The Radical Truth About Moderate Islam

Recently I was interviewed for the Richard Dawkins Foundation in Germany. The interview was translated to German of course, so I thought it would be a good idea to also publish this in English. There are many factions and subcultures within our fight against Islamic supremacy, or what is commonly called Counter Jihad. Richard Dawkins is an Atheist and became well known for his pioneering work on the subject of evolution, from which he received a lot of blowback from Creationists. My intention in posting this interview here is not to incite a debate about whether or not there is a god, as I don’t even touch on that in this interview. Rather, Richard Dawkins has been a courageous voice of reason in standing up to Islamic supremacists. So when his foundation in Germany asked me to share my thoughts on the recent Islamic expansion into Europe and on Islam in general, I was happy to oblige.

Here is the full interview, given in May of 2016…

Richard Dawkins Foundation Eric Allen BellWhat is your opinion about the migration of large numbers of Muslims to Western Europe, especially Germany?

I believe that the Islamic threat is the defining issue of our time. Western Civilization was created by Western civilized people. Savages threaten to take from us what our ancestors built. They seek to destroy our way of life. In fact, it is the mandate of Islam to force the entire world to submit to Islamic law, also known as the Sharia. Contrary to what some of our leaders would have us believe, the word Islam does not mean peace. Islam literally means submission.

A sudden influx, of millions of followers of Islam into Europe, is done with a purpose and that purpose is to get an advanced civilization to submit. But Western Civilization seeks to evolve. It’s contributions to science, the arts, technology, academia and the advancement of human rights and freedom are unmatched by any other culture. This statement may be offensive to some, but it is clearly a fact.

Islam, on the other hand, presents the worst threat to human rights and human dignity in the world today. The chances that a devout Muslim will get ahold of a “dirty bomb” a nuclear device in a suitcase, or something like this and detonate it in a major Western city are probably about 50/50.  These are the desperate times we are living in.

What Merkel was thinking in deciding to allow such an alarming influx of young, male Muslim “refugees” into Germany, without properly vetting them, I do not know. One can only speculate. When Donald Trump referred to this phenomenon as possibly the worst Trojan Horse in history, I believe he was absolutely correct in his assessment. And I support him when he calls for a temporary ban on all Muslim immigration into the United States.

I hope that the answers I provide, to the questions that follow, will demonstrate how I went from being a far Left leaning filmmaker and blogger, someone who wrote for Michael Moore and the Daily Kos, trying to fight “Islamophobia” to someone who believes that the future and Islam cannot coexist.

Describe your political socialization…

I grew up in Southern California during the 1970s and 1980s while the sentiment of the sixties counter culture was still strong and woven into the fabric of our everyday lives. I believed that anything which represented the establishment was misguided and possibly evil. I believed that the world was entering a new age, where we would learn to share and accept each others differences and learn to get along. Many years later I was sort of mugged by reality.

Duck-Rabbit_illusionI experienced something of a revolution, within myself. Certain events caused me to question absolutely everything. It was like a Gestalt Shift, you know when they hand you a picture of a rabbit and you are sure it’s a rabbit. But then you realize it’s a picture of a duck and you can never go back to seeing it as a rabbit. It was like that, sort of. But with the rabbit/duck picture, arguably it is both a rabbit and a duck. In my case I went from seeing the world the way I wanted it to be, to seeing the world as it is.

Today I have more questions than I have answers. When I was writing for Michael Moore, Daily Kos and involved in other Progressive efforts, I thought I had all the answers. But as it turns out an intelligent mind is an inquiring mind. And when someone is convinced they have everything figured out, there is little room for intelligence to grow or to even remain alive.

Having received well over 100 death threats from devout Muslims in the past few years, I no longer find it possible to believe that all people are basically good, or that we are all equal, or that tolerance is the answer.


Instead, I look to nature as my guiding principle in deciding what would be the best political system. Therefore, I tend to favor as little compulsory cooperation as possible and I tend to trust the process of natural selection when it comes to economic competition. That said, I have compassion and I favor cooperation, but I prefer that it not be forced upon me.

The United States was founded on Liberty, even though our leaders have seemed to have forgotten that. Liberty means that you own you. And Islam means submission. And it was finding out the truth about Islam which opened up my eyes to the truth of so many other things – the lies I had told myself, the lies our leaders tell us, the lies which fuel the media, the lies that are causing the civilized world to disintegrate as we continue to keep lowering the bar, for fear of offending someone.

With the benefit of retrospect, I realize that I was engaged in the worst kind of racism and that is the racism of lowered expectations. I found myself involved in a self-righteous crusade to rationalize the violent actions of many Arabs and place the blame on the foreign policies of America and other Western nations. It is clear now that “White Guilt” had much to do with this. White Guilt is something that the government schools and the media in America indoctrinate us into quite effectively. But when you carry something like that around for so long it is hard to see what is right there in front of you.

How did you initially view Islam?

I first became interested in Islam through the poetry of Sufi Mystic, Rumi. From there I studied Sufism. However, this was a sort of California blend of Sufism, one which took a very Universalist view of other religions and there was no discussion of the “prophet” Muhammad. This is where I first found the fractured lens through which I would later look at Islam. I thought, because I was taught, that “Allah” actually meant everything since God (Allah) was said to be infinite. Therefore, the phrase “Allahu Akbar!” really meant that everything is great. I even visited several mosques as I wanted to have the experience of “Salat” the 5 times a day Islamic prayer ritual.

My Sufi instructors has said that mainstream Islam had lost the mystical thread that was originally intended in Islam and had turned it into something literal. The reason they provided for this was that those who sought political power, in certain regions of the world, had perverted Islam as a means of controlling people. Of course, I had not yet read the Quran, the Hadith or the biography of Muhammad at that time.

Then 9/11 happened and this soured my taste for anything else even remotely Islamic. I read the Quran all the way through once, just before parting ways with my Sufi teachers. I came to one Sufi Imam with several pages bookmarked and asked him about the violent phrases. His explanation was that these verses were actually quite beautiful in the original Arabic, but that white colonialists had produced nearly all of the translations and lost the essence of these verses, dumbing them down and making them sound savage – to keep the Arabs down. This didn’t sound right to me at all. But I had lost interest in Islam altogether and did not research it any further for another 10 years, when I set out to make a documentary about “Islamophobia” in the Bible Belt of America.

In retrospect it is clear to me that the Sufi organization was a front to spread Islam by means of deception. The Islamic word for this is Taqiyya and as something of a hippy on a spiritual quest, I had walked right into it.

However, having had this experience, often when I talk to college kids who think that Islam is peace – and that anyone who thinks otherwise is a square who just doesn’t get it – I am often uniquely qualified to at least hold their attention, long enough to share with them a different point of view.


What was your view on the so-called “Islamophobe” people at first?

no more mosquesI never had a problem with people who rejected Islam or did not want a mosque in their town. What I objected to was trying to use the courts to stop the building of a mosque and I did not like it when people were hated for being Muslim. And that has not really changed.

I was in a small town in Tennessee, right in the heart of the Bible Belt. How I got there is too long a story to tell here. But I have never seen so many churches before in my life. The courthouse in that town has a Bible, encased in glass, at the front steps. And the City Council starts off every meeting with a prayer to Jesus.

It was in these City Council meetings that people first came forward to object to the building of a mega mosque in their town.  I first learned of this by listening to a story on the radio. And the sound bites were something to the effect of, “There is only one god and his son is Jesus Christ and I don’t want no mosque in my town”. The radio show featured one Bible thumping fanatic after the next, railing against Islam, but not providing any reason for objecting to it, other than it was not Christian.

The backlash against the building of a 53,000 square foot mega mosque in this small town was almost exclusively coming from End Times Evangelicals. And from what I could tell, at that time anyway, their primary motivation was to maintain the home court advantage.

So, this was my introduction to the so-called “Islamophobes”. To me, these really were people with an irrational fear of Islam. So I had no problem with that definition or that label.  And I decided to make a documentary about this clash of civilizations, this clash of ideas and cultures, going on right there in this college town.

In fact, I considered that the fight over this plot of land and who “god” intended it for, could be seen as something of a microcosm of larger world events. I had hoped my documentary would shed light on why civilizations clash in general. However, I had a preconceived notion that if we all just learned to accept each other’s differences we could make the world into a better place. The road I was traveling was truly paved with good intentions.

There was another piece to this puzzle. On one side of this dispute where a lot of young college students who were organizing to support the Islamic Center, in favor of religious freedom. These were not Muslims. I would soon discover that they were part of a Socialist organization called “Solidarity” and had been radicalized on campus. There was one professor in particular, who was seizing this opportunity to sign up kids to support the mosque, while also introducing them to the work of Karl Marx.

Quite some time later, after everything blew up in my face, I met the American Conservative writer, David Horowitz. He was the first one to introduce me to the notion that there was an unholy alliance, between the far Left and Islam. He was very instrumental in helping me to see this on a global scale.

David Horowitz asked if I would write an article for Front Page Magazine, of which he was the publisher. He wanted me to tell the story of how I set out to make a documentary which targeted so-called “Islamophobia” only to wake up to the very real dangers of Islam and to explain what this realization cost me, in terms of my financing, my reputation and so many of my friends and colleagues.

So I wrote an article in 2012 called, “The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam” and things really changed fast. The so-called “Islamophobes” were suddenly my peers. I was invited onto several Conservative radio talk shows, I was written about in many magazines and newspapers and even asked to appear on televised political talk shows. I wrote several more articles for Front Page Magazine and many Counter Jihad blogs and have been passionately engaged in the Counter Jihad movement ever since.

Islamophobic Racists

After the San Bernardino Islamic shooting in California, my Facebook page alone reached 9.2 million people and my articles and videos were reaching people, who probably used to dismiss me, as some kind of a fear monger. I believe that the Information Age will be the death of Islam. And I use social media to share the ugly truth about Islam as often as possible.

How did your view on Islam change? Was there a turning point?

Yes, there was absolutely a turning point. I had shot 300 hours of my documentary about the backlash, against the building of a 53,000 square foot mega mosque in the American Bible Belt. I edited together a short, 25-minute version, and used that to secure financing in Hollywood to complete this as, what we had hoped would be a major motion picture. The blogs I was writing for Michael Moore were getting some traction and there was a lot of interest in my documentary, getting it done and submitting it to the Sundance Film Festival. This was perfect for Sundance and I had the right people, with the right influence, to make sure this project got a lot of attention. I just had to edit together about 90 minutes or so. I had distribution already locked up and I was on my way.

Then I took a cab ride that would forever change the course of my life.  The so-called “Arab Spring” was in full swing and it was looking like Mubarak was going to fall. My cab driver was Egyptian. I asked him if he was excited, because Mubarak was worth something like 70 billion dollars and so many of his people didn’t even have enough to eat. He was a tyrant. This had to be a good thing, that the Egyptians were going to force him out.

The cab driver replied that it was true, Mubarak was a bad guy. But then he told me he was a Coptic Christian and that, when Mubarak falls the Muslims will have too much power and they will start to persecute and kill and rape Christians. He was worried about his parents and his sisters and he was unable to get them on the phone.

This man was not running for political office. He was not promoting a book or hosting a right wing talk show. This was just a regular guy, from Egypt, who had no reason to put a spin on things. He wasn’t trying to convert me to his religion. He was just scared. Terrified in fact.

There was something about the fear in this man’s eyes that caused me to wonder if I wasn’t looking deeply enough into the entire story. The way he looked, when he talked about his sisters and not being able to get anyone on the phone, it haunted me.

In the coming days, as I watched several Islamic countries overthrow their leaders, I thought of that cab driver. And I thought of his parents and his sisters. And as days turned to weeks and months, I watched as Islamic mobs took to the streets, brutally terrorizing Christians and other unbelievers, trying to enforce Islamic Law. And Coptic Christians had their houses burned down. Some of them were crucified. Girls were raped and Egypt elected, at that time, another kind of Mubarak. But this one had a beard and a Quran. The Egyptian people, with the support of Barack Obama, elected the Muslim Brotherhood, the very organization which had spawned so many Islamic terrorist organizations around the world.


I started to wonder, if Islam is the religion of peace, then why weren’t the extremists extremely peaceful? It was looking more and more like the “Islamophobes” were right.

I remembered interviewing Frank Gaffney, months prior, of the organization called the Center for Security Policy. He had handed me a very thick book. I have all of this on film. It was called “Sharia: The Threat to America”. This was a very, very thick book. I knew I still had to do my opposition research to paint these “Islamophobes” out to be hate mongers, of course. I just had to understand what they were saying and then be able to disprove it. So I started with Robert Spencer and a book called, “The Truth About Muhammad”.


I really needed Robert Spencer to be wrong. But everything he said about Muhammad, when I checked it against Islamic scripture, it checked out. Muhammad really did say that he had become victorious by using terror. He really did marry a six-year-old girl and consummate the marriage when she was only nine years old. Muhammad really did “marry” his wife, Safiyya, after killing all of the men in her tribe, the men in her family, taking the women as sex slaves, torturing her father and then raping her that night. Muhammad really did have his critics killed and really did behead a tribe of Jews. Muhammad really did refer to the Jews as apes and pigs. And I got all of this from the Quran, the Hadith and the life of Muhammad – all of the source material Robert Spencer was using was Islamic scripture exclusively!

Then I read the work of Dr. Bill Warner who had counted the number of times that the Quran said that Muhammad was the ideal man and that followers of Muhammad, Muslims, are supposed to imitate him. “I have become victorious through terror” Muhammad said. And his followers were commanded to imitate him? I was starting to understand Islamic terrorism.

I finally read Frank Gaffney’s material which demonstrated, among other things, the alarming rise of new mosque construction in America since 9/11. In the 1,400-year history of Islam it was customary, after invading a land, to build victory mosques. And new mosque construction in America had nearly doubled since we were attacked. An alarmingly high percentage of these mosques were receiving financing from foreign governments which were hostile to the United States. And in many of these same mosques, treason and sedition was being taught.

Pew 1

I read the 2011 Pew Forum on what the majority of Muslims believe and was quite alarmed to learn just how accepted suicide bombing was and how much support there was for Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and how many American Muslims believed that it was okay to kill innocent civilians for Islam, at least some of the time.

I emailed the Imam and the mosque I had been defending and asked him if it was mainstream Islamic teaching that the penalty for apostasy, that is leaving Islam, is death. And he said yes!

I continued to read Wafa Sultan, Brigitte Gabriel, Bruce Bawer, Ali Sina and others. But the picture was becoming quite clear. And my vision for a socially aware documentary, which exposes the problem of “Islamophobia” was going out of focus.

And this was when I learned about the Holy Land Foundation trial. This was the largest bust, on the part of the FBI, of an Islamic charity funneling millions of dollars to Hamas. During that trial a memorandum was unearthed which outlined a plan, on the part of the Muslim Brotherhood, to engage in something called “Civilization Jihad”. With the help of their many front groups, including what is now called the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) the Muslim Brotherhood planned to infiltrate our culture, our universities, our media, or to put it in their own words, “to destroy the West using their own miserable hands”.

CAIR Holy Land Foundation

A senior official at CAIR even said that Islam was to be the dominant moral authority in America. This even after that organization was named as an unindicted coconspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Trial. The United Arab Emirates had named CAIR a terrorist organization. But in America they are invited to the White House. My head was spinning.

Meanwhile the Iranians were trying to overthrow their Islamic government and Obama looked the other way. But when the Egyptians wanted to remove the Muslim Brotherhood from leadership, Obama made it clear that he wanted them to remain in power. This whole situation was getting stranger and scarier by the moment.

And then there was the cab driver and the issue of my conscience. How could I go on making the film I had set out to make? So I went to visit my backers for the film to discuss a possible new direction in the telling of this story. And that did not go so well.

I told them I was deeply concerned that we might be getting this whole thing all wrong. I said I thought that the opponents of the mosque were not expressing themselves very well but they were essentially right. I felt they were wrong about Jesus being the only way and the rapture coming of course, but they were right about the threat that Islam represents.

I started to tell my backers everything I had learned and placed a lot of books and data on the conference room table. I showed them my copy of the Quran with all of the passages that call for violent jihad highlighted. I showed them the books of Robert Spencer and as I was preparing to explain my research, proving that what he was saying was right, they interrupted me. One of the producers said I was starting to sound like an “Islamophobe”. One of them said I was sounding “Right Wing”. Another chimed in and said that Robert Spencer cannot be taken seriously, because of what the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) says about him.

I asked if they would at least look at the data on what Muslims believe, by country and how even American Muslims are really not so “moderate” after all? But no one would even touch the materials I had placed in front of them, not even the Quran. It was as if I had dumped radioactive waste on the table. The mood in the room was very uncomfortable. And these were not Muslim backers. These are major Hollywood producers. And these were people who could give me a shot at being maybe the next Michael Moore, or they could black ball me in the industry. And this meeting was not going the way I had hoped, as I had assumed that social justice was something that we were all very passionate about.

Finally, I was told, “Eric, you have a choice to make. Either finish the movie we all agreed you were going to produce for us, or give us back our money. We don’t want to be a part of some right wing, Muslim bashing propaganda”. I assured them this was not propaganda and that I did not want to bash anyone, rather I wanted to expose the truth about Islam, not just Islamophobia. This was about social justice. I kept repeating the words “social justice” and “human rights” in any context I could think of, until finally everyone stood up and let me know that the meeting was over.

I wish I could tell you that I heroically gave them back their money without any hesitation. But I struggled with it. I had so much invested and it was all about to slip away.

After some soul searching, I did return the money. And, given all of the financial commitments I had made, this bankrupted me. Michael Moore removed all of my content from and the other liberal blogs distanced themselves from me. And then I wrote three articles for the Daily Kos, explaining some of what I had learned about Islam.

My tone was not angry. I simply laid out what Islam was about and how that related to human rights. I also stated that I felt that the blog called (an Islamophobia watchdog site) was a “terrorist spin control network”. That blog posted my picture and named me the “Loon at Large”. They created a link for their readers to demand that the Daily Kos silence me – and silence me they did. I was banned from ever writing for that popular Liberal blog ever again.

After I wrote the article for Front Page Magazine called “The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam”, this made me basically radioactive in Liberal Hollywood. Friends broke up with me over text message. My Facebook friend count began to plummet. Then I went onto Fox News and talked about my experience to 2.5 million households. On live Television I said that Muhammad was a pedophile – and that Islam was the most dangerous idea in the history of bad ideas. And I have been a committed “Islamophobe” ever since.


How would you describe Islam in just 5 sentences?

one true religion

There is no god by Allah and Muhammad is his final messenger.

There can only be peace in the world when the entire world submits to Islam.

Spread Islam by force, by deception, by any means necessary and kill anyone who leaves Islam or insults the prophet.

Those who fight in the way of Allah will be rewarded in the afterlife.

Those who deny that the only god is Allah and Muhammad is his messenger will be cast into Hell and those who do not submit to Islam in this life are your enemy and must be defeated.

Can you tell us more about Robert Spencer?

Islam is spread by warfare. And the first casualty of war is the truth. Robert Spencer is a very important voice in telling the truth about Islam, here in America. And his book, “The Truth About Muhammad” was a turning point for me.

He reached out to me when I was first banned from the Daily Kos. We did some radio shows together and even got together in person and some conversations. I learned a great deal from Robert Spencer and I am grateful to him for that.

Unfortunately, the Counter Jihad movement in America is dominated by the Religious Right. And this scares other people away. Many of the Christian people who are engaged in fighting Islam do so simply to protect our freedom and human rights. And I don’t want to paint all of the religious people in American Counter Jihad with the same brush. However, that said, there are also those Evangelicals who are simply engaged in a contest of religions. This obsession, with Christianity being superior to Islam, unfortunately seems to dominate too much of the culture around Counter Jihad in this country.

In many ways Robert Spencer plays into this. Spencer fans the flames of a sense of religious superiority among the Rapture Ready crowd. And in doing so, sadly, Robert Spencer is very much a tool of the Religious Right in America. They put him on the more fanatical Christian television talk shows, so that he can sell his books and they can sell Jesus.

Now that said, if someone wanted to give a speech about the dangers of Islam, most hotels in America will cancel the use of their ballroom, usually at the last minute, due to unbelievable pressure by Progressives to silence that person. That hotel will get a lot of unwanted media attention when the “Social Justice Warriors” show up to protest. If there is one thing that Progressives do not tolerate, it is free speech when it contradicts their beliefs.

So I understand the need to sort of court the church crowd in order to get his message out. I sympathize with the tough spot Spencer is in, up to a point. Churches are generally where Counter Jihad lectures and panels are held. And I am very grateful to the churches for that. But often one must play by their rules. I know because I have sat on these panels and spoken at their podiums.

But when I see Robert Spencer on TV talking to Pat Robertson as if this man was not a complete bigoted lunatic, I just don’t get it. Why feed that? Why pigeon hole yourself? Why dress up the message in another theology? Why support an organization, which brainwashes children to believe that, if they do not submit to Jesus they will be cast into a lake of hell fire, for all eternity? This, in my opinion, is a form of child abuse. And aligning Counter Jihad with this injustice invalidates the message for so many people who could be otherwise reached. We cannot limit this movement to only those who believe in talking snakes. There has to be room for everyone.

Since you asked, there is something else that really troubles me about Robert Spencer. He often shares a stage, from time to time, with the End Times fanatic Walid Shoebat, who claims to have been an Islamic terrorist before coming to Jesus. There is no evidence to support Shoebat’s claims of being a former terrorist. Both Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer align themselves with Walid Shoebat ande have presented him on a panel as a sane and legitimate person. I know because I’ve had front row seats to some of this lunacy.


Walid Shoebat is most definitely part of the lunatic fringe in American Counter Jihad. There are numerous YouTube videos of him preaching about the “End Times” and using the Islam scare to sell End Times bullshit. That Robert Spencer does not distance himself from this man and those like him is extremely disappointing and it does a grave disservice to the credibility of the Counter Jihad movement in America.

The Counter Jihad movement in this country is permeated with the flavor of the Religious Right. Robert Spencer has the power and the influence to change that, but he does not. Therefore, he is undermining the very effort he has committed his life to, if in fact his objective is to educate the world about the dangers of Islam. But if his goal is to give Christianity a boost in a contest of religions, well then he is doing a splendid job at that.
Looking back, what are your thoughts on Michael Moore these days?

Michael Moore

Michael Moore is in fact everything he says that he stands against. And in this way he seems to personify the Progressive Movement in America. Those whom he perceives to be intolerant, he does not tolerate. Those whom he perceives to be fear mongers, he creates propaganda to get people to fear them. Those whom he imagines to be the hatemongers, he uses his media influence to move his audience to hate those people. I could go on about Michael Moore. He is an opportunist and a hypocrite. And he is selling only one thing – not theater tickets, not Socialism, yes he sells these products in bulk. But what he is really selling is Michael Moore.

If Michael Moore had been making a movie about “Islamophobia” and along the way realized he had gotten it all wrong and instead, he needed to tell the truth about Islam, he wouldn’t do it. Because if he did, people might not like him. And that is unacceptable to the Michael Moore types of this world. It was difficult for me to decide to break from all of that, but I’m glad I did, despite the consequences.

If there is a god then I thank God that some of my dreams did not come true.

Do you still consider yourself a liberal?

The word “Liberal” seems to be one which changes its perceived meaning over the years. If by Liberal you mean that, as we learn more about what a human being is and how we got here, should we then be open to changing our ideas about religion and political systems, then yes.

But the way the word “Liberal” is being applied in the present day I would say absolutely not. I prefer “Libertarian”. I embrace Liberty, the idea that you own you. This means there should be very little government intrusion into my life and very little attempt, on the part of the State, to try to make sure that everyone reaches the same finish line. Rather, we should be entitled to the same starting line.  There should be freedom for everyone and equal treatment, under the law.

I am profoundly concerned that the new generation of young adults consists of a large percentage of those who would seek to limit free speech in America. And many of them embrace the idea of using the strong arm of the government to redistribute the wealth. And they tend to call themselves “Liberal”. So it is primarily for this reason that I choose to distance myself from this label. There is often a fine line between being Democratic and the tyranny of mob rule.

At the time of this interview America is engaged in a dramatic identity crisis, with Socialist Bernie Sanders on one end of the spectrum and Billionaire Donald Trump at the other end. We are in the middle of a Presidential election season and I feel this one is going to be quite explosive. But it is also a character-defining moment for America, one that will set our trajectory for quite some time.

What do you think about the Regressive Left and their defense of Islam?

shout_racistIslam says a woman is worth half of a man and Quran 4:34 gives specific instructions on when to beat your wife. The Left prides itself in being the champion of women’s rights and is intolerant of anyone who does not tolerate Islam. This pattern continues when it comes to Islam demanding violent punishment for homosexuals. The Left prides itself in being the champion of gay rights, but hates the hatred of Islam. And this kind of lunacy continues, issue by issue as I’m sure your readers are well aware.

But this points to a larger issue, which I sort of touched on when we spoke about Michael Moore. The Left is everything it says it is against. The Left in America says it “speaks truth to power” but when I speak up about Islam the Lefties seek to shut me up and fast. And here is what the Left and Islam share in common – both absolutely oppose free speech.

Naturally, those devout Muslims engaged in Civilization Jihad are able to capitalize on the abundance of Progressive bloggers, journalists, professors and celebrities. The first line of defense, for the Islamic agenda in America, are the Progressives and “Social Justice Warriors” who make up so much of our rapidly deteriorating Western Culture.

President Obama is the most powerful friend the Islamic world has ever known. And oil, being the lubricant of Crony Capitalism produces oil money for our politicians, but this of course comes with the implied agreement that no one ever say anything critical about Islam. So from the Right and from the Left, we keep getting told that “Islam is peace”. To put it into the vernacular of the younger generation – Islam has made the American political system its bitch.

Islam does not like to be challenged. And the Left does not like to be challenged. So the silencing of free speech is how both the Left and Islam seek to protect their fragile and faulty ideologies from criticism and debate. Both the Left and Islam find fault with Western Civilization and will express this anytime and anywhere, often in very dramatic ways. And both Islam and the Left, when met with any type of criticism of themselves, will seek to put an end to it by yelling “racist” to stop a debate before it has even begun.

But for those of us who have learned the radical truth about moderate Islam, there is one sure way to win an argument with a Left Winger or an Islamist. Simply ask them, “What is the penalty for apostasy in Islam?”  Then watch them squirm.

Do you think it is possible to convince Liberals that Islam is a dangerous ideology?

Yes, sometimes actually it is possible to convince Liberals that Islam is dangerous. However, in my experience it is best to talk about “Political Islam” and stay on point with human rights and only human rights. Talk about Islamic Law (Sharia) and Islamic theocracies. Remind the person you are talking to, over and over, that you are not referring to all Muslims, but rather to traditional Islamic political and legal systems. Once you have been successful on getting that point across and it has been accepted, then you can explain that Islam is in fact a tyrannical political system and a brutal legal system, with some religious overtones.

The Liberal will likely constantly remind you that they know a Muslim who is really nice and confuse that person with the ideology. There exists a perceptive disability among Collectivists where, when I say Islam they hear Muslim. So be patient and do not invalidate that their nice Muslim is probably very nice, but what you are talking about is Political Islam and Islamic Law.

Furthermore, it is critical to point out that hundreds of millions of women suffer under Islamic gender apartheid and that more than half of the world’s Muslims cannot read nor write and therefore do not really understand Islam.  Remember, the Collectivist, or Liberal, finds it nearly impossible to separate in their minds Islam from Muslims. So this is a process with many steps. Expressing genuine sympathy for the hundreds of millions of people who find themselves captured by Islam, against their will, is very important. The Collectivist is inclined to see you as a hate monger, so the more you can remind them that you feel compassion for those who are simply captured by Islam, the better.

Regressive LeftFinally, one can begin to talk about the recent polls that show the enormous percentages of Muslims, both in the Islamic World and in the West, who support Islamic terrorism, prefer Sharia Law over the law of the land and approve of killing in the name of Islam. This is of course the sticky part, as the Liberal will likely tell you that we somehow deserve this due to our foreign policy, etc. as they are suffering from White Guilt and years of media indoctrination. So one must tread lightly as this process is in some way similar to trying to deprogram someone from having been a member of a religious cult.

In my experience this takes time. People whom I have had this conversation with have often taken months or even years to finally come around. After a major Islamic massacre, especially one that is close to home, this is when they are most receptive. It has been said that a Liberal is three degrees to the Left in their opinions, but when something actually affects them personally, such as their money or their safety, they turn three degrees to the Right.

My Facebook page always expands its reach by huge numbers after an Islamic massacre somewhere in the Western World. I haven’t changed my message, but the Liberal in this situation often changes their listening.

How do you counter accusations of racism / Islamophobia?

I am not aware of any race that one can convert to. So I welcome the opportunity to be confronted by anyone who would seek to call me a racist, so that I can enjoy showing them how moronic their thought process is.

As for the term “Islamophobia” this would seem to imply that one has an irrational fear of the belief system called “Islam”. Again, I look forward to opportunities where I am confronted by anyone who would call me an Islamophobe, so that I can point out that my fear of a belief system that has clearly stated its intention to harm or subdue me, is in fact quite rational.

I would just add that I also embrace being called intolerant. Tolerance is overrated and I am not tolerant. I do not tolerate a so-called “prophet” who commands his followers to engage in violent jihad and I do not tolerate his followers either. This seems to me to be obviously a rational position to take. And I do not apologize for it. I am intolerant of Islam and I am intolerant of those who seek to advance it in any way.

I will not engage in violence. I will not engage in vandalism. I will not violate anyone’s human rights. That said, I do not tolerate any attempt to advance Islam.  I am intolerant and I will accept the consequences that come with that. We are at war. During the second World War my grandparents were called upon to do much more to protect my freedom than what I am presently being called upon to do. If I must be labeled as a right wing, intolerant Islamophobe, I will wear that label proudly.


What is your position on Donald Trump who made Islam a central issue of his campaign?

trump muslim

I hope that Donald Trump becomes the next President of the United States. I have many problems with his tone and a few other issues. But even if he is lying about suspending Muslim immigration into the United States, if elected the American people will demand it. After all, he promised it. And if the American people start to demand that we restrict Islamic immigration into the United States, then we have taken a quantum leap forward in protecting our nation from Civilization Jihad.

The current strategy of the Islamist is this: Immigrate, infiltrate, Caliphate. Donald Trump is the only candidate running for President of the United States who unapologetically has made his intentions clear to disrupt the Islamic agenda.

Perhaps one can fault Donald Trump for his giant ego. But if he has taken such a bold stand against Islam and risked his reputation on it, then I believe his ego will not allow him to back down. Maybe having an ego the size of the Trump Towers is not such a bad thing, when standing up to Islamic brutality.

The Islamic threat is the defining issue of our time. So I don’t care if Donald Trump seems un-presidential. Maybe he is redefining what “presidential” means. To me he is the right man at right time.

In many ways, whatever direction America goes, that is the direction the free world will go. And if we can stop the Islamic agenda in America, then perhaps America will be useful in stopping the Islamic agenda in the rest of the world. It has been said that if the American people lose our right to free speech, the free world will cease to be free. Donald Trump is not shy when it comes to expressing his free speech. To me, that is very Presidential and anything short of that will allow Islam to continue to infiltrate into our political establishment. And we just cannot afford that. The world cannot afford that.

Eric Allen BellIf the Islamic agenda is not stopped in Europe, then we will lose our great Western Civilization. The time has come for all Europeans to rise up and stop savages from destroying what our ancestors left us. Western Civilization was created by civilized Westerners. And we must not allow barbarians to take that away from us. It is ours and we must defend it, by any means necessary. The time has come to stand up and say, “Enough!”

The nature of the human race is that we are here to evolve. And any ideology that seeks to undermine that must be neutralized or destroyed. The future and Islam cannot coexist.




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