarity: The Down Payment on Greatness

IN WAR EVERY DAY MATTERS and we are at war. We are taking America back. It doesn’t matter how those who rule over media try to characterize us. We will take over media and remove the lies, the vulgarity and the assault on our culture.

It doesn’t matter how hard the greedy Banksters try to manipulate markets and keep everyone out, but their own. We will stay the course and we will at last take control of our own currency. The scam they have been running is about to end.

It doesn’t matter if certain nations try to dictate our foreign policy – coming to us with their hand out while working against our interests. We are going to put America first. We will not send our soldiers to die in the desert, because a country which thinks it’s our 51st state expects us to do so, based on a lie. This president did not audition for that political lobby. He is his own man.

Let them call us whatever names they choose, but we will have borders and we will rid this nation of squatters and trespassers and those who undermine the character of America. Western Civilization was created by Western civilized people. And we will protect what we have inherited. We will not stand by passively and let PC culture let our people’s society get destroyed. It’s not important what spin the tribalistic media uses, to hide its agenda inside of multiculturalism, the citizen media sees you and will call you out by name.

And perhaps most important of all – the defining issue of our time – the violent ideology called Islam. It seeks to destroy us by any means necessary. We will declare war on Islam and we will win.

If you cannot get behind these ideas, it is because you are a coward. This war has plenty of critics and not enough soldiers. Courage and clarity come with a price. You will be hated by some of those who used to accept you. You will pay a price for standing up for what is right, what is moral and what is in our nation’s self-interest. And in doing so you will teach your children to be great. We will work together to fix the mess we inherited by Collectivists, Globalists, Islamists and certain members of the Me Generation.

We will work together and we will make America great again.