Trump Puts Sanctuary Cities on Notice: A Nation With Borders is a Nation That Can Survive

Illegal immigration is overwhelmingly upward, meaning that migrants come from a dysfunctional country into a more productive country.

The very character of the upward country is changed – and rarely for the better. The nation’s sense of unity is fragmented. The civilized culture fades into one that is less kind, more brutal, abrasive, less educated, less prosperous, often with socially corrupt moral values – causing a spike in sexual assault, theft. There is a greater struggle for resources and basic dignity.

Something that took generations to build is systematically destroyed.

The language is lost, the borders are lost and a People are lost. It is unpopular to say this, at this time, but it was primarily Europeans who imagined this great country, who designed it, who commissioned the building of it all. Yes, there were horrible atrocities that should never be forgotten, but these were many generations ago.

American culture was intended to be primarily a European culture. And when that culture is strong among us, we are strong. And as that culture grows weak, American culture grows weak and we begin to resemble the dysfunctional Third World, in so many ways.

There are those too who came from nations such as Korea or India or anywhere on the map, who have embraced the American way of life, have assimilated and have made important contributions. Many of them fought for America in the great World War. But they did so as Americans. They raise their children to be Americans. And we embrace them as Americans. But when it comes to immigration, too often these are the exceptions and not the rule. When it comes to illegal immigration, the situation is far worse.

If what was just said strikes you as “racist” you are battling with shadows inside of your own imagination. Facts do not lie and the truth is rarely politically correct. I will not apologize for the Truth and neither should you. If you were taught to do so, as I once was, you were deceived. Wake up. But as the saying goes, “You can wake a man who is sleeping, but you cannot wake a man who is pretending to be asleep”.

If you pretend to go back to sleep, you do so at your peril and you are not deserving of the freedom, liberty and prosperity that was passed down to us from our European forefathers.

sanctuary-cities-map-eric-allen-bellIn America there are hundreds of regions that have grown weak, indoctrinated into the lie of “White Guilt” which has been distributed in part by Academia and fanatically, systematically by media.

Collectivism and a disdain for America has always been a Cancer on the Hollywood establishment. And they spread this Cancer into the Silicon Valley. Together they spread this sickness through the airwaves, through radio and cinema, through the cables and down from the satellites – into a the minds of defenseless children, whose parents learned from the “Me Generation” that the screen is a substitute for family and responsible parenting.

Many of these regions are called “Sanctuary Cities”. These weakened jurisdictions have policies which defy the Federal Government, which defy the will of the majority of the American people – and instead shield those who have come into this country illegally.

muslimpollchooseshariaok-eric-allen-bellRecently our newly elected President, Donald J. Trump vowed to “crack down” on Sanctuary Cities, during a visit to the Department of Homeland Security, setting up a showdown between his administration and the nearly 300 communities whose “leaders” put the trespassers first and Americans second.

“These jurisdictions have caused immeasurable harm to the American people and to the very fabric of our Republic,” President Donald Trump’s executive order has stated.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said he wouldn’t “deviate” from the city’s current approach of handing over American taxpayer money to illegal immigrants, providing amenities to make their stay here an enjoyable one, one to write home about and extend an invitation to the rest of the village.

Rep. Nydia Velazquez, D-N.Y., representing parts of Brooklyn and Manhattan, said she was proud that “city officials have made clear they will not be accomplices in enforcing policies that create fear in immigrant communities.” In other words, Ms. Velazquez is proud that she has been elected to refuse enforcement of our laws, for the benefit of her people.

sanctuary-cities-eric-allen-bellSanctuary Cities offer political support and protections to economic invaders who are in the U.S. illegally. According to Fox News: “Trump has vowed since the campaign to confront them over their defiance of federal immigration law, but those cities gave little indication they’d reconsider the policies after Wednesday’s signing of the executive order.”

“Shame on him,” Lawrence, Mass., Mayor Daniel Rivera said in a statement.Who do you represent, Mr. Rivera? Where is your allegiance? It is to the laws of this land and to the American people, or is it perhaps to a stronger bond within you? Have you placed your heritage over the laws you were sworn to protect and uphold?

Trump’s White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said earlier the executive order would direct the DHS Secretary to look at funding streams and determine “how they can be cut off” for sanctuary districts.

donald-trump-nihad-awad-cair-eric-allen-bellThe Council on American Islamic Relations, a front group for the Islamic terrorist organization HAMAS, is organizing a demonstration against Donald Trump, when he visits Philadelphia on January the 26th.

Recently there has been a spike in “Civilization Jihad” in Europe – a stealth form of Islamic terrorism upon an entire people. And much of this comes in the form of so-called “Syrian Refugees” so, it should be painfully clear why CAIR-HAMAS does not want US Immigration laws upheld against illegal Islamists, seeking entrance into the United States. They want to use Islamic immigration to “destroy the West using their own evil hands” according to a Muslim Brotherhood memorandum.

A spokeswoman for Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney says the city has no plans to change its immigration policy. The spokeswoman added that Philadelphia has a “responsibility” to keep “undocumented human beings” safe. Safe from what? Accountability? The rule of law and order?

sanctuarycityexempt-eric-allen-bellWe are all to be treated equally under the law. But make no mistake about it, all men are not created equal. America must welcome only the best and brightest.

We must not succumb to peer pressure or guilt, to roll out the red carpet for those who trespass, with their hat in their hand. If they came here illegally then, by definition, they have no regard for our laws.

My fellow Americans, we are under attack. Don’t look to  the right or to the left of you, to confirm this for yourself. Rather, look within. Listen to your inner voice, trust your gut feeling, your basic instinct. This is where we find our power and it is the power to survive, to thrive, to continue to imagine a great nation, to build and to be the architects of the most powerful, the most prosperous nation this world has ever seen.

It has been said, of the collapse of the Roman Empire, that it went from being a People to being a population. We must not let this happen to our people.

This great land is ours. And the Envy Class are not our problem – but they can become our brothers and sisters, when they join the Productive Class and join us LEGALLY. Americans, we have nothing to be ashamed of.  And when we put America first, we will make America great again.

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