What Would a Muslim American President Do?

Islam is now and has always been at war, with the civilized world. And the first casualty of war is the truth. Islam commands is followers to engage in Taqiyya, using deception to spread Islam. And here in the Western World, the Islamic agenda is spreading like wildfire, gaining influence and getting things done, by means of deception. And their first line of defense are the Liberal Lemmings who, by means of ignorance or well-meaning but uninformed sympathy, are lockstep with spreading the Islamic lies – and in doing so, spreading Islam – at the expense of our way of life.
Let us never lose sight of the fact that the goal of Islam is to FORCE the entire world to submit to Islamic Law.  Immigrate. Infiltrate. Caliphate. Some of us see where this is going. Others still do not.

I submit for your review the following. Below is a list of actions an American President would take, if he were the most influential advocate the Islamic world had ever seen:

  • Arm the Islamic Republic of Iran with a Nuclear Bomb
  • Give $150 billion to the largest state sponsor of Islamic terrorism
  • Release Islamic terrorists from GITMO in large numbers while we are at war with them
  • Usher in countless Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists though a refugee program
  • Instruct NASA to find ways to help Islamic Countries gain advantage in space
  • Make a speech to the Islamic world and invite the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization, to sit in the front row
  • Whenever there is an Islamic terrorist attack in America, change the subject
  • Instruct American law enforcement not to use the word “Islamic” when referring to Jihadists
  • Instruct the FBI not to conduct surveillance on mosques in America
  • Bring Muslim Brotherhood members into his inner circle and appoint them to the Department of Homeland Security
  • Invite members of the HAMAS-linked group CAIR to the White House
  • Demand that Egypt keep it’s Muslim Brotherhood government
  • Use the military and his authority to help remove secular leaders in Islamic countries where Islamic Law (Sharia) will replace them
  • Deceive the American people by grossly exaggerating the number of bombs dropped on the Islamic State
  • Deceive the American people about the Islamic State not being a threat but a “JV Team”
  • Try to convince the American people that the Islamic State is contained while they prepare massive terrorist attacks on the Civilized World
  • Spend millions of American tax dollars to produce a TV ad, apologizing to the Islamic world for a YouTube video, which offended Muslims by satirizing the “prophet’ Muhammad
  • Hunt down the producer of the YouTube video that offended Muslims and announce to the Islamic world that the culprit has been put in prison
  • Tell the United Nations that, “The future must not belong to those who would slander the Prophet of Islam”
  • Attempt to disarm the American people while incidents of Islamic terrorism are rapidly on the rise and expected to dramatically increase very soon
  • Attempt to scale down the authority and weapons police have while Islamic terrorism is just getting started with carrying out acts of Islamic jihad on American cities
  • After gruesome Islamic attacks in America, make speeches focused on the need to avoid criticizing the followers of Islam
  • Appoint an Attorney General to announce that the government’s main focus right now is to stop the criticism of Islam
  • Trade five of our top captured Jihadists for one American trader, returning those Jihadists to the battlefield, with the street cred of being in GITMO as they rise in the ranks of Jihadist armies
  • Quietly let in over 100,000 Islamic infiltrators into America, over the past 3 years, while announcing he is actually only about to let them in and it will only be 10,000, fully vetted
  • Lie to the American people about the government’s ability to do background checks on Islamists who are entering the country and create a Twitter campaign to drum up support for letting them in on the taxpayers dime
  • Fire or force retire all high level military personnel who document that the threat of Islamic terrorism is on the rise
  • Remove from all Federal Law enforcement training manuals any material designed to help them understand how Islam commands it’s followers to commit Jihad
  • Cut US Military spending while the Islamic State has declared war on the United States
  • Allow Leftist media stations access to classified sites to publicize how badly outdated American Nuclear arms and readiness are, in detail
  • Publicize that the United States military is running out of bombs to fight the Islamic State
  • Continually announce to the world that the United States has no strategy to defend itself from the Islamic State
  • Re-classify domestic acts of Islamic terrorism as “work place violence”
  • Arm Islamists who are building a Caliphate and pretend to think they were “moderates” while our weapons fall into the hands of Al Qaeda and ISIS
  • Cozy up to the leader of Turkey, who seeks to be the Calif in the Caliphate and is financing its growth by purchasing oil from the Islamic State
  • Deny having read what is in his daily intelligence briefing, about the growth of Islamic terrorist cells in America and change the subject to the need to stop Islamophobia and restrain our Second Amendment right to arm ourselves effectively
  • When meeting the Islamic King, in the land where the Mecca is located, bow down before him
  • And so much more…

NOW – What Would a Marxist American President Do? THE EXACT SAME THING !!!

So my question to you is this: Does it matter if Barack Hussein Obama is a secret Muslim or if Barry, who announced his plan to be President, at the home of a sixties American terrorist, is a blatant Marxist? The net effect is the same. Whether Liberal Lemming, Islamic Apologist or a secret Islamist, the net effect is still the same.

Never judge a man by his words. Always judge a man by his actions. It is time to hang the American flag upside down, because our country is in distress.

Is Barack Hussein Obama Pro-American? The very question itself reads like a painful joke. But sadly, for so many millions of Liberal leaning American citizens, they just don’t get the punchline, no matter how many times you try to explain it to them. It’s like hitting your head up against the same wall, over and over again. It is time to tear down that wall.

If a person dies, it does not matter if it was a heart attack, a stroke, or if they got hit by a train. They’re dead. They’re gone. And if America dies, all that matters is that we are no more. We cannot let this happen to us. We cannot let this disease metastasize. We cannot sit passively by, while the sunlight of our free speech is slowly eclipsed by a crescent moon and star.

Our parents and grandparents and ancestors sacrificed so much, had so much courage, believed so strongly in a free America, in an America worth fighting for, that they fought. It has been said that our freedom is paid for in installments, by each generation. The payment is due. Our freedom is under attack. The Islamic world is and has always been at war with the civilized world. And now we have the fox guarding the hen house. The time for action is now.

We are stewards of our inherited freedom and our freedom is under attack. We simply cannot let this happen. This cannot and must not be our downfall. When a Saudi Prince has committed tens of billions of dollars to spread Islam in the United States, when the Islamic State has declared war on the United States, when the Islamic Republic of Iran is building a nuclear bomb while chanting, “Death to America” we need to wake up. We cannot afford to hit the snooze button even one more time.

Of course, if you’re already awake this is obvious to you. But it is not enough for us to simply understand that Islam presents an existential threat to our very way of life. We must take action. Knowledge without action is useless in these dark days of mass Islamic deception. We are not being called upon to fight upon the shores during D-Day, or ship out to the Pacific while Kamikaze fighters crash land on our boats and kill us all – at least not yet. If we tapped into a fraction of the courage our forefathers had, imagine what we could do. Imagine what we must do.

So what can we do? What must we do? The fact of the matter is that the Information Age can be the Death of Islam, if want it to be – if we are determined. But this will only work if we are willing to stick our necks out, to risk relationships, to risk being called bigots and racists and Islamophobes and actually spread the information that we have. In the Information Age, Information is our greatest weapon.

The Islamic agenda in the West is to gain influence by means of deception. And those of us who care about human rights and liberty and freedom must shine the light of truth into the darkest corners, where evil hides. And if we don’t, then goodness will be hiding in the dark corners, terrified of evil. It’s happened before and we must not allow this to happen ever again. We have it in our power to prevail, if we can only find the will to do so.

If enough of us spread information, telling the truth about the brutality of Islam, we will reach critical mass. So I ask you, I implore you, I BEG YOU – PLEASE get onto Facebook, Twitter, all of social media and spread the truth about Islam. Our knowledge and our anger is simply just not enough. The time for action is now – right now.

There is excellent information, powerful information to be found on FaithFreedom.org and JihadWatch.org and TheReligionOfPeace.com and PoliticalIslam.com and so many more digital fountains of truth. Get on the mailing list of Act for America. When I’m not suspended at Facebook, I post this type of information regularly at: Facebook.com/EricAllenBell and on my Twitter.com/EricAllenBell account.

Harness the truth and post it boldly, recklessly and with a vengeance. Be willing to sacrifice a little bit of your social standing at work, or among the parents of your kids friends, or among your own friends and become a digital warrior, determined to defeat Islam. You can save your ass or you can save face, but you cannot save both. You’re going to have to choose. And our choices determine our destiny.

Can we not honor those who gave their lives to protect our free speech by learning how to copy and paste?

Remember, the enemy of Islam is information. Share this information. Carpet bomb the internet with the truth about Islam because this information must grow, faster than Islam can spread its’s lies. Spread the dangerous truth about the Islamic agenda. The courage exists inside of you already. And if we tap into that courage, nothing can stop us. It never has and that is why we are still free.

The enemy of Islamic infiltration is information. Spread it far. Spread it wide. Spread it like Napalm.

The Information Age will be the death of Islam.