Final Thoughts on Trump Election


Clearly America has been given a second chance to save our country. If America fails, the free world will stop being free. We have been led astray for decades, by the Globalists. Many Americans had the feeling that we were being lied to, that many of our fellow Americans were deeply brainwashed, asleep in a cocoon of entertainment. As we woke up, we saw that we had been using emotional thinking to make political decisions, who to vote for, what to support. And we learned how to use logic and reason to make these decisions. Some of us even found a sense of morality, within ourselves.

So when Donald Trump came forward and put a voice to what so many of us were seeing, were feeling, we realized that this flawed candidate might be our last chance to save the American dream from becoming another crumbling empire, addicted to power, loyal to no one and hellbent on its own self destruction. It was self evident to us that you cannot have a country without borders. It was self evident to us that the character of America was changing for the worse, as too many illegal immigrants were pouring into the country.

But perhaps what no one expected is that we would have in Donald Trump a candidate who was willing to call Islam for what it is – to recognize that those who follow an ideology, that is spread through violence, must not be so easily welcomed into our nation – if we want to have a nation that endures. We look to Donald Trump perhaps for inspiration and for leadership, but make no mistake about it – we look to ourselves to make America great again.


Eric Allen Bell