Anti-Trump Leftist Fights Words with Violence

At an Anti-Trump demonstration, during the Inauguration, Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute was giving an interview. He had just finished stating that he was not a Neo-Nazi nor a member of the KKK, while “Social Justice Warriors” were yelling insults at him. Then one of them sucker punched him, as you will see in the video.

Richard Spencer has some opinions that are controversial. Many people do not agree with his views. And many of his views are intentionally misrepresented in the media.

For instance, the Mainstream Media fairly consistently claims that Richard Spencer is a “White Supremacist”. Not true. If you watch his interviews and read his materials, he has zero interest in asserting authority over anyone because they are not white. He has also not said there is a superior race. In fact, he freely acknowledges that Asians have higher IQs than white people.

Richard Spencer believes that White People, like every other group, should feel proud of their heritage, of their accomplishments and, they should look out for each other and preserve what their ancestors created for them.

If he was a member of any other race, expressing these ideas, no one would have a problem with it. But because he is a white male, well then obviously he must be a “racist”. Below is a video of the assault by a cowardly Leftist:

Whether or not you agree with the views of Richard Spencer, sucker punching him is hardly a civilized way to challenge his ideas. Nothing positive is accomplished. It really just shows how desperate the Left is becoming, by engaging in violence. And probably we should expect to see more of this, since simply yelling “racist” is no longer an effective way to win an argument against a Nationalist, or someone who opposes the Islamic Agenda, or refuses to indulge in White Guilt.

If you support Donald Trump and want to put America first, to stop giving away everything our ancestors worked for, to those who simply show up with their hand out, then there is a long road ahead of you. You will be challenged again and again. There will be social consequences and possible economic consequences. Family members might stop talking to you. You might be UN-friended, on Facebook, by people whom you thought were your friends. And someone might even give up on using words and attack you with violence.

But consider if you will what our Grandparents and Great Grandparents were willing to sacrifice, during World War II, to protect our way of life and allow us to triumph and prosper. And you will see, as I am sure you already do, that what is being asked of us at this time is not much by comparison.

If you love Liberty and you love your people, the people who built this country, then you will not back down. You will find power in your courage and your clarity and your conviction and you will stand for what is right.

Everyone one of us, who has the courage to go where the truth takes us and to stand by that truth, we will indeed make America great again.